The Core Masculine Value of Transformation & Success

This ONE thing is the fundamental difference between those men who continue
to struggle for YEARS fighting an invisible force for growth vs. those
men who ‘effortlessly’ break through and live results that only expand
more and more.

Knowing and living this difference can change your life RADICALLY and
permanently from one of mediocrity and frustration into one of unlimited
and awakening s.ex, creativity, attraction and fulfilling success.

NOT living this difference may also lead to lack of fulfillment no
matter how much you achieve. 

It’s time to get real.

(Yeah this has BIG implications so you may want to give this some space).




So let’s cut to the chase;…

Real masculine transformation comes down to 3 primary keys or values.

They are;

               Greater Purpose

They give you the power to radically change your situation and
experience in life.

(These aren’t just something to be aware of consciously but really
more of where they are for you SUB-consciously).

So…what’s really driving you?

The thing is, the ORDER of these 3 core values also means everything.

Many men get in and put S.EX as their top priority.  This is a common
evolutionary path for men b/c they may suck with women and want to
get better..they have a DESIRE to get better.

This isn’t just PUA’s but well-intentioned hopeful men throughout
society as well.  And they end up STAYING there b/c they never get
enough fulfillment with women.

The thing is that this will predictably lead to a massive STRUGGLE
when you (subconsciously) put women and ‘handling this area’ as #1.

Men will spend years fighting and struggling to have natural confidence
and connection with women no matter WHAT they do b/c they’re relying
on something outside of themselves for validation and success.

The CORE difference that makes the difference for massive transformation
not just with women but in LIFE is ultimately a ‘greater purpose’.


That’s where it’s really at.  It’s not in being good-looking or more
‘macho’ or ‘cocky’, but it’s living in integrity to YOUR truth and

It’s the meta shift and secret to the most successful and congruent men
and ironically opens the world of women up to you WITH INTEGRITY.

Brent, Marcus, Etienne, me, Zan…we live this.

This can also be called your own hero’s journey or soul path.

And signs that you’re living OUT of alignment with it are massive
frustration, struggle, restlessness, confusion (b/c putting women as
#1 subconsciously to approve of you is its own endless rollercoaster)
and discontentment.

The MORE divertive and restless you are, the more out of alignment you’ll
find you are.

And it may be damn near reckonin’ time 😉

Yet very few men are actually living in integrity with their soul’s
path and evolving into that man b/c they’re driven by past programming,
social values, implants, fear or the desire and craving for s.ex and
money that are actually coming from lack.

Instead of facing a deeper truth, many continue to seek even MORE
outside of themselves for fulfillment with women, s.ex, candy, shiny
objects, diversion, technology, etc.

Socia and media supports this by DEFAULT relationally.

Thus all of their busy actions are trying to (needily) fill a void within
themselves.  This REPELS success and it’s something to take most
seriously and look at where you’re at in all of this.

This is why those men struggle with a great invisible force to ‘break
through’.  It’s a sign of simply being out of touch with who they
are MEANT to be and become in this lifetime.

They’ll take hot techniques but it doesn’t work for them and works
for others b/c of this core subconscious value or compass.

They are ALL signs that he has lost touch with who is really is,
where he gets his validation from and who is meant to become.

Living OUT of alignment with your deeper truth (purpose) will continue
to lead to inevitable misery and struggle or restless discontentment.

Even seeking happiness in zen meditation may leave you restless if
you are ultimately meant to evolve and do something more.

The most invaluable thing would be to get in deep alignment with
this greater truth that you have may have lost touch with.

And then from these deeper heart and soul desires, to make decisions
from there forward on being and becoming THAT man; that HERO that
you know you COULD become.

It would influence your major decisions and alter the course of
your destiny and history itself.

After reading a certain book which was all about a boy and his
hero’s journey;

I remember making a crazy wild BIG decision that was only for the
benefit of my ultimate path in 1998 that changed everything.

It wasn’t the decision that made sense or what people thought
I would have done but I was committed to my soul’s path.

Once that internal value shift is made SUBCONSCIOUSLY and THAT is
your new foundational paradigm which you live by; instead of fear
or lack seeking something outside of yourself, you will live from
a place of COURAGE doing things you were MEANT to do and you will
then start breaking through.

Many men make decisions from security, validation seeking and
fear instead of courage b/c of their subconscious compass.

Women will also notice the difference and it will make all of the
difference.  Even though it’s an ACTIVE journey, you’ll start leaping
far FAR ahead from where you were when you DEVOTE to your deeper
desires and living them.

Men who are living for a greater purpose or cause attract women like
honey to the bees.  But it can’t be acted, it has to be REAL because
they will FEEL where you are coming from.

That’s the difference.

That’s why some men are light years ahead; they’re secretly devoted
to following their deeper desire to evolve and live a purpose greater
than their ego and external validation.

(These are the men and heroes that change the world too btw).

So if se.x or money is your #1 value or priority which can also be
a corruptive foundation and influence (ESP. if it’s coming from f.ear
or lack or could be taken away from you) you may only be self-sabotaging
for YEARS more to come no matter how much development, growth and work
you do.

WOW…this stuff is important, isn’t it?

So, what is your internal compass?

How much integrity do you have to your dreams and your true greatness?

How much longer could you go on out of alignment?

Because if you’re not experiencing miraculous breakthroughs right NOW,
chances are you’re not living in alignment with your true potential.

