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Our Big Key to Transformation: Sexual Alchemy

This article may start getting a little ‘out there’ if you’re used to normal dating advice but at  this point in your life it’s time for ANYTHING but normal.  Stick with this and your life could be  majorly transformed very FAST for your desires with this new clarity and evolution as you apply it.

This is the JUMP OFF POINT for new legends of transformational success from here forward.

Remember our last article where we talked about going from a sexual hell of disconnection with  yourself and women into a sexual heaven?

The key to that making that major change happen is what we now know of as ‘sexual alchemy’.  It’s  really the sexual transformation process itself (not the gender-bender surgery type!) at the most DIRECT level; this is how you can live  in a sexual heaven with women on earth even if you’ve ‘tried everything’ out there.

The 1000s of men that have been doing Natural Grounding around the world who have already gone from  a personal sexual hell more into a sexual heaven of connection and confidence with women were  actually doing sexual alchemy; at least to SOME extent.  They know it works, but this article  represents the next evolution and holds the key to ridiculous transformation for you and fast.

And (although I always keep evolving), sexual alchemy is what I’ve become a master at.  It’s my  magic and just being around or near me transforms you when I get into these heightened states of  consciousness.  Here’s Etienne Charland and I just having fun @ our first ever recorded session.  The lives events I and we’ve done before have seriously changed the lives of men who’ve been around us when we do it..several of them are now on a serious spiritual journey even though they got into things to get better with women and have more confidence.


We’ve seen those at our live events transform their lives; some becoming coaches, others having the  success with women they desire, others becoming charismatic alpha male or professional creatives  with real flow, others even going on an intense spiritual path or a mix of all.

And sexual alchemy is at the core of it; it’s MOST of what I/we do with our sessions (including  transformation with entertainment).  Those who are in our SATE facebook group who are advancing the  most are the ones who are also alchemizing the most and getting the most transformational power out  of what we do (and Natural Grounding).  Heck, Qi NG and the Vault Sessions simply get you more  alchemical (transformational) power to see more and faster authentic results!

At this point, it’s safe to say I’m the world master and authority with sexual alchemy b/c I’ve done  1000s of hours of it to the net result of awakened natural connection, attraction and success with  women, ridiculous sexual & spiritual connection and empowerment, great healing powers and unlimited  creative flow, quantum thought flow, life purpose alignment, etc.

This stuff is SO transformationally powerful (yet fun) that I’ve now become a channel of advancement  for the most empowered people in the world because sexual alchemy represents the next evolution in  focused transformation in the world.  (I will be living and working in L.A. in and out of the  entertainment industry doing transformational entertainment and high level performance/charisma  coaching and healing).  From here forward I will be positioning myself as sexual alchemist and transformational entertainment producer.

So ‘alchemy’ really means ‘a process of transmutation’.  It’s historically known that alchemists  were those who transformed metals into gold through a unique process.

Well, sexual alchemy has the power to transform YOU into sexual God and gold through transforming your consciousness!  Sexual alchemy largely uses the law of resonance to attune to enlightened levels of sexual expression and truth in the opposite sexual polarity.

You can transform your sexual anxieties into sexual confidence!  To turn your lack of confidence into confidence – all though sexual alchemy which transforms your consciousness into alignment and empowerment with the truth of life, spiritual truth and life force attraction and creation.  For men much of what we do works with the divine feminine.  I’ll explain more in the upcoming article ‘What is Sexual Alchemy’.

Yes, sexually alchemy TRANSFORMS your entire conscious and subconsciousness and the results are you can ‘send’ that energy practically in many directions (this is the conscious competence of unlimited professional creative flow as well as sexual energy is creative energy).

Sexual alchemy is the core of what NG is and it can be the most major tool in your toolshed of transformational practices.

I resolved my own anxieties and attraction issues with beautiful women YEARS ago while others still  aren’t close and continue to do NG.  Why?

The answer as to why me and others with major success comes down to; we’re the ones really  alchemizing the power of Natural Grounding (and sexual attraction truth itself).  Those who aren’t  getting results aren’t into getting the TRANSFORMATIONAL POWER and affect out of it; it’s more like  they’re just ‘watching music videos’ for them and ‘feeling a little bit’ here and there.

You can do TONS of NG but if you aren’t alchemizing the power and value, you’re actually wasting a  lot of time even if you’re seeing real improvements.


Contrarily, if you alchemize even 30 seconds of NG at the levels I’m at when I really get peak into  my sessions, you would change your life instantly and permanently.  The key is your power to alchemize sexual energy; that will give you the transformative and REAL results that you desire  including escaping a sexual hell and living as a confident, empowered man who has women in his life.

I know you just want RESULTS but this is exactly what will get you them, once you open up to it.

And you don’t have to spend NEARLY as much time as I did to become massively aligned and empowered  with women.  I want to help you transform your sex life, confidence and connection with the women  you desire as fast as possible.  And sexual alchemy holds that key and power for you to TRULY  transform your life from here forward.

Again; sexual alchemy is simply sexual transmutation..the transmutation of sex energy and what we do  with Natural Grounding is really in alignment with life attraction and creation itself; yin and  yang, divine masculine and feminine energy.

Do Natural Grounding, get results.  Do sexual alchemy and transform your life permanently and FAST.

You don’t even have to know ‘how’ it works but it really does help to speed everything up FOR your  upcoming transformation in 2014.
Anywhere we have conscious competence, it allows us room for FAR greater advancement; and now we  have it so it’s going to be EXPECTED that you are going to evolve fast and live the consenting sex  life and connection of your dreams with women.

You’re reading this article because you desire something more and you sense this might help you to  really advance.  That would be accurate and I thank you for that (don’t get cocky kid ;)!

