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N.G. Tip: Value the Source of Sexual Power

For more healing and awakening power in your Natural Grounding or Self-Awakening sessions, value connecting to the source of sexual energy and power rather than the lower conscious byproduct manipulations of it like sex in advertising, glamour, fashion, beauty industry, sexploitation and pornography (all manufactured to manipulate your conscious energy for socio-economic means).

The source is yin/yang polarity and it’s sexual/spiritual energy which attracts and creates new (human) life.  Every thing physical about you is a manifestation of higher sexual and spiritual energy.

Use good e3 awakened, goddess and yang resources which connect you to the source of that attraction; core yin and yang energy, give you more healing, power, transformation and attraction.

Porn and sexploitation are lower consciousness manipulations of sexual energy filtered by ego and socio-economic agenda; they are further away from the truth of the power itself.

You can reconnect yourself to source with Sexual or Self-Awakening.  Source spiritual consciousness is the most powerful, you just have to awaken to be affected by that which already is and bring it practically into your experience.  Value that and start resonating on higher levels with it and it’ll give you the power to heal all non-physical sexual issues, anxieties and trauma as well.

The stronger your connection to source, the more you become a channel of divine sexual energy yourself and the more power of attraction and chemistry you’ll have with the opposite sex.

SuperPim Sun [VDO] gYa1

Here you can download mpgamer’s e3 mix/resource of SuperPimTime for your own Awakening sessions.  This is great for polarity attunement, grounding and awakening.

SuperPimSun .mp4

(right click & save as to download)

After glancing over it, this is e3 and Rion approved.

I’ve bought everything I could find of Pim’s personally and also these 3 .mp3’s on iTunes.  If you find value, please do the same.  .99 is a small price to pay for some powerful awakening.  Check out John Murphy’s ‘Sunshine’ movie soundtrack which includes ‘Adagio in D Minor’…the movie on it’s own independently from all this is pretty good.


Power & Energy Are The Same Thing?..& How Can I Have More Personal Power?

“Power & Energy Are The Same Thing?..& How Can I Have More Personal Power?”

Basically. If you want more personal power, when you expand your definition of self beyond merely Mind or beyond Mind, Body and Soul, you also have Heart and sexiness. That way you’re not just running your entire performance and experience of life on Mind power alone.

When you accept and embrace those conscious energies for what they are instead of suppressing, diluting or diverting them (as somehow is so popular in the educated and professional West), you have a foundation to REALLY work from even if you’ve been into Self-Help your whole life. Completely new doors are opened up.

The more connected you are to the power you already have by practically Awakening (because it’ll rarely happen randomly or otherwise), the more power you have. There is infinite power with egoless Heart (emotional), Yin or Yang (sexual) energy.

The power is incredibly influential but if you’re suppressing that part of you instead of becoming more conscious in those areas, you’re really creating all kinds of issues for yourself and not being who you really are.

This isn’t energy work as in “how’s my energy level” or “I’ll have another pot of coffee”…it goes far deeper into the actual work tangible for increasing your consciousness or the level of sexual, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energy you can sustain naturally in your experience and knowing of the moment. It stems from that reality of valuing and connecting to the power that already exists in your Greater Self to bring infinite new amounts of it into your experience.

The more you feel those natural energies by being connected to them so you KNOW they are there and at higher levels, the more power, influence, charisma, flow, bliss, health, creativity and awesomeness you have. The more you’ll want to ‘shout out loud’ to the world because it comes from within vs. trying to fake smile or force it.

Previously people could have a big cause they believed in so they connected their Heart to it or a songwriter valued it enough to want to connect to his or her Heart. Self-Awakening is different than indirectedness or ‘maybe’ bringing it out, eventually finding your path or merely referencing it; We BRING IT. Directly.

Self-Awakening directly values and connects with the higher consciousness truth and egoless power of pure Heart, Sexiness, Body & Soul for not just natural health & wellness, peace and happiness but infinite total growth and performance.

The more you are connected to the power that already exists IN YOUR subjective experience, the more empowered you are to put even more power into your passion and performance breaking all limitations and doing things you thought impossible before. The more Greater Self or ‘holistic’ power you have, the more influence, charisma and capability as well as natural releasing and healing power.

Can you see where this is headed? That you are more than just Mind power, but you are Heart, Sexiness, Body & Soul as well and the more you FEEL those egoless energies in your experience, the more awesome and blissful life becomes?

The Western world is pretty advanced with Mind (obviously) and Body consciousness with olympics, pro sports, athletes, weightlifting, fitness, bodybuilding, etc. but generally quite UN-nconscious Sexually and with Heart!

(Also why we’re not socially living in a Renaissance). With Self-Awakening we primarily work with expanding your consciousness Sexually, Emotionally and Spiritually with Body as a support for your sessions although there are no limits the more we get into it.

You’ll be the one who has more personal and professional Renaissance. And isn’t that how we’re supposed to live?…As God’s and Goddesses if you will!? It’s just that we’ve been so conditioned and closed off to that power and energy of who we already are.