Chances are you’re justifying or compromising.

Or you may be surrounded by others who are not in alignment with your
heroic, secret dreams and who you are allowing to keep you complacent.

When new decisions come up you’re not then making them from your
value system of becoming the Hero but out of security or acceptance
of others.

But this is holding back your true greatness.  The YOU that you know
and hope is possible in this lifetime.

When your path or divine purpose is more important than women, your
world will change and you will start having mass power, attraction and
influence in your presence.

Esp. with support;

You will be EFFORTLESSLY breaking through and experience DEEP profound
shifts and you’ll be attracting entirely new experience, connections
and resources.

When your purpose is more important than money, even more important than
YOU…your world will miraculously change and continue EXPANDING…life
will become RICH in priceless experience..and only get better.

Instead of needing and ‘taking’ you become a true asset and attribute
to society and the evolution of others with and through you.

Your dharma/soulpath/greater life purpose is the power to break through
and experience NEW RESULTS no matter how held back you’ve been in the past –
all starting now.

But it IS a big shift; to put your purpose as #1 in your life.

Yet, that’s when you’ll open up to spiritual and sexual power and forces
that are FAR beyond the neediness of the selfish ego.

Most aren’t willing to let that go thus they don’t end up with movie star
presence and charisma or the ability to turn women on just from their

Even if you aren’t clear on what your purpose is (that’s ok – most don’t
have that clarity), it’s still in following that true inner guidance that
will lead you forward into it and OPEN LIFE UP TO YOU as you submit your
ego and limitations to a greater power and cause.

In a way; your soul and life punishes you for NOT living into your true
potential and happiness.

But the hero’s journey is NOT for every man.

‘Everyman’ will justify and compromise his deeper desires.  He’ll play
life small being controlled and influenced by the whims of others in
order to win their approval and not rock the boat.

He’ll sit on the sidelines while the warriors are getting scratched up.

That’s why MIRACULOUS transformation is a struggle for the every man
b/c of these deeper value conflicts; he’ll always somehow self-sabotage
and is deep-seeded in his own selfishness.

He’ll be tentative around women b/c he wants to win their favor and then
extra needy when he starts experiencing a connection and it repels women
(even when he’s not aware of what he’s doing).


Align with your true power and potential and it will change everything.

You’ll start transcending yourself like true heroes do.

It will affect ALL areas of your life into awakening success and higher

Greater power and healing will open up to you as you live for something
greater.  And you may or may not be living it (our most successful men
generally are however).

So; the outlook of this email list is the general purpose valuation of
this greater path and evolution.  But that’s not where it’s really ‘at’.

But just being ‘on’ the list isn’t good enough for some b/c their purpose
and path IS everything. 

To continually manifest great dreams, they have to become great and that
requires association, immersion and specialized advancement to support
their largely independent vision.

What type of man would it take to fulfill your greatest dreams?

Have you deeply thought about that?

That’s the path I’ve been devoted to.

Just being on the list without really engaging is kind of like being
a passive observer in the nosebleed section.

I’m not saying you’re not in the ring in life itself, but this email
is to take an assessment to see whether you ARE in the ring for YOUR
greater purpose and potential or not – because that IS the greatest
catalyst for miraculous breakthrough and awakening success with women
and in life.

If you want breakthrough, just brushing this side aside after all these
years of struggle (if that’s been your experience) may not be enough anymore.

For me, I’m in the ring for my purpose for the past 18 years (+).
And it’s ALWAYS been about the deeper soul path and the journey for

So with that said (and after hosting the last 2 legendary transformational
workshops); the evolution of my men’s work and service is CLEAR.

And it’s time for something new, BIG and kind of crazy (that will still
give me the time to immerse as a music producer and work with professional
performers and colleagues in the entertainment industry).

This is something that requires me to continue living full out for men
who are sold out to THEIR greater purpose b/c it’s at the CORE of what
I’ve always been doing the past 12 years.

Now it’s time to share, mentor and UNLEASH the powers within a group
of men who are or will become WARRIORS for their dreams and their deeper
vision.  For men who are uncompromising on their potential.

Now, we’re even going to be taking things out of the underground to be
known in personal growth and spirituality as the premier place for MEN
who are devoted to their soul path and living their greatness to commune
with other light years ahead warriors.

We’ll have the most advanced, powerful and relevant consciousness work
in the world for masculine life purpose transformation and success.

This is ONLY for men who are devoted to living from their deeper power,
potential and greatness.  This is to sustain the integrity of the group.

If you are a man who is a warrior for your path (or would seriously like
to get in alignment at this point in your life), I invite you to get on
this early announcement list right here:

Just click this link and then ‘send’ the email to be subscribed to
the list.

(You may have to confirm you registration in a follow-up
email quick).

There’s no obligation for being on it but you’ll get advance notices.

And remember to take a serious look at where you are at in alignment
with your core values; what’s driving you?

(Later I may tell you how specifically to get in touch with your deeper
truth and purpose but this email is long enough already),

Talk soon!


p.s. Committing to and living from your greater soul path and purpose is the
PENULTIMATE catalyst for your growth, s.ex, success and fulfillment if you’ve
not yet broken through or are experiencing restlessness and limited success.

Heck, it’s the greatest thing anyways to your greatness and it’s always ‘ON’.

If you’re compelled; sign up for our early notification list.  Either
way I’ll keep you updated but men on that list will get to hear things


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