What is Natural Grounding?

Although I’ve been teaching on it and promoting it for years, it would be good to just get an updated definition of it here.  Although I may expand upon it here in a talkative format, don’t forget that it is a very simple technique in and of itself; I just want to give more insight for new people and to reconnect those who are doing it, back to it’s foundation.

To understand Western Natural Grounding, we first have to go over what the ‘traditional’ Natural Grounding  is.

For years, ‘Natural Grounding’ has been used by 1000s of men around the world.  Natural Grounding is  essentially ‘sexual polarity meditation’.  As far as we know, it’s the world’s only known form* of it  because we now have the advantage of media with infinite rewatchability as compared with having to meditate to someone in front of us (which may not have  always been convenient).

*(Although it definitely is possible to meditate to an awakened woman sitting in front of you and vice versa which may have been practiced in tantric history).

Natural Grounding was the original term I came up with because it was about ‘grounding’ into your natural masculine presence as a man in relation to the ‘natural’ and life-giving behavior of women; that which stars relationships, attraction and chemistry (as compared to a different fantasy of women like sexploitation).

The term has stuck even though sexual polarity meditation would technically be more accurate.  It is the premiere technique you can use for sexual transmutation and has been used by many men to resolve their anxieties  around women (many of whom have gone ‘out’ of their own natural alignment thus confusing men and leaving the state of attraction to confusion).

Sexual attraction itself is based on this polarity and 2 weak magnets don’t attract.  Natural Grounding was and is a way to get back in touch with that natural polarity alignment and to ‘be’ it.

Natural Grounding is done with select media; mostly music videos or clips of specifically ‘natural’ or ‘awakened’ women.  These women could be called as ‘natural’ alpha models of female behavior.  This is what I called them several years ago when differentiating them from Inner and Social alpha models of female  behavior.

With ‘traditional’ Natural Grounding or N.G., we use women who are naturally and spiritually in open alignment and expression with their higher, divine feminine self.  They are in alignment with their  dominant polarity of yin (feminine) energy.  It’s not women trying to get there, it’s women who just ‘are’ in that open, unashamed expression and alignment.  Because of the oppression and values in the West, especially in Western media, unfortunately natural ADULT models of yin alignment and goddess expression are not valued because media makes great profit out of manipulating that power and influence in the consumer dynamic with media and advertising.

Not only is the divine feminine devalued in a patriarchical society, but it’s often entirely misunderstood from those who do value the empowerment of women which has been more than the personal and social power of women.  Some of them may even believe that being ‘naturally’ a woman is a sign of weakness.  The goddess movement represents a growing group of Western women who value this empowerment and next evolution of women in response to the years of oppression.  No longer is it about ‘revenge’ on men but a higher level of co-creation and sexual and spiritual evolution for womankind.

(Btw if you’re a single man you don’t have to get into these dynamics, N.G. just ‘works’ to make authentic connection with real women possible until you’re ready to evolve to other levels beyond your own personal love life).

Generally, there are a handful of truly awakened women you can reference in the media in the West in modern day, but most of  them are outside of the mainstream ‘matrix’ of social influence.  Lisa Hannigan is an example but she bypassed the ‘machine’ of Western media by being independent.

(This is important to reference when we  get to Western Natural Grounding because it’s actually a more advanced and evolved form of N.G. for the very conscious man who transcends all of this).

So instead of merely ‘watching’ the videos like a consumer would in having a personal entertainment  experience, we are doing something else.  We go past our own judgments into a non-judgmental state so we can tune into the energy itself and then resonate with its power (this is what the best of entertainment does anyways; it allows you to escape your thinking mind).

This non-judgmental state is essentially a meditative state of higher consciousness.  The experience you generally want to have when  you are Natural Grounding is to allow your sexual frequency and truth to resonate in alignment with the more powerful, higher truth which already ‘is’ in front of you.  Even if you don’t understand it, it just works because it’s based on higher truth.

At first looks, Natural Grounding will look like it’s men ‘watching videos’ of ‘Asian women’.  This has been the stereotype to the uninformed for many years, but those who ‘get’ N.G. and get into it, start experiencing literal miracles of transformation because they are attuning to the life-giving divine  feminine energy itself which is the alignment of attraction and creation itself.  This life-aligned expression of feminine power extends beyond all cultures and borders; it’s only our conditions and judgments that prevent us from valuing, seeing or connecting to that greater truth within us all.

