The 2014 Transformation Machine [New]

::2014 Primer + Major Announcement::

Going into 2014, you deserve the confidence, alignment as a man and to never have to worry about your dating life again.

I want to make sure that you finally get this level of reality if you’re not already there.

So how can we best do this?  Our info products DO help, but by default you’d still be filtering them through your experience so you may not be breaking through as much.

Natural Grounding def. works but likely you are nowhere near the levels of sexual alchemy that you could be to get miraculous transformation on your own, or you’d already be there.

Powerliminals really work too but what about even FASTER change & up-leveling?

Expensive coaching can directly work on some of your issues in a short-term and live events give you a power burst of up-leveling but what could just ‘all-in-1’ get you the BEST results the fastest?  What could ensure a permanent & bigger change that would leverage your time & money?

What could finally take you in REALITY from ie. beta to alpha, from anxiety and frustration STILL around women (even when you do some Natural Grounding) to bold confidence, lack of anxiety and empowerment as a naturally attractive man?

We have to have something transformational and immersive; something with some good ‘association’ involved.

Well, after hiring another master coach in another area and seeing what he has done so that his people have virtually ‘locked-in’ success just by being a part of something very special (while excluding people who weren’t ready for it), I have the answer.

And seeing the successes of many of my customers and clients in a more decentralized fashion over the years (and 100’s of testimonials) along with seeing how the dating industry still hasn’t evolved and KNOWING what we do is the most transformational stuff in the world in this area once you ‘get it’, I’ve decided to do something that’s never been done before.

I’m going to create a transformational 8-week ‘natural-generating machine’.  It’s going to be an evolutionary and empowered group coaching program but not like anything you’ve ever seen before.

We’re going to take men who are struggling with women and confidence issues and churn out new naturals.

And my vision is for it to be the ‘go-to’ funnel for FASTEST, legendary transformation for modern men who want to step into alignment and confidence with their masculinity as well as having unlimited choice and natural attraction success with women and dating.

And I’m going to be dedicated to the success of this group...we’re going to assist you to Marcus and Etienne-level breakthroughs and levels fast.  The more legendary YOUR breakthroughs are in this, the more attractive and successful it will be for others to hear about it…the more YOUR successes will motivate others and the more successful I’ll be; so really we’re both engaged.  Sound good?

As you know, men can work on this stuff for years and after talking with a lot of my past customers, I’m hearing that for many of them, this is still the MOST important area of their lives for many of them.  And many of them have tried everything else and know the PUA stuff isn’t a fit on a deep-level.

So here’s what we’re going to do (and it’s about time we’re doing this);

If you’re interested in BIG transformation, all you have to do is fill out the survey form questionnaire truthfully and honestly.  We want to make sure this new  program would be a fit for both of us.

Yet, it’s different than anything before; I’m not just going to take anyone in.  The tables are turned.  I’m dedicated to the success of each of the group members, but THIS time and from here forward, you have to qualify yourself to me.

I want to make sure that YOU are committed to your own growth.

Referring to ‘the machine’; I’m like Simon Cowell and you’re going to be a 1 Direction band member (but with better tattoos! or not at all).

You have to tell me why you want to become the man you have to become and what you’re going to do about it.  I’m going to personally pre-qualify everyone who comes intothis group.  This pre-qualification is also for your benefit to make sure everyone is primed for SERIOUS transformational results they’ll be getting and enacting.

The integrity and quality of the group itself is essential for the breakthrough of it’s people as well.  That association will be an integral part of your success and I’m setting you up for big success; you just have to dive into the opportunity.

I’m now spending $30,000/year on coaches for myself and no longer am I going to play it small.  What I do, I am the best in the world at (sexual alchemy/transmutation) and now we’re going to focus this power and whatever it takes for YOUR breakthrough.

This program WILL up-level and change your life and I can’t let tire-kickers in; nor people with a past history of backing out of things.  I’m going to screen people who might drag the rest of the group down (including those who I know of their energy from past communications (even if it means turning down clients)).

The evolutionary integrity of the group is essential and I’m actually modeling the results that the new coach of mine gets with his high-level mastermind where virtually ALL of his students/clients have big breakthrough up-leveled success.  We’re just doing it in this area b/c I’m the go-to authority for natural man transformation and sexual transmutation for life-changing results.

I’ve gone from Un-Natural passive (sometimes Apathy as you’ve heard in the previous article) to beyond Natural = Awakened Natural (with all the benefits).  Now we’re going to get you and other serious men who are primed for it, the transformation you deserve in a way that ensures success.

