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Beyond Judgment Into Spiritual Experience

Until you stop judging, you’re not there yet.  This is a foundation of effectively doing Self-Awakening style work (where you’re attuning or being affected in relationship to already awakened energy and letting it alter your state).

You can compare this in parallel to Spiritual foundational work around the world;

The transcendence of the ego, beyond judgment and in Hawkins terms, entering the realm of the non-linear where you are beyond form, positionalities and duality (there’s equal and opposites, this and that, hot and cold, good and evil, Korean or non-Korean).

In higher experience, beyond all judgment and in pure conscious experience free from the ego you’re able to be affected spiritually (and emotionally, sexually) by the energy.

It doesn’t matter what your opinions are or whether you even care for Korean culture, the food, the language, the looks, etc.

Unfortunately most consumers will remain in lower states of conscious experience; they’ll judge things infinitely based on what they like and don’t like and they’ll make divisions based on socio-cultural values (all made by man and of lower consciousness than what already ‘is’ without filtering).

That personal (ego) and social experience is filled entirely of ego and is preventing a truly liberated experience beyond judgment where you can feel the energy in spiritual and non-linear realms.

Keep working at it so that you can get beyond all judgments or ego influence during your sessions and you’ll start being in the real groundwork of Awakening and what it can do (miracles!)

You’ll know you’re there when you dive right into non-judgmental states and then sometimes catch yourself with a ‘thought’…urge to awaken and be mostly in non-judgmental states to truly let awakened energy effect you and evolve your reality.

You know I didn’t even know what I was doing could be called ‘spiritual’ for several years but that’s exactly what it is.  Are you beyond all judgments yet during your sessions?  Comment!

Wouldn’t This Conflict With My Personal Or Religious Beliefs?

“Wouldn’t This Conflict With My Personal Or Religious Beliefs?”

As you get more into Self-Awakening you will find that in different ways it may conflict with everything that has limited or oppressed you socially, personally and in some cases religiously. In your own evolution, you will have to get past all oppressive forces to actualize how powerful you really are.

If you’re not ready for that or don’t have a reason to, you may remain comfortable at lower levels of reality (ie. as a good consumer). Self-Awakening is not for everyone. It is more spiritual (not out of an irrelevant sense but really because you will feel higher states that are just beyond thought even if you still have a practical life going on) and not associated to any religion although you’ll find it to be closest to the wisdom seeking truth of the East.

Awakening values truth and higher experience that is pure and free from all human interference or influence (unless it’s supporting or empowering you to Awaken more to the infinite power you already are).

It was founded on the spiritual integrity not just of Soul but of polarity (yin/yang energy balance between the sexes), Sex and Heart (with Body valuation also in there). You will further discover this the more you get into it; how much you were missing out on but didn’t even know (as that’s where I was at).

If you value spirituality over Religion or seek spiritual experience within a Faith or denomination, this work will absolutely help you as well. I grew up Christian Protestant and I can talk about this elsewhere but I had to change in certain ways to support my own evolution. There were definitely Spiritual experiences I remember at certain times that were going on.

Self-Awakening itself is non-religious but you can integrate it into YOUR life and your own beliefs for greater experience.

How Else Is This Different From A Spiritual Path?

“Can You Tell Me Even More About How This Is Different From A Spiritual Path And An Evolution For The West?”

Throughout time people have taken different paths to one Greater Spiritual truth, but vastly there has been no direct methodology to connect with the totality of your holistic Greater Self (or at least one that was closer to a modern Western experience) and without studying an ancient art or practice that was disconnected from the practicalities of modern life.

Yoga and other methodologies (although very beneficial) are still more for renewal vs. an integration WITH performance.

As truthful as the highest levels of Spirituality are from spiritual gurus, they still generally subvert the raw power of the Spirituality of Sex because of the prime valuation of Soul, even though Heart and Sexuality are predominantly more ‘realistic’ forces of down-to-earth daily living in humanity.

As ‘high’ as they are, they may be very out of touch with their body or the physical world where you can learn a lot more from an MMA fighter (z.B.) it comes down to what you value and who you attract to learn from. (Here, we value it all without dilution; true balance and holistic empowerment).

A high level monk may be very spiritually aware yet possibly very disconnected from his own Greater, unique sexual power and the relevancy of creating new life on earth simply because he has focused on 1 primary valuation of experience.

