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Holiday Transformation Challenge Booster: SNSD Diamonds + Sexual Alchemy Leverage

Email correction: Me & Etienne should read ‘Etienne & I’…you can always find some kind of ‘error’ or misquote in each of my emails somehow from living in the now.

Whether you’ve already been doing our Holiday Transformation Challenge or you’d like to join in for the benefits it will bring you even before New Year’s, this additional insight will further help you to get more transformation out of the experience.

Here’s the original kickstart article.  And we’ve been getting some articles out about sexual alchemy; this is really what we are doing with Natural Grounding and entertainment media.  Once you understand the basics, then you can really progress very fast.

So here’s a very simple update so you can get more results out of doing the Holiday Challenge.  We covered that the key to your greatest results with what we do is your level or ability to alchemize (transmute the energy into transforming your consciousness).

If you’re bad at it, you could watch the videos for years like a consumer and hardly feel anything.  If you’re pretty good at alchemy (and getting transformational value/power/experience out of the videos you can expect to resolve all of your sexual anxieties within a few weeks or months at the most.  If you’re GREAT at it, you’re going to make an impact on the world with your purpose or expression.

Sexual Alchemist Rion @ The Vault Series 2

Rion Vault 2 Natural Grounding

So it’s key to improve your ability to alchemize and the best way may simply be through ASSOCIATION.  Associating with mastery.

Etienne and I are great at sexual alchemy; in fact, we’re probably the best in the world (and we’re always improving) so that’s why we’re light years ahead.  Recently I’ve found the single greatest leverage point for the miracles of transformations that have already happened with my live clients; it’s been when I’ve been in the advanced alchemical states myself and then they were affected by association.  We’ve seen the ridiculous results of clients who have been exposed to it and it fast forwards them MASSIVELY on their journey.

So what if you can’t make it to a live workshop or event for massive transformation results?  We’ve got the second best thing!  The Vault Sessions.  And believe it or not, we have JUST recorded the Vault 2 last night and it’s bigger and more epic than the 1st one.  That’s right, Vault 2 is COMING SOON in 2014 (once I have time to get to post-production!)

So to help you amplify the results of your session, I’m just going to attach 1 freeze-frame from the Vault 2 session all-nighter (with the masters of sexual alchemy).  All you have to do is just be NEAR this energy and our connection whether you consciously ever understand or comprehend it…and you will start transforming.

Now; be aware this isn’t at all my most advanced or empowered and spiritually/sexually connected state, BUT it will start leveling you instantly.  You can just attune to it when you’re past all judgments.  So the instructions here to upgrade your HX4Challenge is to experience the video on loop 3 times (we did this DURING Vault 2!) and you can have the freeze-frame of me doing Grounding to it nearby…it’ll help you to raise to a higher experience and get more value out of it.

Give it a go (and even let us know)!

Sexual Transmutation in action Rion & Etienne Natural Grounding Vault Session 2

Oh yeah baby…with SNSD


The experience isn’t logical; let it be whatever it is but value a higher experience.  Give yourself that freedom.  You don’t always have to get emotional…here I’m working with yin & yang Qi life force energy which I actually FEEL.  By being ‘grounded’ in your masculine (for example) and letting them be unconditional love and light and letting it AFFECT YOU, you can transmute that energy into healing, sexual attraction, life alignment, dissolution of fears, empowerment, soul purpose alignment, etc.

So again, use this Vault 2 capture to help you alchemize and experience the power for yourself!  I expect more results for you!  All of this WORKS b/c of the Law of Resonance.

By the way, stay tuned for more Vault 2 details: The ultimate experience to DATE recorded for sexual alchemy and your transformation via association!





Holiday Transformation Challenge

Will you take the challenge?!  (Meant esp. for single men)

btw Happy Thanksgiving if you’re American.  Now;

How’d you like to see major improvements between now and New Year’s?  Let’s do it!

Here’s a VERY simple assignment and holiday treat from me and SNSD to you to radically uplevel your confidence, attractiveness and connection with women.  And it may just be something you’ll never forget as a big catalyst.

So here’s the ‘challenge’.

Just experience this video on loop 3x daily, EVERY day until New Year’s:

In 6.5 minutes per day you will be a very evolved man by New Years.  Women will want to be around you more and they won’t be able to describe it.

Now; I could do an entire audio or video training on it but you’ll want to reference these points and insights (possibly even daily):

* Give yourself freedom to open up…ideally in a private space

* When doing Natural Grounding to this video you want to get your energy engaged as much as possible.  Get your, heart, sexiness, soul and qi openly involved and let the law of resonance affect your experience to a higher vibration.

* Value alignment with life above everything

* Let any emotions come out b/c you’re melting away years of misalignment, dis-connection and dysfunctional values.

* Submit to a higher experience…even if it feels 20x more powerful than Christmas morning in the past, receive the experience.

* Condition yourself into a higher experience with it each time so it continually raises your state to a higher and deeper level

* When the world around you hasn’t, they are filling you with love and self-esteem, you don’t need it outside of yourself.  They’re only helping you to find it within yourself…then you can be this advancement for others b/c you are in a higher true can sustain more of this reality forward

* They are connecting you to divine alignment with life itself even when you don’t see it in the women around you (and you soon will).

