You Say ‘Sexual Energy’ & I’m Taken Aback…Is This Anything Like Pornography?

“You Say ‘Sexual Energy’ & I’m Taken Aback…Is This Anything Like Pornography?”

I could talk a long time on this one but I’ll just say that we’re dealing mostly with non-physical sexual energy so it’s nothing like you think it is (even though I hear Butt-Head trademark laugh). Porn is coming from very low consciousness sexually and is about social manipulation, power and influence. Nothing even close to the real thing. We work on levels higher than the real thing.

The more advanced levels of working with multi-orgasmic energy are of course a part of the valuation of Sexual-Awakening and there is a lot of stuff you can do but it’s really ‘PG’ rated once you get into Natural Grounding (sexual polarity meditation). It will completely reframe your definition and understanding of sexuality at the core. You never have to go that advanced if you don’t want to. Generally with the community we will keep things PG where there isn’t even any ‘touching’..just effective energy in experience.

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Oct 27, 2011
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Nick Cascone

This makes sense to me. I feel like addiction to pornography has kept me in a lower state of consciousness as far as my sexual consciousness is concerned.

I am still working through this through self-inquiry from SLAA text, stepwork from NA, and am hoping that the natural grounding and sexual awakening videos can help further my release from porn addiction even more.

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