Will Self-Awakening Help Me To Flow?

“Will Self-Awakening Help Me To Flow And Access States Of Flow For My Professional Or Creative Demands And Desires?”

Yep. In fact I still know of no other way to do it as simply or directly. Everything else is either ‘hard work’, kept secret, unknown or discreet. This is the fast-track directly.

(Apologies if this question is too similar to the last one..if nothing else, a quick reinforcement of how valuable it is..some people will be firing through the bookmark tabs fast! Also version 1.1 whenever it comes out will have some updates, thx)

For years I was frustrated that absolutely no one could tell me how to get into states of Flow. They referenced it as ‘talent’ or ‘luck’ or ‘1 hit wonder’. They valued and edified it but could never say how other than ‘hard work’, lots of practice or many many hours. That wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted to know HOW to consistently output golden eggs.

Sure my ego wanted to find out and the experience of flow IS egoless but without that drive and curiosity to KNOW ‘how to flow’ along with the greater drive of performance requiring power, I never would have discovered as predictable and simple a formula as Self-Awakening for guaranteed flow. You simply have to build a better relationship with your Heart.

Try it for yourself and see how Self-Awakening as the free methodology will help you to access consistent states of creative flow for performance, professional and creative output.

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