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Power Tip to Raise Your Vibration and Experience

Start off with something very high conscious (after you have warmed up a little or conditioned yourself to get into state fast).  I’ve had this tip years ago but it’s still effective.

Considering the scale of consciousness and that with the concept of Self-Awakening including all (spiritual) media as well that would be even more spiritual than what I was used to years ago, I am trying right now ‘Kyrie’ (which was instantly ridiculously conscious to me on first experience) with a freezeframe nach (after) a Palmy video which I started with.

Something rated in the 700’s has a very powerful energy field behind it to shift YOUR state/experience/consciousness when you start to resonate with it.  Mixing different high frequency things that seem to resonate can also amplify the effect, ie. attuning to both Eckhart and Palmy as mentioned previously (or was that just on the paid membership level?).

For those who are not yet doing all-nighters, the more you get into this the faster time will pass and you’ll realize you could keep some things on infinite loop or freezeframe as your own consciousness expands.




A Word on Spirituality & Media

When you already have a resource of awakened conscious energy, all you have to do is start resonating on its levels spiritually, emotionally and sexually beyond the experience of the ego (with it’s filters and prejudices).

Awakened energy already exists in conscious media.  You don’t have to be there physically in the studio or @ the event to experience it’s power.

The same power is already there because everything is energy and you can be affected on the same non-physical levels by the energetic act of Resonancy.  This power is invisible (spiritual), timeless and infinite.  You can be affected and transformed 50 years after something was recorded because the conscious energy is spiritual and unattached to form.

Break down the barriers and accept that media is spiritual in it’s non-physicality.  Then attract higher conscious media and build a powerful relationship of resonancy with it to experience miraculous healing and self awakening.

What’s the Difference Between ‘Grounding’ and ‘Awakening’?

Eventually things evolved with a name of ‘Natural Grounding’ when I was working with special resources (videos of awakened women or living goddesses).

Grounding is where the feminine ‘yin’ energy helps to ‘ground’ you into earth as a man.  It’s that special relationship between these energies of sexual polarity that helps to increase your sexual consciousness, remove the blocks to the energetic attraction of sexuality in the world around you and builds a relationship to the feminine of powerful attraction and connection.

‘Grounding’ helps men to re-center into their masculine, earthier energy in relation to the lighter, liberated sky of female energy.  So really for these years there was a strong sexuality to Natural Grounding.

Natural Grounding has already changed the lives of 1000s of men around the world but there’s more to it.

Things started evolving when I got more and more progressively into ‘higher’ levels of conscious experience; it’s still sexual because of the relevancy OF the polarity in experience but now it’s a different brand of experience (of which must have non-attachment from outcomes as well as a valuation beyond your own personal self or desire for relationships).

The ‘higher’ experience you could call ‘awakening’ of which there are many things to say.  I knew what I was doing for so many years (and others) was very experiential but I didn’t call it ‘spiritual’ or spirituality.  If you’re ready to accept that though, it’s exactly what it is.

You could call advanced Natural Grounding the spirituality of sex or a spiritual experience of sexuality.   Grounding is more into earth and physicality, Awakening is more into the heavens and spirituality but you could call it all ‘Awakening’ because either way you’re connecting more to the beyond-ego power and truth that already exists and you’re bringing that connection into your practical energy, experience and reality (as being more than your name or personality).

The Awakening power of Natural Grounding resources is that you can have an infinite expansion of consciousness as the energy affects your subjective state and takes you into higher levels of reality far beyond that of judgments and the ego.

Further away from the earthier, more physical ‘grounded’ state, is higher levels of connection to the oneness of all energy, source, consciousness or what some refer to as ‘God’.

The beauty of what is now called ‘Self-Awakening’ (which includes Natural Grounding and an infinite conscious experience) is that you aren’t limited either way!  It’s all coming from higher, egoless consciousness and has infinite power to heal you for many different purposes; attraction, relationships, physical healing, emotional wellbeing, enlightenment, bliss, infinite creativity, miracles, etc.

Get involved with Self-Awakening!

How Is Rion Qualified To Teach Me In Attraction, Awakening Or Spirituality?

“How Is Rion Qualified To Teach Me In Attraction, Awakening Or Spirituality?”

Years ago I was hardcore into Personal Growth but I sensed something was ‘missing’. I ended up going on a different and parallel path of Awakening and discovery starting in Hawaii and going Far East.