Mostly zen meditation has been predominant as a way to connect with your spiritual self and experience (along with other Body/Soul practices such as Qi Gong and some ancient martial arts). Yoga has also become increasingly popular in the West to connect with Body & Soul. People are restless and seeking now more than ever, being burnt out with consumer level reality, divertive entertainment options and a Mind-valuing approach to life.

This awareness on its own can start to fill in the great elusive obvious gaps that people sense are missing; that we’re devaluing and disconnected from our Heart & Sexiness and filtering the power of that consciousness through either our Mind/Ego, our Body or Soul. Self-Awakening respects those areas of consciousness for what they are for total human evolution and experience.

With Soul still being too far out of reach or irrelevant to the lives of many (ego-driven for better and worse) Westerners with Heart and Sexiness still subverted, Mind has remained the predominant valuation. This has left many Westerner’s seeking and lacking in Heart, Sexiness & Soul thus creating their anxieties, issues, festering blocks, lower quality of life, unfulfillment, diversion and lack of living in greatness in those areas naturally.

People are out of balance and a Mind or Soul valuation only leaves other areas unattended. The power of Sex and Heart alone can work for us or against us pending on how conscious we are of them in our daily lives.

Taking a path of Self-Awakening and bringing in the fuller context of ‘Self’ as your full holistic consciousness in human experiences leaves no area undervalued or overlooked…even if that means exploring what we have here and seeing what else adds to what you’re already doing.

We encourage you to integrate other conscious practices extending into all areas of higher growth including kundalini, reiki, chakras, Taoism, tantra, even kama sutra, etc.

Self-Awakening values Heart and Sexiness as equal to Mind, Body & Soul as the conscious and unique energies of human experience. You can of course choose which areas you wish to focus on but you now aren’t limited only to the Spirituality of Soul alone as most people thought it was. You can now choose the Spirituality of Heart or Sexiness/Polarity.

With the relevancy of media and entertainment in our modern lives, e3 valuation and Self-Awakening allows us to now harness a strategy that is realistic for most Westerners who aren’t able to silence their mind to get into a more escapist style zen meditation.

It simultaneously allows spiritual seekers to expand their own toolset and conscious growth into the spirituality of sex, love and integration into their professional lives as well as extended healing, releasing and bliss.

Self-Awakening updates and empowers spiritual access for practical connection to Greater Self in Heart, Body, Mind, Sexiness & Soul for today’s reality. Our methodology brings the power to you of Awakening resources (many which are free) that can affect, heal and evolve your own Heart, Body, Mind, Sexiness & Soul.

The relevancy of media already integrated into your modern lifestyle can be tweaked to have an Awakening effect instead of only a divertive or renewing effect. Plus, it expands and integrates other methodologies including ancient Arts with Spiritual integrity as long as they have Awakening value themselves (I just took a forward step by giving a name to it so that you can have an overarching strategy).

Is This Borne Out Of A Modern Take On Ancient Spirituality?

“Is This Borne Out Of A Modern Take On Ancient Spirituality?”

The roots of Self-Awakening are actually more about the Spirituality of Heart and Sexiness, although complement and also directly include pure spiritual @ higher levels. I simply found it as an easier and more accessible path into my own awakening, power and connection to become my Greater Self using media rather than silencing my mind for zen meditation.

It really started for me in the 90’s with Enya and Hans Zimmer soundtracks when I started affecting myself into higher levels of escape, discovery and catharsis beyond what most all consumers go through.

Despite the infinite levels of consciousness now accessible via Self-Awakening (which promotes other top level methodologies and ancient arts), ironically it was born solely out of Western style Self-Help and a very big, personal life purpose.

Although I was raised Christian Protestant, I was never into zen spirituality then. I couldn’t silence my mind to do zen meditation and found it interesting but very irrelevant and indirect to the things I wanted to achieve in a real-world practical life. It was only because of what I was finding in Self-Help was ‘missing’ something and wasn’t strong enough to power such a large vision that I ended up attracting things that directly allowed me to connect to higher consciousness.

I took a parallel path into higher consciousness by discovering the spirituality of polarity and sex. When others were in monasteries, mosques or meditation with a Soul valuation, I got into the East with already Awakened/Goddess women and they are what evolved me. Now I’m cross-graded into Soul valuation for what it is as well but most of my own sessions are a mix of higher consciousness, not just one or the other.

