Top 11 Reasons to Make It To the Euro Immersion Party

Top 11 Reasons to Make It To the Euro IP


The most powerful experiences with entertainment media in the world

So powerful that they would scare most consumers who aren’t ready for it.
Thus, you’d have to have a reason for attending.

Your reason could be:  life purpose, stepping into your greater power, having
sexual attraction with the level of women YOU desire, having more transformational
power, becoming the man who you have to be.

Who knew success could be ENTERTAINING?!  You’ll be on the edge of the evolution
of entertainment and media


TOP level Natural Grounding

You already know NG can help you with unlimited creativity and sexual attraction
with women; it’s going to the source itself.
Learning directly and experientially with the founder (me) and another advanced
grounder will advance you 100s of hours on your own which is value you can keep
using on your own.

This works b/c the Law of Resonance…just being near us you’re connecting to
our higher level of reality.  The value to you?

Priceless and possibly life-changing as has happened before when I’ve done it
live with other attendees


It’s the only one this year

And we may not have another one until next year.

Getting into this is a rare, unique and ‘one-time’ experience where you can
say ‘you were there’…part of an elite collective of INTERESTING, awesome,
cutting-edge from around the world.

Keep in mind that;

I am going in the direction of working with actresses and singers on their
performance, we may or may not have more events like this that will be open
to you unless you’re a performer, artist or musician.


Top transformational methods, advanced techniques and power experienced live

All in a FUN casual atmosphere with other guys who will become your friends.
If your future has anything to do with heart, sexiness and soul you’ll
probably want to MAKE SURE you get here.  We are masters at this (and
always improving).

You will experience quantum leaps of value, healing, power and possibility.

Book your spot here:



Experiential & exponential value

You can’t put a price on value that you will FEEL in your heart and soul;
let alone that power which you are opening up to to better your own life!

Some things can really ONLY be experienced live.  The energy is amplified
at live experiences like this with others.  This experience may very well
change your life and up-level you into far more personal power and confidence.


Etienne will also be here (as co-host)


A ridiculous savings on our hourly rate

How much you’re saving for the low cost is so dramatic, I’m just going to
stop talking about it.  The investment will be worth it multiple times over.


It WILL be legendary

(and fact, we go to the CORE of sexiness and even social power itself now)

Past history has proven this from the FixMIG to Self-Awakening events to
the last Immersion Party and the testimonials from the guys let alone SEEING
them transform and be in awe of what is NOW possible

Even if you’ve been to an event before, I’m all about improvement and we’ve
got a HIGH standard to surpass from the last sold-out IP



What a great excuse to escape away to a beautiful city like Budapest and
say you’ve been there.

If you already live in Europe, you KNOW the flights don’t cost too much
so don’t let that be an excuse or it’ll be a sign of regret knowing you
could have made it pretty easily!


Great food and great prices…right nearby!  Why not stay before and after?


I’ll be premiering Qi Natural Grounding

I’ll get you working with it to have far more powerful sessions.  Now we’re
talking about affecting and clearing out your consciousness on a subatomic
level by activating and engaging your Qi.

I can’t explain how powerful this but it’ll blow your mind…I was closed off
to qi for years b/c I thought it was too passive..but not the way we’re using
it!  Being here live is where you’ll start tuning in and working with it; a
gift that keeps on giving.

Oh AND we’ll encore premiere the powerful new resource that was at the ANX
workshop and you’ll get two ‘all-nighter’s’ of hardcore FUN.


You may REGRET missing out on the ultimate Natural Grounding ‘live’ experience

This will be a cornerstone in your lifestyle if not a life-changing and awakening
experience on its own for becoming more of who you have to be to live in
your own awesome power.

You don’t really know how kick-ass it is until you’ve been to one.

What’s it going to cost you NOT to get the power out of NG that could be yours?

How long do you want to wait until things come together ‘on your own’?

So there you go, 11 reasons!  Let me know if you have any questions by reply.

Book your spot here:



p.s. Once the seats are gone, well…I don’t want you to miss out!  Take the
shot with a $500 deposit and make the decision if you feel the calling.

You can work out your travel details later.

>>   Here’s the link again

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