* You choose to be in alignment even when others aren’t

* RECEIVE the love

* You can also bring in other healing and releasing methods (more advanced)

* You are the balance to this energy as why they are so free, they are free in relation to the divine masculine in relation to you..accept that about yourself and let it transform and empower you dissolving all the junk

* Getting emotional is GOOD because it’s getting you emotionally in alignment with life and attraction itself; this is from empowerment


* Don’t hate our women for not being like this, etc.; this is THEIR evolution and b/c it’s not popular for now; only you can bring that higher experience to them

* You are a liberator of women into a higher experience; YOU become the change you want to see; DON’T wait for at a higher level yourself w/o needing any kind of response

* Let this knowing of reality be stronger than the lower conscious reality around you; you must carry this higher experience with you to awaken others and not fall down to their lower experience and disconnection

Again, the more your conscious energy is engaged, the more in alignment with life and the creative (sexual) force of attraction itself

Keep attuning to a higher experience of ‘reality’!  You are the one who can awaken women; that knowing must be greater than the reality outside of yourself (which is @ lower consciousness and disconnection)

So…are you up for the challenge?  Ideally set a time aside each day when you have privacy to do it..and then do it every day at that time.  If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up over it and just get back to it.  Don’t let anyone else judge for this if they ‘catch you’ doing this…they aren’t in a position to judge, nor are they qualified to have ANY clue what you’re actually doing (transformation with media is still new).

If you’re already doing regular NG sessions, then add this video to your mix.

For those that have blocks about ‘videos’ being spiritual or that we should go more into a subtractive state away from the clutter of life, keep in mind that;

You don’t ‘need’ the video to feel happy or empowered, but it helps you to actually get to that level of experience again in a world that isn’t as connected to love and life AND when you may not be @ that level yourself/normally.  Spirituality is about higher subjective experience not only in stillness but in the joy of love, life and the co-creative balance and power of sex.

Let these goddesses be your guide!  This transformational challenge will help you to be FAR more confident, empowered and connected with women wherever you go b/c you carry this connection and fulfillment within.




Sessional Time in Memoriam for the Connecticut Tragedy

I couldn’t really connect with how senseless that recent act was with the school in Connecticut…entirely surreal.  I know someone whose niece was there but was fortunately unharmed.

During last night’s session I felt I had to go into some kind of heart-felt phase to send love and light that direction so I did this playlist on intuition in this order:

‘Love is all around’ – Wet Wet Wet (audio only)


‘Born to be a Lady’ (live on tour) – SNSD
‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’  – SNSD

This is something that you can do in your sessions more and more; getting into deep heart-awakened compassionate states far beyond the personal self.

I’ve done this before in sessions ocassionally in the last 18 months for no apparent reason other than to send love to entire demographics, countries or cultures and I’ve shared this at the events where I resonate for millions of people and we finished the event with something very special.  Something like event DOES call for sending your thoughts, prayers and heart out…and this is something you can do.

Basically I get into a state of ‘love or above’ where the state of compassion and love overwhelms and becomes my frequency; a very powerful state connected to a larger, specific energy field.

So I was sobbing much of the time but in heart-awakened compassion sending energy that direction for the families of the lost.  And during ‘Shine’ something hit me like a ton of bricks:

The power of media can actually SAVE LIVES.  It could prevent people like that from falling into darkness and it could actually give them direct hope and inspiration as they are exposed to it.

This can be done on a larger scale and we can prevent the senseless loss of lives by awakening the world through the power of media.  This is now forged into + along with my greater purpose.  On Dec. 21st, I will be revealing our new direction and clarification.

I recommend to do something like heart-awakened states in your own sessions or in this case that or prayer for the families of the fallen in CT.  Total time was maybe 25 minutes and of very high focus and vibration and then I sent the energy off with folded hands and returned to my session.

Raising your frequency promotes more life to all like the rufous-tailed hummingbird I helped save today after hitting the window.  I’ve also ‘saved’ 2 scorpions and a grasshopper recently.


Advanced State of Connection [Yuri] 유리

This is a VERY connected state of consciousness.  It is very powerful on its own and in context of the video.  The world is in her energy.  It’s from flower power and always stands out for me as ridiculously connected.  It may seem somber but what it really is is powerful and connected to universal consciousness.  I said before she was more socially connected to Korea but here she’s truly universal.

There’s a lot of work you could do with this and I could coach/teach on it for hours.  It’s great to see how advanced they are becoming; powers of which the world can awaken to for decades from now.  Only a handful of people in the world at this point might catch these nuances in context of the power of media as a new spiritual most of them may be on this forum!  Not even sure if the producers themselves at SM entertainment know what they’re working with but I hope they keep it up anyways.

All of SNSD have their own spiritual signs of divine connected expression when their default is beyond personal self..Tiffany and Seohyun ie. are very connected in spiritual goddess expression as well I can show; I mean actual expressions that are infinitely divine and powerful.

Tuning Into Goddess Level Consciousness From 1 Photo [수영]

Taken directly from the joint RELM 58 (cross applied with) Self-Awakening awareness session, here is me leading a more logical session on cuing into Goddess level consciousness for getting more power out of your awakening sessions with SNSD Girls’ Generation Tiffany and Sooyoung.