The Least Work That Does The MOST Transformation

This is about the fractional % that brings life transformation the fastest based on our past experience so that from here (ie. in the 2 new 2014 programs, we can focus on faster results more than ever).

Recently I saw an episode online of The Tim Ferriss Experiment where he learns drums ‘from scratch’ and has to play live in 5 days with Foreigner.

He takes an approach to find the 20% that yields 80% of the results and focuses in on learning that.  So with recent clarity I’ve had on sexual alchemy being the CORE of our transformational power.

We want to really get you the MOST power and transformation FAST.  So how can we STRATEGICALLY do it in the least amount of time possible?

Let’s actually ask; from our past experience and events, what is it with sexual alchemy that gets our people the MOST transformation in the least amount of time?

And this is where it starts getting crazy and where we detach entirely from the ‘time for money’ paradigm.  From live workshops/events and coaching we have found the most pivotal transformation power; the sweet spot that does the miracles.

But in our case the formula would be closer to; what is the 2% that yields 95% of the biggest results?

And it’s when I get in the very very empowered and advanced states of consciousness and resonance during the sessions.  Those who have been there ‘live’ know what it’s like.

We have already seen this change lives and it’s where my most value is (other than producing transformational entertainment).

So what if we could ‘cut out’ the filler time and focus in on what changes lives DIRECTLY and amplify that?!  That’s what we’re going to be doing more of in the new 2014 group programs.

The thing is, even in my own sessions, I’m not in THOSE life-changing states of consciousness all of the time; it’s only a % of THAT time.

But that’s where my real magic is.  When I say you can change your life in 30 seconds if you were at my level, now you don’t have to get to my level, you just have to be around it and associate with it.

In fact, you don’t have to be NEAR my level and if you just want results with confidence and dating you may not want to become a master alchemist.

So it’s when I get in these states that we have seen real lives transformed at our live events; from hooking up with girls, to cavorting with models to becoming coaches on their own to life  change to a spiritual awakening and alignment as a man to breaking away from years of stronghold oppression, to rockstar energy, to blossoming as an artist/creator…

…what brings the MOST power and value (where my rate could be $10,000/hour is when I’m in those states of consciousness to the net affect of entirely up-leveling your reality.  Nothing does it like this and it’s the FASTEST way to transform.  Now we have this extra clarity of that ‘magic point’.

Because all energy is non-physical, you don’t have to be at a live event to get the same effect.  It all works because of association and the Law of Resonance…associating with enlightened levels of reality will FORCE your old crap to smithereens.

Because I’ve resolved my issues and been through it, the result is both direct and indirect in the sense is raising your subconscious to entirely new heights.

All non-physical healing is through higher consciousness and this is the direct effect.

Heck, because we were warming up, even the ‘best’ of the Vault Session 1 is actually towards the end of it when I finally open up into the really advanced and empowered state of consciousness.

Again; what does the most change is fractional, but now we can focus in on that smaller percent.  THAT is what changes lives.

So yes; in the upcoming group coachings, I’m going to leverage my time to get you miraculous transformation and in a fraction of time by including the CORE of the CORE that leads to the MOST change.

This is why I can do group coaching so it doesn’t take up all of my time and will get you more results than just about anything else before.

With our 2014 programs, you’re not paying me for the time I put in, but the RESULTS you get out of it.  That’s why I’m now independent of traditional time scales; b/c I’m the go-to world authority, top sexual alchemist and now we know what gets you the MOST for the least amount of time.  Going to any master you’re going to have to pay more but the group coaching format allows you to save money on your transformation while leveraging the breakthroughs of your peers!

When it comes to relieving the frustration of years of sexual disconnection and anxiety, would you rather it take a long time or a short time?

There’s some kind of price you’re going to have to pay for changing your situation no matter what you do.  With the 8 week transformational group coaching you’re paying for the result.

Leverage my mastery of sexual and emotional alchemy (transmutation for transformation) to get the fast results you’re looking for in these upcoming programs; both the ‘get outta sexual hell’ and the ‘sexual alchemy mastermind’.  We can do YEARS of work within minutes now.

Interested in stepping into your power or getting out of the sexual hell that you’re in?

Then just take our survey here!  I’d love to have you be a part of it but we are pre-qualifying all members.


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