I ended up discovering what became known as Natural Grounding; sexual polarity meditation. This is a part of Self-Awakening. I ended up becoming the ‘New Thought’ leader of the dating industry online and spoke at several events including the premiere conference.

My specialties before this were sexual attraction and helping men cure sexual and emotional anxieties, issues and unworthiness with themselves and women to create natural attraction. I’ve been teaching and coaching men for 6 years. 1000s of men around the world have seen noticable changes with Natural Grounding but I’ve kept all of the ‘other power’ to myself which I’m sharing with you here now as the method of Self-Awakening.

I’m able to take your experience through the roof of what you thought was possible in life (esp. during your sessions because I have over 10,000 hours experience working with energy there). I have no doubt on that even if you’re the leader of a movement or methodology.

I’ve been fortunate to pioneer all kinds of things that I’d never heard of because I wasn’t restricted to the Eastern/spiritual limitations. I’m hesitant to call myself a ‘Spiritual’ leader though because I’m balanced and very grounded to earth as well; I won’t be limited by one stroke of the brush. It’s really about an expanded experience of life that is so powerful in subjectivity that it’s expanded INTO Spiritual levels (that’s where I’m coming from).

Freedom and personal liberty are very important. I’m really about expanding human consciousness and experience on all levels; really becoming your Greater Self; the man or woman who also lives a peak experience of life unfathomable by regular standards but on all levels. And I’m about performance and application as well. I’ll let you continue to discover what value is in this for you.

Put it this way; monks can spend a lifetime conditioning higher states of spiritual consciousness.

They just don’t CALL IT that. Conditioning is more of a Western word and may have been like the word ‘selling’ to those into Natural Healing but that’s what it is.

I’ve been conditioning with a driving edge of performance results and continual improvement (kaizen) for years with the spirituality of Heart, Sexiness and Soul with Body there as additional support for impossible states of natural consciousness. I only did it because I had to somehow power a very large dream or vision so I ended up integrating East & West when I never saw any other way. I brought back Heart & Sexiness into the equation which was clearing missing in the West and I am so experienced here I’ll be able to help you make quantum leaps fast.

Where I’m at now with Awakening sessions vs. a consumer level experience is night and day. I’ve taken peak performance TO consciousness doing things I’ve never heard anyone do in this field before (except more of the Eastern spiritual zen style path).

Now I’m sharing this with you. There’s a LOT more with Self-Awakening than the basics; lifetimes to discover but you’ll see best as I can help guide YOU to states of empowerment, renaissance and happiness that were otherwise never possible. One session with me will open your eyes to things you’ve never even seen or valued before.

Millions of people doing zen spiritual meditation? I’ve been doing Heart and Sexual meditation for 1000s of hours. When you consider the big gap between Mind & Soul and how Westerner’s are generally so diconnected from Heart & Sexiness as I used to be, that Law of Attraction thing starts looking more interesting. We’ll just see how hings develop from here. Please bring me your questions and get involved in our community.

But the power is so strong when I’m in states of holistic enlightenment that we’ve already seen life transformational effects on the few live events I’ve had so far that shared Self-Awakening (before it was called that). I’ve taken human experience to new levels that I never knew were possible. It didn’t start out as Spiritual, it just reached into those levels as my experience and states expanded.

I literally became the Gold Medalist in an entire new field of something that seemed missing all along. You don’t have to take my word for it. Let me assist you in taking YOUR experience to entirely new levels.

I can take someone who is at hour 9000 to higher levels, so there’s a LOT of power you’ll be able to soak in right upfront for massive, leveraged transformation b/c I simply have a lot of experience at high levels of Heart and Sexual consciousness especially. I know what it’s like to have infinite creative flow and to apply it.

I know what the State of Flow consistently feels like. Coming from someone who has done it, you can leverage my time as best you can and may want to consider paid training or coaching..especially since your subjectivity is everything in life.

