The DEEP Blessing – For Great Connection With People of Power

Let’s talk about another one of the big keys that will open your energy and reality up when connecting with powerful people (and being comfortable and worthy around them).

Connection with powerful people in ways is like connection with hot women.

Yes, the Dissolving Social Anxiety Powerliminal is really relevant for this stuff as well but how do you get more of a ‘connection’ with successful people?

Beyond that, what are some of the things NOW?

See for years, there was this one successful person who I wanted to have a connection with but I ‘wanted it too much’.  My subconscious really had an agenda b/c even though it seemed like, “if he knew of my stuff he could promote it and it would be a win/win relationship”, I actually still ‘wanted it’ too much.

So that kind of hidden agenda on my part had kept him and I SEPARATE and that’s on several occasions.  At another marketing event, I tried to make a connection but it ‘failed’.  I was just being selfish and manipulative.

Even on my birthday at his event he came up to shake my hand and I could actually see the relationship stopping from developing any further; it’s like he intuitively sensed that I wanted to get him to do something for me.

But that kind of energy REPELS people from you.  I reference that example at live events.  The person is Vishen Lakhiani and you may not have heard of him but he’s now one of the top internet marketers and a visionary for personal growth and spirituality.

He’s a multi-millionaire and his company is growing at big rates.

So, after that incident I got to be around him last year but didn’t really focus on connection; I played it cool b/c was still kind of thinking I might screw it up further.

Now, keep in mind that I’ve already been a great networker and very comfortable and confident around beautiful or empowered people (even BEFORE the higher level stuff I’m teaching now and we’ll be covering live at the Star Power 1 workshop); but it’s around people who you KNOW can help you advance that you really want to be CLEAR in your own energy.

If you’re projecting a ‘getting’ vibe (like with women) that’ll stop the connection.  Powerful people especially are aware of EVERY nuance of what’s ‘really’ going on which makes it more important for you to truly be clear to pass the ‘tests’ (and you’ll find this yourself as you gain more social power and influence; you have to pre-qualify people and weed out the needy, supplicating ones).

So, when you get IN ALIGNMENT the universe will start opening doors for you esp. when you are loud and standing in your truth.  You want to send out clear signals once you KNOW who you are.

And with the say social networks are online today, that will also accelerate powerful people to you.

So let’s get to another big way on HOW you can have BIG connection
with BIG people.

Here’s what happened.  So I’m at Awesomenessfest in Bali b/c I love the experience anyways; visionary entrepreneurs in a tropical location (it’s so me!).

And Vishen is the head of it all and I’m just there having a great time anyways.  But what happened was I think on the 2nd night I was in my room and my roommate was on the beach at 3 a.m. or so.

And it finally got to the deeper stuff.  I already logically ‘knew’ he and his wife Kristina were ‘awesome’ but something started hitting me.  I absolutely broken down in tears like this great emotional and spiritual blessing for them and their success.

It overwhelmed me and hit at the core level of just HOW f*cking aWesome.

I released ALL of my remaining deeper ‘junk’ towards them.

The lights were dark enough in case my roommate walked in I could just pull the sheets over my head but it was just this core spiritual level blessing that I then sent out with my hands towards them.  It lasted about 5 minutes.

I had something similar for Lisa Nichols where I blessed her in a hardcore core emotional and spiritual blessing state when I was at the bilingual parrot hotel in Panajachel, Guatemala; I was blessing her to become a billionaire b/c I know that she would keep giving more with even more money.

So this level of work wasn’t a logical experience; it really took over me.  I guess you can’t always plan that but I had never before done that for them.  It was the DEEP Blessing.

And it’s not done to try to ‘get’ anything; it was the authentic real thing and then I just released and let go of that energy when I was done; leaving it an open blessing.

What later happened was as I was leaving the morning after, both him and Kristina were at the airport on the exact same flight to KL (it will open the LOA like crazy).

After talking with the beautiful host Steph and a friend she was with, with open interest they asked if I was going to KL?

(I was going through to BKK)

And I was near them almost sitting on the benches and had a question for him and then I sat down and had a GREAT, engaging conversation.