This is the power that allows a man to connect with women…he is able to bring out her greater sexual truth (which isn’t about the media’s use of her body or skin to sell products) in relation to his consciousness because he has pre-conditioned himself into natural alignment with the divine feminine; the sexual energy within all women.  He becomes a stronger magnet of attraction and a woman can open up to his higher truth where it is safe to (if he provides that for her).

Doing N.G. can heal years of wounds, anxieties, depression, etc. because these women in media we reference actually ARE at that level of alignment and higher sexual consciousness; truly ‘being’ goddesses; you simply allow that  universal truth and power to affect your own state of consciousness as it raises your knowing of reality  into alignment with creative power itself.

Yes, most of our ‘natural’ or ‘goddess’ models, we’ve found have been asian or 1/2 asian recording artists with great feminine alignment and free expression.  You can find out more about them on our forum.

This ‘natural’ alignment is what creates authentic chemistry for the men and women who have lost touch  with it.  It’s by re-attuning (and then developing) your own connection to the sexual polarities where  infinite personal work and transformation can be done.  This is all very practical once you ‘get’ how to  do the basics of Natural Grounding with media.  Women can attune to the higher frequencies of awakened goddesses and men do it in relation TO the divine feminine expression.

The force of life attraction and creation is sexual energy.  It is the balance of the masculine and the  feminine; yang and yin energy.  Those sexual polarities are creative energies.  By meditating or attuning  to goddess consciousness in perfect feminine expression (beyond judgment of media, culture and personal  preferences which most consumers never pass), you’re able to experience this great transformative and  inspirational power as a man or woman.  It’s also a practical tool for absolutely unlimited creativity and  I’ve been doing this for 1000s of hours.

Many of our issues in modern society are from being out of alignment with the flow of life force attraction and creation.  Men are often more in touch with their feminine and women in the business world more in touch with their yang but this misalignment creates all kinds of other issues; especially in relationships.  We all have a balance of both energies but being out of touch with your dominant polarity can create great confusion, stress and angst.  N.G. has given men that sexual alignment which starts real relationships.

Unfortunately Western values don’t really make it socially acceptable for women to be as free as our models from the East.  Fortunately there is a goddess movement that is making it ok for women to value that greater truth and alignment; those who understand that feminine power is not suppression or cliche, but actually it’s life-giving freedom and power.

These sexual polarities are infinitely powerful because they represent all of creation.  The Chinese understand Qi as force of life energy comprised of yin and yang energy.  I have also discovered Qi Natural Grounding which integrates the qi energy itself directly into sexual polarity meditation.

Natural Grounding allows you to tap directly into higher states of sexual (co-creative) consciousness to  heal your sexual anxieties, access unlimited inspiration and creativity as well as create natural attraction with the opposite polarity.  There are many possibilities for its use of being more of a channel of life and expansion in the world as a man or woman yourself (or a creative professional or  performer).

Since it works with media and isn’t based on visualizing ‘on your own’ or ‘making it up’, you can use your iPhone or laptop anywhere in the world 24/7 to re-attune yourself into energetic and conscious alignment with yin/yang polarity.  It’s the Law of Resonance that is so powerful that we are harnessing.  With N.G. you allow yourself to be  affected and ‘resonate’ at a higher experiential frequency (not too dissimilar from putting on a ‘feel  good’ song when you want to lift your state).

Even the basics of traditional Natural Grounding and the other ways in which to use it allow one infinite  potential and power for sexual transmutation because you are going to the core itself practically.  What Etienne and I are doing now with the basics of N.G. is even far more advanced and transformational because now, I am resonating spiritually with it for millions of people.

For basics on getting started with the very practical ‘practice’ of Natural Grounding, you can visit  www.naturalgrounding.net

The overall process of re-purposing entertainment media for transformation, we call Entertain Success.  Natural Grounding is specifically sexual polarity meditation with media.

So what about Western Natural Grounding?  What is it?

I’ll cover that in our next article on Western Natural Grounding here

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