Most of the time even on my videos you won’t see me connected to those levels of power but I’ll help get you closer to them simply by Awakening. I’ve learned a LOT. A LOT from over 10,000 hours of experience that no matter who you are, I can bring you things you’ve never even heard of or sensed before. Yes I’ve attracted all KINDS of things and the best is still yet to come. I live in a veritable renaissance personally and professionally and I’m on track to manifest impossible things. <--(whoah..that looks funny there on its own) I’ve been conditioning internally for years keeping this power and light inside of me transmuting it into other areas. I didn’t have a value to share it externally in my communication and wanted to keep it for myself. Eventually after a live Montreal event, I saw the effect it had on others and realized I also had to step out publicly from who I’ve become privately (my Greater Self in my sessions). I had to expand myself to include others more than just keeping it to my as my production, bliss, empowerment, flow, attraction and quantum growth secret. I’m now sharing this with the world as a free methodology. Any training or coaching in this or other areas will be supplemental if you’re interested to take things further and yes my hourly rates will likely rise. For 2012 I will be conditioning myself to bring more of that power and energy into my regular communication and bridging that gap so you’ll see massive changes fast but it’s because I already am that powerful, I’m just bringing it out more into my communication. I’ll help you become your Greater Self. It’s so refreshing to finally enter and quite possibly EVOLVE Self-Help as I was ready YEARS ago but there is just more power now to bring tons of power and value ‘right out the gate’. It already feels great just being ‘out of the closet’ so I can just get all of this direct ‘consciousness’ work out there vs. keeping it to myself or a few insider clients indirectly all these years. The power is here. It is what it is and when you sense even a fraction of it (which I will be sharing), you’ll be able to judge if I’m the real deal or not as all of my live attendees have discovered how connected and empowered I am in Heart, Sexiness & Soul - especially when sharing Awakening live to already intermediate and open attendees. By giving the methodology away for free it actually frees up my time and replicates me just with the Starter Kit alone to get you started. Just remember this...the BEST of what you feel, experience and ‘know’ during your’ve barely scratched the surface because you’re Awakening. My paid training or coaching will take you much much further. I’m always driving forward more because of kaizen and conditioning. You can already check out from 100s of testimonials from my dating business (and about Natural Grounding) as well as new clients. With Self-Awakening, there will be more and more successes not from some new ego-filtered angle on personal growth but from the pure and raw direct connection and valuation that our methodology supports and brings. Get involved in our community and I want to hear your feedback!

What About Duality Vs. Non-Duality?

“What About Duality Vs. Non-Duality?”

Fortunately, you’re in a great place to expand your quantum personal growth journey. The higher levels of consciousness and spirituality are about non-duality. Where you truly see things ‘as they are’ and are more and more connected to their profound implications and greatness in the world.

Duality basically means there is ‘good and bad’, ‘hot and cold’ when in ‘reality’ (it’s deep) but there really is none of that because everything ‘is’. It shines forth from its own essence and it’s only our filtering that makes up these positionalities, logic, systems, languages and the Newtonian world of linear physics.

I’ve learned and reaffirmed a lot from Dr. Hawkins so what you’ll discover here and the spiritual integrity of our pure valuation, should be of massive interest and practical assistance in your own journey or Awakening. In the higher states of reality (which takes ‘Self’ growth relevantly to entirely new levels you never thought were possible and are very priceless), you’ll just be experiencing things not only without judgment but you’ll connect more and more to their power in your experience of reality.

This will do miracles because we don’t just do it spiritually but we resonate with already powerful energy and we do it sexually (mostly in polarity consciousness) and with powerful states of Heart as well. That is where the infinite power is to manifest your dreams is at because you are the power of the universe in human form.

You thought you had to ‘drive more’ with your ego out of separation but you’ve already been driving and aren’t there yet. You simply have to ‘let go now’ and step into higher states of reality beyond the levels of thought where you just aren’ tjudging things as good or bad, I like this and don’t like that, this is Asian or I love sushi or hate it, etc.

Module 2 will practically help get you valuing and into egoless states easier as well as get you beyond the values of your Mind; it’s positionalities, scatching criticism, prejudice and social values that are obstructing the power and truth of e3 Awakening power so that you can experience reality-rocking Greater Self growth for real. At the foundation is a valuation of Self that extends beyond your Ego-identification and definition of Self.

What we do is so much about non-duality we even transcend ALL social values and cultures. e3 {energy, emotion, egolessness} simply brings it practically to you. To see the world unfolding with new eyes and condition yourself into states of impossible empowered awesomeness by letting the most Awakening energy that already exists in the world help assist you into an infinitely greater experience.

Yep, it’s priceless…in fact it’s free with our general disclaimer that you should buy the artist’s resources where possible. My further training, coaching and support is available additionally.