I knew when to close it off and get in the airport queue but it lasted a solid 8 or so minutes..none of which I was trying to get them to hear anything about me until it was brought up what I’m doing now.

So the seed of transformational entertainment is also in their minds (and they already started doing some stuff with it) but Kristina said that was one of the more refreshing conversations in quite a while.

It turns out we were all in AIESEC a long time ago and had some of the same best friends in the college days.  But the connection was authentic, inspiring and real.  Also they had seen me network with other speakers, women on their staff, etc.

I already knew they were in AIESEC but the real connection took YEARS.

That’s b/c I had my own JUNK in the way until I cleared it out.

What are YOU holding back b/c of this inner junk still?

He had went straight to me in a lunch queue (hey, he can go where he wants as host!) and we touched base earlier, but it wasn’t until after I ended up with that great blessing that THEIR ENERGY OPENED UP towards me.

This stuff is very real.  So it’s in getting your own heart and soul involved with authentic, deep blessings for other people of power and influence that the universe will magically open doors for you.

Are you PREPARED like that when you meet your icons?  What is the gauge of your energy TOWARDS the powerful people you’d like to meet?  Are you ‘taking’ away or truly in favor on a soulful level of their work?  Do you secretly resent or judge them and just want to use them to push yourself up?  Powerful people can see right through that and with the world and most industries becoming more conscious, it’s people who live in advancement and integrity that will be the next generation.

Connections are so important for your life and there’s not reason to just fail or disconnect when you can be who you have to be and live your purpose.  So address your subconsciousness to get it in LINE with where you’re headed b/c otherwise it could sabotage you.

Also, it was strange to see the law of attraction working.  An Indian guy from KL requested I switch seats to an aisle seat 2 ahead of me which I didn’t have a problem with.

It ended up THEN that I was right behind one of the other big speakers at the event so as we got up to disembark, I made a nice and strong connection with him.  He funds start-ups but I wasn’t trying to ‘get’ anything there at all, just making a connection by saying something funny about the event and something of his that touched me.

But the thing is to really not just respect these people but to be soulfully and emotionally OPEN towards who they are;

because it WILL come across in your energy and communication.

It’s when you have ZERO judgments, envy, agenda or secret intention that people of power and influence intuitively can sense it’s ok to really connect with you.

When you’re ‘clear’ you are RESONATING a powerful signal like them which makes rapport and synergy natural.

Even then, it’s healthy b/c you don’t ‘need’ them; you’re fulfilled within.

That makes for healthy and functional, powerful connection.

So this email/article is about having that deep, spiritual blessing towards specific people where you really emotionally clear out all of your junk towards them and then BLESS them and send that energy out into the world.

So this is something you can do in your sessions.

Not only is it in getting your energy clear but in favor of them being them and expanding their growth and influence in the world.

It’s not a passive acceptance, it’s a hardcore, engaged BLESSING.

(Do you want others passively accepting you or boldly proclaiming you!?)

Then, they’ll sense that naturally as a reflection of you around them!

Instead of other people (most perhaps) trying to ‘get’ something from very powerful people, YOU on the other hand can truly bless them and carry that equality and impression of increase with you.  This real technique can open the doors for you like crazy when it’s authentic.

You don’t have to ‘be there’ or ‘with them’ when you do it; everything’s connected’ll just come across in your energy.

Someone in your industry who can help you advance?  A celebrity?
A mover and shaker?

Truly, deeply emotionally and spiritually BLESS THEM.  I mean really feel it.  You can also do this for ie. women of a certain culture or
independent women, socially empowered women, etc.  BLESSING them and meaning it.  That advancement, acceptance and progressive love will come across.

Oh, btw Lisa Nichols and I connected again with a powerful heart connection (and I got a great photo of us).


(That’s gold paint on me)

Associating with them raises your own vibration and level of reality too.

So, consider that ‘deep blessing’ as a real tool in your arsenal of consciousness work as something you can really use to become that greater person yourself and to open those social doors to great relationships and connection with people who are AT where you’re going.

This is priceless stuff!

WHO you associate with is such a big part of life.

I’d love to help you keep opening those doors to the level you want,


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By the way I can’t say enough how kick-ass Vishen and what MindValley are doing is…they are so future proof!


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