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Spiritual-Sexual Connection With Women

Ready to explore entirely new heights with the divine feminine (and WITH
women if you’re a man)?

Then you’ll want to get into the ‘Goddess’ side of things but in a way that
values connection..not in a way where women are ‘separate’ from men and
even more ’empowered on their own’ but more empowered B/C of your level of
yang and connection TO their Goddess-self.

Valuing the Goddess in women and being able to bring it out of them is
actually even MORE power in your court and it’s actually a large part of
what is missing in spirituality so far; the awakening of men and women
WITH each other in that supreme, co-creative balance that creates new life.
It’s also the core of attraction itself.

See, the more women are empowered, the more YOU are empowered b/c spiritually
you are their perfect balance in yin/yang polarity.

To really put this invaluable truth to work in your life, why not discover
our 2 new Powerliminals here?:


They’ll automatically attune and embed this level of reality and connection
into your consciousness.

More women ARE now valuing, waking up to and exploring their own Goddess
self as well (while also valuing great connection and sexiness with men
like you).  You can be that man now and it resolves all of that previous

This will also give you rare, authentic powers as a (single) man with
women beyond the level of natural and more into the spiritual by
attuning YOURSELF to a higher level in relation to Goddess energy itself.

That means powerful energy, confidence and worthiness knowing
that you have the ability to awaken her into more of her Goddess
self AROUND YOU b/c of your powerful spiritual connection of
sexual polarity simply by meditating to the transformational audios.

You give Western women the opportunity to recalibrate into a higher
experience of reality in relation to you.  That naturally includes
fun, flirting, chemistry and awakening value around YOU while other men
are still putzing around with inner game and other issues riddled with
anxiety and unworthiness.

Our 2 new premium Powerliminals will take your sessions and Natural
Grounding to new levels as well as your healing and connection abilities
with women.

You can work a LOT on your side as a man but getting into the heights of
the divine feminine side itself takes YOU to entirely new levels of
awareness and connection WITH and FOR women; their awakening (AND their
own consenting love lives) while giving you enlightened levels of sexual
consciousness when you really attune to this level of reality; all
delivered in the audio format.

This is what the Guided Goddess Attunement does…it connects you to
the greater, untapped power within women; that of which you can bring
out and it dissolves your previous levels of disconnection with them.

They will FEEL this power around you and it puts you on a higher level
than all social powers that created disconnection and anxiety.  The
Awakened Natural Powerliminal attunes you to the level of sexual reality
and connection with women BEYOND that of a natural.

Yes, these Powerliminals are expensive and the price will rise after
New Years b/c they bring invaluable power into your life with results
that prove it and bring you what you want instead of struggling for
years remaining disconnected with desirable women.  (Direct access)

What is the evolution of a Lady Gaga or Madonna?  To get into real
Goddess levels spiritual sexual work!  We’re on the forefront right
now and this is what the GGA1 brings, so as a man when you’re working
and attuning your consciousness to these higher levels imagine the power
it gives you with ‘ordinary’ good-looking women?  How about single women
into health, fitness and yoga?

It’s a lot of power as a man and it resolves your other issues below it
with women b/c sexual polarity is the simple core of attraction itself
and this takes you into far deeper connection with the Goddess w/in
women (which is very sexual).


You can have that power and transformation NOW!  You can attune yourself
to higher levels of yang in relation to direct pure yin while being in
states of forgiveness and compassion FOR women with the GGA1 Powerliminal
thus creating more attractive, connecting energy in your consciousness
(resolving those resentment issues you may have held towards Western women).

Imagine how much more it will add to your life to have the spiritual and
sexual power of attraction, healing and connection with any women at
anytime?  To be OPEN and receiving of powerful Western women and in demand
by THEM?

To attract and be able to resonate with more powerful, previously
closed off women?  To awaken women who seemed ‘separate’ from you
before?  To have deep soulful, sexy connection with women just from
simple eye contact?

See, no woman is ‘above’ you anymore but instead, you have the power to
awaken the most powerful and beautiful of them when you really get
into this.  Yes, it’s an ‘awakened’ level of reality with women
at these higher levels of sexual consciousness where there exists
no disconnection or anxiety.

Just let the Powerliminals raise and align your different conscious
energies into that far higher vibration and it will resolve
all of your attraction and confidence issues with women.

But why not just see for yourself in the next 90 days?  See if they’re
everything you HOPE them to be?  After New Year’s they’ll each rise
to regular price but you get them both right now @ launch price.

Remember that connection comes first and if you value getting physical
with women, well…value authentic and deep connection with women!  And
these just bring it to you now with direct access.

This is a lot of value to offer the level of ‘the one’ too b/c it puts you
in a long-term position of power with that type of woman so she can be
attracted to you and how she feels around you now.  This power isn’t
for all men but if you value deeper connection and the implications of
it in your life or if you’re an energy healer, these 2 are a no-brainer
investment in your life with women.


p.s. These 2 ARE different from other Powerliminals b/c they focus more
on connection itself with women.  Try ’em out!

Here’s the direct checkout link: >>  

The GGA1 will be sold separately for awakening women after this bundled

Bua As Awakened Goddess, Dynamic, Connected Energy

Extremely powerful, connected energy here extending to the cosmos.  Even with pixelation, the power of the energy field with this is still here.

N.G. Tip: Value the Source of Sexual Power

For more healing and awakening power in your Natural Grounding or Self-Awakening sessions, value connecting to the source of sexual energy and power rather than the lower conscious byproduct manipulations of it like sex in advertising, glamour, fashion, beauty industry, sexploitation and pornography (all manufactured to manipulate your conscious energy for socio-economic means).

The source is yin/yang polarity and it’s sexual/spiritual energy which attracts and creates new (human) life.  Every thing physical about you is a manifestation of higher sexual and spiritual energy.

Use good e3 awakened, goddess and yang resources which connect you to the source of that attraction; core yin and yang energy, give you more healing, power, transformation and attraction.

Porn and sexploitation are lower consciousness manipulations of sexual energy filtered by ego and socio-economic agenda; they are further away from the truth of the power itself.

You can reconnect yourself to source with Sexual or Self-Awakening.  Source spiritual consciousness is the most powerful, you just have to awaken to be affected by that which already is and bring it practically into your experience.  Value that and start resonating on higher levels with it and it’ll give you the power to heal all non-physical sexual issues, anxieties and trauma as well.

The stronger your connection to source, the more you become a channel of divine sexual energy yourself and the more power of attraction and chemistry you’ll have with the opposite sex.

RIdiCuloUs Awakened Goddess Energy [แอนนิต้า]

I just saw this for the first time recently and it blew me away..this is hardcore awakened Goddess energy:

Try mixing that into your sessions.  Several big breakthroughs just on first take which I’ll first reveal to paid SelfA members.  I am looking forward to helping women reach towards this level (and beyond!?) of awakened goddess energy.  If you’re a woman seeing this for the first time, it’s her energy and not her language, look, clothing or culture that you can start tuning into and valuing as an expression of divine connection.  Join our community!

SuperPim Sun [VDO] gYa1

Here you can download mpgamer’s e3 mix/resource of SuperPimTime for your own Awakening sessions.  This is great for polarity attunement, grounding and awakening.

SuperPimSun .mp4

(right click & save as to download)

After glancing over it, this is e3 and Rion approved.

I’ve bought everything I could find of Pim’s personally and also these 3 .mp3’s on iTunes.  If you find value, please do the same.  .99 is a small price to pay for some powerful awakening.  Check out John Murphy’s ‘Sunshine’ movie soundtrack which includes ‘Adagio in D Minor’…the movie on it’s own independently from all this is pretty good.