This is about stepping UP and answering the call to get in alignment with your power as a man and have the dating success and confidence you deserve.  It will also set a foundation for unlimited growth from there as you live in alignment with your power instead of dealing with the fears, drama and programs that have still been holding you back all these years.

These 8 weeks will be a whirlwind of up-leveling and you have to be ready to LET GO of your past which is keeping you STUCK.

There’s no reason you can’t have success and confidence with women even in our ‘West’.  Heck, there’s even more opportunity and we’re going to work on this in
the program (to remove your resistances with advanced Western Natural Grounding and other things).  The practical dating stuff is easy and we’ll cover the basics @ mastery level as well but it’s really the changes that you will be going through that will change your life.

Yes, it will be an investment in yourself and it will require you step up and up-level beyond anything you’ve done before like this.

We WILL be creating legendary breakthrough successes and I want you to be one of them.  The program is based on results and not how much ‘content’ you get out of it.

Yep, I want to create a natural-generating MACHINE so that you really get the results with yourself and women that you’ve heard of and know is in alignment with who you really are supposed to be.

Again, I’m committed to the success of the program so that more and more men can then be taken through the transformation and leveraging the success of the evolutionary group itself.

Will you get a lot of time with me?  NO.  As little as possible.  Why?  Because this is about leveraging my time while getting you the most results possible the fastest.

This means I’ll be training the group on levels and actionable ways from mastery that have never been done before and with a clarity that will change lives fast b/c
it doesn’t take long at all when you’re around me in my magic (sexual alchemy).

All you have to know now is it will get you results and if this resonates with you and your path, just take the next step below.

The high-level mastermind will have more access to me but for the 8 week virtual transformational experience, you WILL still have access to me on Facebook chat and the Q&A calls so you have that connection to keep you breaking through and seeing where you’re still stuck from my mastery and experience with women.

If you enroll soon, you MAY get a bonus 1-on-1 session with me (before January).  What’s the cost?  We can cover that on our chat.

I want you to succeed so wildly within the first 8 weeks that you’ll consider sticking with my high-level mastermind thereafter…that will be the most evolutionary club in the world for sexual alchemy (going beyond dating success and confidence).  And, right upfront it’s going to be expensive and exclusive…there are LARGE players in the world and that is whom I plan on attracting into it, because I have what they are looking for towards THEIR advancement (think A-List levels) and it will require only those who are serious to step into something like that.  That option will include live workshops in L.A. possibly with actresses and advanced energy healing, charisma work and other advanced training.

So, we will be getting more details out this month for both the 8 week AND my Sexual Alchemy Mastermind and I will be working on pre-qualifying and enrolling your peers starting now and the rest of this year.

If you are interested in this and serious about up-leveling your life into aligned power and connection, please fill out the pre-qualification survey right below.  Don’t stop yourself if you feel the impulse to do it, we still have to see if it’s a fit for both of us and I just won’t know if you don’t take the first step.

The Survey

Then, you can schedule a time (it will redirect you right after you submit) and I’ll get a hold of you and we can just chat to make sure it’s a good fit or not and answer any other questions, ok?

Remember, this program is NOT for everyone and I am screening the quality of applicants.  If it’s not a fit for reasons on either side, we can go our cordial ways; no hurt feelings.


Here’s why you should also sign up this month asap starting now if you ARE interested before we close the doors;

If the program is a success which it must be (I expect new coaches and legends to come out of it going on their own path);

*The price will likely rise for Class 2 and beyond
*You’re just delaying your own freedom with women and success
*Why miss out on what you know you want (if you want it)
*Kick off the New Year with the master training & support for permanent change FAST
*Reap the benefits for a lifetime starting ASAP
*AND, you can say you were a part of the first and inaugural class
*I will give some power bonus away to all who sign up before Dec. 17th
*You can be a peer and model to future classes

Let’s get this area of your life handled so it’s not weighing you down anymore living in more of a sexual hell even though you’re successful in other areas.  If you and the program don’t succeed, I don’t succeed.  I am committed to your legendary breakthrough in this program; it’s where I can help you powerfully transform (besides that amount of time with me now as the world’s foremost sexual alchemist/transformational specialist would be far more expensive).

Here’s the survey again and I hope to talk to you soon:


p.s. if you do have questions about the program or a cool name for it, please send them to me so I can address them…thanks!


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