See, the sexual power was always there in the most Awakened women but no one had every really defined it or put it into words even though they sensed it. Recorded media starting in the last 150 years or so allows us to capture that energy and to even Awaken with it and change our lives beyond just a passing moment or memory.

Valuing the spirituality of yin/yang polarity; the power and balance of life force attraction itself that has always been here and always will is how I got into things but it was the distinctly sexual energy and value that I focused on initially. All of that didn’t become clear to me until years later.

The energy was always here timelessly, we can just leverage it in media now and use it to Awaken and attune us to higher levels of reality; Source itself and Awakening to higher levels of who you already are in sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual experience is where the real evolution of personal growth is at and can really only ever be.

Therein lies infinite power to manifest dreams and practically become the person you have to in order to do and live in valuing-adding greatness in the world. The avatars of history did the same thing, we just now have direct and a predictable way to get the same access to universal consciousness and faster.

Because of my own life vision connected to millions of people, I required more power than beyond my Mind or what Western traditional success methodology was providing to drive it, thus I attracted and discovered sexual polarity meditation which is a foundation of Self-Awakening. I wasn’t even looking for natural health supplements or anything but all of the other health, wellness, bliss, zen-ness were beneficial byproducts.

Self-Awakening will allow you to open up to the timeless truth that has always been here but to also start seeing it in the world around you instead of only having to escape your modern reality entirely to do it. You can mix your own favorite methodologies and integrate them with your personal Awakening!

How Does This Differ From A Traditional Spiritual Path?

“I’ve Been Getting More Into Ancient & New Age Wisdom…How Does This Differ From A Traditional Spiritual Path?”

Because Self-Awakening undeniably values the Spirituality of Heart & Sexiness as well as Soul. It is more of a humanistic and holistic valuation of consciousness (or subjective human experience), but we view your Heart, Sexiness, Body & Soul all as equal and of your Greater consciousness. It’s you who can choose which areas you want to focus growth, healing or performance in (or be open to what happens in your quantum evolution).

Heart & Sexiness (as you’ll discover) are our foundational strengths in application with Heart-Awakening and Sexual-Awakening to bridge gaps and bring expanded personal (Mind) and spiritual (Soul) growth to you and others who are on their path in the modern day.

We also integrate the relevancy of media, leveraging higher conscious energy that already exists in entertainment so that you can extend your own Personal & Spiritual (and now Heart and Sexual) growth anytime of the night or day on your digital media players or computer.

This makes higher levels of growth, consciousness and spirituality not only more accessible to common people who aren’t interested in a separate spiritual journey, but empowers spiritual growth and extension for those that are.

There are no limits for the levels you can transmute all of this power as you connect tangibly with your Greater Self. By connecting with higher Body, Sexiness, Heart & Soul you FEEL empowered and the states of Flow become real. You don’t have to be into religion OR spirituality in order to simply have a great human experience and becoming the man or woman capable of just living in the Renaissance you desire of abundance, health and attraction.

We are also more about performance and practical application every minute of the day vs. only using spiritual discovery for a ‘separate’ journey or a renewing balance from your practical, working life.

This makes it directly relevant to creative professionals, pioneers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, performers and world-changers as well as those that just don’t care for other more Eastern, yoga-esque type forlays (even with that said, a lot of our energy in e3 media DOES actually come from Asia ;).

If nothing else, you have new tools and insight for your own personal growth & Spiritual journey simply by going through the Starter Kit and just trying out our style of methodology attuning to higher conscious media.

Then you can see if you want to include it in your strategy, set up camp here and bring everything else you’re doing in, or whatever have you from that point. Our community will be a great meeting point of practicing, caring, Awakening men and women worldwide who are on their own journey of higher consciousness. You’ll be able to extract a LOT of value out of just being involved on the free level of our community alone.

If you take Soul valuation very seriously you may disattach or disconnect from social reality, lifestyle or work to go off and live on a beach (I’ve done that), a monastery, on a mountaintop, even forsaking all worldly possessions. That’s really impractical in the long-term for people who do have real world dreams and visions to manifest by giving more and more value to more and more people to get external success.

Self-Awakening again, brings new powerful tools and access to you in today’s modern age without having to sweep a monastery. You can now entertain yourself to psychological, sexual, spiritual and emotional healing and enlightenment with the power and energy in higher conscious media. The Kit will get you started.