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Beyond Judgment Into Spiritual Experience

Until you stop judging, you’re not there yet.  This is a foundation of effectively doing Self-Awakening style work (where you’re attuning or being affected in relationship to already awakened energy and letting it alter your state).

You can compare this in parallel to Spiritual foundational work around the world;

The transcendence of the ego, beyond judgment and in Hawkins terms, entering the realm of the non-linear where you are beyond form, positionalities and duality (there’s equal and opposites, this and that, hot and cold, good and evil, Korean or non-Korean).

In higher experience, beyond all judgment and in pure conscious experience free from the ego you’re able to be affected spiritually (and emotionally, sexually) by the energy.

It doesn’t matter what your opinions are or whether you even care for Korean culture, the food, the language, the looks, etc.

Unfortunately most consumers will remain in lower states of conscious experience; they’ll judge things infinitely based on what they like and don’t like and they’ll make divisions based on socio-cultural values (all made by man and of lower consciousness than what already ‘is’ without filtering).

That personal (ego) and social experience is filled entirely of ego and is preventing a truly liberated experience beyond judgment where you can feel the energy in spiritual and non-linear realms.

Keep working at it so that you can get beyond all judgments or ego influence during your sessions and you’ll start being in the real groundwork of Awakening and what it can do (miracles!)

You’ll know you’re there when you dive right into non-judgmental states and then sometimes catch yourself with a ‘thought’…urge to awaken and be mostly in non-judgmental states to truly let awakened energy effect you and evolve your reality.

You know I didn’t even know what I was doing could be called ‘spiritual’ for several years but that’s exactly what it is.  Are you beyond all judgments yet during your sessions?  Comment!

Expansion of Consciousness [Holistic]

It’s very common and accepted for most understanding of consciousness to be of Spiritual nature.  There’s nothing wrong with that and it’s absolutely infinite, but coming from my background I strongly feel it’s time for a relevant evolution on a popular scale to extend into the Spirituality of Heart & Sexiness.

These areas have been largely overlooked even devalued because of the ‘self’ valuation of Mind or Soul for growth and explotation.  The gap is so big that many Westerners simply think Spirituality is limited to wearing white clothes with yoga and meditation when there is much much more to explore and discover with consciousness.

While we do value Spiritual consciousness and Soul here without dilution, our approach is to holistic consciousness.   Self-Awakening opens it all up.  That means shamelessly expanding your subjective experience and self-growth in the areas of Heart & Sexuality as well as Mind, Body & Soul.  It’s giving you the full scope and valuation of human experience.

Taking a holistic approach and having tools and methods to work in each of these areas allows you to focus in certain areas specifically for far more effective healing, balance, releasing, wellness, growth (and now practical performance and creative flow as well).  This also allows you to work beyond the limits of Mind (Ego) as Self or Soul as Self and gives you a full, rich, infinite balance of your life and possibility on all levels.


Dhammakaya Meditation


Here are some links to this style of meditation, the following and one of the largest Buddha temples in the world..not far from BKK.  They can have 100,000 monks during special ceremonies meditating.

Here are some other links if you’re interested.














Middle Way Meditation

You can find out more about this style of zen meditation here.  They have retreats as well.

The Middle Way Meditation



I’ve Had A Spiritual High Before And I Want To Get It Back!

“I’ve Had A Spiritual High Before And I Want To Get It Back!”

..And then you got really disappointed, frustrated and too dependent on the perfect ‘clear sky’ you had in that state so you put more expectations and pressure on yourself?? With greater experience comes greater capability. And don’t think that ‘experience’ is tied to time.

It’s all about how much you can ‘take in’ in the Now. With Self-Awakening, ‘experience’ is your dynamic moment of the now and how great it is; what is reality to you. We work not just on spiritual levels but we condition, engage and access more ‘experience’ of all levels, (faster).

B/c that level of reality already exists, you’re in the right place to get it back with more pro-active awakening & e3 valuation work. Plus you can include what you were previously doing. I have a lot of experience with conditioning + those states so I can help you make them more consistent.

So if the ‘now’ is everything, then how dynamic and great (on all holistic levels) do you experience it!? Bringing in Heart and Sexual meditation will take your experiences and personal ‘power’ to absolutely new levels of reality so that you ARE one with your Greater Self.