Our 2014 Transformation Programs: “Which Is For Me”?

..and why you should plan NOW.

I tell you, you CAN’T put a price on just BEING confident & connected with attractive women.

It really says something about yourself and it’s a peace of mind that is amazing!

And you previously heard before about the sexual hell I went through & the torment.

I’ve had this freedom for YEARS with women and isn’t it time you just have it if you don’t?  Part of the reason you may not have it is there are still unreleased issues and deeper dysfunctional relationships or conditioned programs that are like an emergency brake on.

That plus a lack of experience and years of frustration can keep you stuck.  Many of my info products are for men who are already more confident with women and in their ongoing evolution, so (although I am now more clear and can recommend and differentiate better than before), they would work better for you after you have an intensive ‘get me outta hell’ phase first.

Are you UN-compromising on your plans for the future or are things kinda ‘ok’ where you’re at now?  If things are ok, I encourage you to stay on the list and keep getting things here and there, but;

If you want 2014 to be the year you REALLY step into your power and confidence, let’s make it happen!

You DESERVE to have natural power, attraction and confidence with yourself & women.

I wanna work with you in a RESULTS-oriented way like never before.  Now, Because of the shift I’m going to have with moving to L.A. and living from the dream of transformational entertainment production (and dating L.A. women;), there’s a restructuring going on but in a way that I can serve better.

I’m not going to do ‘full-time’ internet stuff anymore from around March onwards.

I’ll still keep this list, but I really want to focus on powerfully helping a core group of men evolve in 2014 so that they can more results than anything before while also leveraging my time.

I’m stepping things up to live and play life on a large level.  This means that those who are ready to evolve will be able to get closer to me and getting results sooner.  So I want to give you that opportunity.

Our 2 new programs that will start @ New Year’s are:

1. An 8-week transformational group mastermind/coaching program

It is designed to take those who are in a sexual hell out of their pain fast and permanently.  It is for those who have made a personal commitment to themselves to make this change happen in their lives no matter what.

It’s like that point where I reached rock bottom and with conviction KNEW I had to figure this stuff out; that type of experience that you’ve had for yourself.

This is partly also why a lot of our stuff doesn’t work which is more about self-improving your situation for those in Pre-Natural or beyond.  You have to have a different beast altogether before you can get to the beauty.

If you haven’t had a defining type experience where you said you MUST handle this; this may not be for you b/c you don’t want it bad enough and wouldn’t take action on it or you may already be more evolved so it may not be necessary.

It’s really for taking those in Apathy, Un-natural active or passive and Purgatory at best into Purgatory and Pre-Natural level of sexual reality.

After getting more clarity last night, it is NOT a ‘natural’ generating machine; I have adjusted who it is for (and I was aiming too high previously).  There are more men that want out of their sexual hell and will do something about it than those that would ‘like’ to be natural b/c then it’s more about convenience.  I will go and focus my time more towards those who are ready to make big transformation and get out of their sexual hell and do it within 8 weeks.

Will we have naturals that come out of it?  Yes, I think so but they will be the top of their class.

The 8-week (yet to be named program) is really to end the pain and frustration of banging your head against the wall all these years living in a sexual hell of frustration, unworthiness and disconnection with women to get you to a point where you can finally stand on your own 2 feet and have some decent confidence.

If you are NOT entirely fed up with your situation; again, this program may not be for you.  It’s our ‘moving away from’ transformation experience.

It will get you freedom from the years of unbearable misery you’ve gone through.

2. An annual, high-level mastermind on sexual alchemy

This is for those who are already at least Pre-Natural with women and have good confidence who further want to step into their power and alignment as an  advancing man to really contribute to his world.  BIG-TIME TRANSFORMATION

This will include live events, immersion parties, advanced training, etc. to live in a sexual heaven on earth including freedom with women and dating, really stepping into your greater power as a man and living a high level lifestyle & evolutionary path.

So, now you can more clearly see which program may or may not be for you and it’s something we can also talk about.

The time to sign up is before New Year’s.  You’ll want to sign up as soon as possible so that you can start up-leveling right away.  I will be giving either a power bonus or some really good bonuses to those that sign up within the next week.

Again, you have to pre-qualify for either of these transformational programs so that we have men who are dedicated to growth instead of whiners who would drag others down.

If you’re interested in EITHER PROGRAM: please fill out the survey here.  It’s your painless next step.

Then we’ll see what’s a fit (if anything at all).

Lives absolutely will be changed and I’m more dedicated DIRECTLY to the success of these men than anything else before.  This special, 2 month format  allows you to work with me and my mastery experience to make sure you’re on track through your soon-coming metamorphosis and makeover.

If you wanna break outta sexual hell, take the survey.  If you might wanna join the advanced alchemy mastermind, take the survey!

Let me know if you have any questions, (more info en route)

You can have that freedom & confidence with women that you desire & deserve!


p.s. remember I talked about possibly starting to teach you how to make real money on the internet b/c I’ve been doing it all these years?  I’m not throwing that option out and there was definitely enough interest but for now we’re going to stick with what I’m far more experienced @ teaching


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