The ‘Original’ Awakening Resource [Part 1]

So what WAS the ‘original’ resource?  Was there an ‘original’ Awakening/Grounding resource?  ‘1’?

Was there actually ‘one’ resource that started pretty much ‘everything’ with what we’re doing?
What if it could be so powerful it transformed my life and what are the chances it would also do miracles in YOUR life?
What if you could actually ‘get’ this resource which is near impossible for 10 years to get even if you knew what it was?
What actually IS this resource?
What was the experience like at the Immersion Party?

Well…we’ve yet to hear back from the other attendees since the event (we were all burnt out) but,

Let me take this straight from Etienne:

“It was the Self-Awakening Immersion Party last week-end and that was very powerful. I saw for the first time the very first Video CD that started the whole Natural Grounding thing for both me and Rion, as it is Rion who set me on this path after his discoveries.

For 10 years this resource has remained a total secret even for me! The energy of it blows away all other Natural Grounding resources, seriously. Rion has a contact at the production company to get that VCD, but they didn’t have any copies of it in their archives! His contact had to knock on the door of the producer himself to get two copies of it… and he finally got it the morning of the Immersion Party. I now have an original CD of that album. A few days before, I also purchased a few new CDs and found another very powerful resource. Lots of new stuff to play with.

On top of that, during the Immersion Party, I felt inspired to produce a new video: Power of Opulence – Living on the Edge. I already have a good part of it done and the energy in it is completely off the charts. The world premiere will be at the Self-Awakening and Transformation Live Event next week-end. This is a whole new kind of awakening video.” -Etienne

Could it be THAT powerful?  Yes.  I kept it secret for TEN YEARS…partly because I didn’t feel others were really ready for it but with what evolved, some to many of them are and I figured if it advanced me so fast, then maybe we should actually ‘release’ it to those who ARE interested and would have enough respect for it to understand it’s importance.

So right now we’re considering on how to release the ‘original’ resource.  Remember that other than the Heart-Awakening stuff I’d been doing, EVERYTHING started from this singular resource including Palmy and all of Natural Grounding and now entertainment meditation and Self-Awakening.

There’s a quote from Terminator 2 that I was joking around with but quite serious about: (in reference to the ‘chip’ from the future) “it was so advanced…all my work was based on it”

So at the event they got to experience that power in a ‘first experience’ as a ‘celebration’ of the 10 year anniversary of it’s discovery which eventually evolved into Natural Grounding and beyond.  What we were doing LIVE there was about 200 years ahead of consumer levels of entertainment experience.

So what IS the actual ‘original’ resource which you can’t even find on Youtube and literally NO ONE knows and not even GMM Grammy had inventory of in their archive?  A resource so powerful and so advanced that it represents the future of entertainment and you can’t even buy it!?  In fact, it’s near impossible to get a hold of.

So give us some more time before we decide what to do with it.  I think I’ll let you know what it was pretty son.

So during the Immersion Party, they were just blown away by it and we got some great photos.  The power of this resource is insane esp. when you’re ready for it and connected enough to start ‘getting it’  because if you don’t ‘get it’ that this is extremely high-level meditation it’ll pass right over you.  I was able to take them into more of an experience directly connected to its infinite power.

In all of history it takes you right to the strongest divine core of yin power and energy like nothing else.  And YES, as predicted by an earlier selfA survey we had, my arms did light on white fire (during it) for only the 3rd time ever (although not as intense as during the Shine premiere).

One benefit is being exposed to very high level consciousness early on, and boy was I…so after 10 years of keeping it perfectly SECRET I’m finally going to start opening something with it up beyond just the original 10 year IP attendees.

Would you be interested in such a high level resource that you can always go to ‘at the source’?  Look for more info from me and please comment if you’re so inclined.  Please also see the Immersion Party Reviews thread here: 

 And you can read part 2 here.

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