People hardly have any idea how POWERFUL sex energy is; ok maybe you have some idea, but it’s in  HARNESSING that sexual power to align yourself and transform yourself into empowered masculine  identity in relation to the sexuality within women that will turn you into an awakened natural.

Sexual alchemy and doing it powerfully (which is very fun and ‘appears’ to others like you’re  watching music videos a little differently), has the single-handed power to DECIMATE 101% of your  sexual anxieties, unworthiness, frustration, and all that crap no matter how strong it’s affected  and oppressed you in life.  It’s what will work when NOTHING ELSE has or could.

All of this sexual power already exists, it’s just your ability to alchemize it and use it to  transform, heal and empower yourself into a new experience of authentic reality; an alignment with  life force itself to have women naturally attracted to you and to live in bold, shameless confidence  with them; to attract and live WITH beauty.

Sexual alchemy itself is the most powerful transformational work that we do so by focusing on the  transformation itself, you’ll be able to make leaps and bounds as fast as possible while you peers  (and others studying traditional pick-up or inner game) remain in the dust; they won’t even know who  you are and you have to be ready for that kind of change.

So if you want the GREATEST SEXUAL TRANSFORMATION, you have to increase your ability to ALCHEMIZE  the sexual energy itself.  This is your single GREATEST leverage point.  And I’ll tell you, the  power that is within 1 freezeframe is enough to turn you into a sex God, casanova and awakened  natural if you only had the power to alchemize and transmute that energy to transform yourself.

Even I am scratching the surface on the levels that are possible through transmutation (and we can  already do insane things!)

So it’s working on the actual transformational power itself to be affected and ALCHEMIZE the power  within ie. Natural Grounding to transform your consciousness in alignment with sexual attraction and  life force creation.

How do you transmute the energy?  That can be a very long answer just to start talking about it but  when you’re doing Natural Grounding and experiencing some results, you’re only scratching the  surface.

It comes down to your ability to resonate at and with enlightened energy and then consciously  transmute it to dissolve all of the barriers that were keeping you out of alignment with your sexual  truth in relation to the pure feminity within women.

So, let’s just wrap this up for now and know that sexual alchemy itself is the KEY and CORE to  massive transformation.  If you go ANYWHERE else, you won’t get the same power UNLESS you were  surrounded by entirely natural women and then start alchemizing that energy.

So, we’re going to do something very special.  I’m serious about centralizing and getting entirely  new legends of transformation with you and the other guys going into the new year.  Let’s create  more transformation with sexual attraction and confidence than ever before in a centralized area.

Interested in escaping your sexual hell and living in a sexual heaven with women where your anxiety,  unworthiness and other issues are permanently resolved as you live in sexual and spiritual alignment  as a man?

Then for now, just fill out this form…I’m gathering to start something new that will take you  through this transformational process that will ensure your success.  I will announce more and  follow-up with you from here!


Bua As Awakened Goddess, Dynamic, Connected Energy

Extremely powerful, connected energy here extending to the cosmos.  Even with pixelation, the power of the energy field with this is still here.

RIdiCuloUs Awakened Goddess Energy [แอนนิต้า]

I just saw this for the first time recently and it blew me away..this is hardcore awakened Goddess energy:

Try mixing that into your sessions.  Several big breakthroughs just on first take which I’ll first reveal to paid SelfA members.  I am looking forward to helping women reach towards this level (and beyond!?) of awakened goddess energy.  If you’re a woman seeing this for the first time, it’s her energy and not her language, look, clothing or culture that you can start tuning into and valuing as an expression of divine connection.  Join our community!

How Can A Woman Become A Radiant Goddess?

“How Can A Woman Become A Radiant Goddess?”

By practically stepping into her Greater and Higher Self. How? Through Self-Awakening which is the practice of tangibly connecting to your Greater Self (primarily sexual and emotional through relational meditation). It’s just revealing the power and beauty that is already there but not from a social or independent (ego) position.

Stick with our global community as I’ll be giving more training on how to do this beyond the Starter Kit itself. The experience is that you start experiencing more conscious holistic energy outside of your mental thought. It’s already you, you’re just not used to it.

With the strong focus on Spirituality, Heart and Sexuality (and whether I should Capitalize these or not) have generally been neglected in my mind. By being able to practically experience each of the energies a woman will be able to heal all kinds of specific issues by becoming more conscious. The liberation and healing will be more self-evident even if she sensed something was still missing before.

The more conscious energy she can experience or bask in sexually and spiritually, the more powerful it will be to heal her state, melt her energy blocks, stress, tension and everything the ego is holding onto. The effects she will know and feel. This includes health, wellness, anti-aging, reducing stress, cleaner energy, radiance, reduced tension and stress lines, bliss, even euphoria at higher levels of sexual consciousness.

Sexual-Awakening via Natural Grounding, polarity calibration or polarity healing will start revealing her radiance. Once a woman starts FEELING liberated it will be difficult to hide it because the bliss comes from within and in addition to Spiritual she will feel light and free in her yin/feminine in relation to the grounding earth power of Yang energy.

It’s important to note again, the primary importance of sexual energy and polarity. There is a lot of work that is focused on Spirituality (meditation), the body (yoga), the mind (obviously with education, self-improvement, reading, etc.) When a woman can specifically connect to her higher sexual yin energy and the power and liberty that exists there with Sexual-Awakening techniques, I think she will find what she has felt and known has been intuitively been missing.

With ALL of the yoga in the world (Body) and zen meditation (Soul), there is just something about the higher sexual energy that is important that the others just can’t truly fulfill on their own (although are very important). This brings more of the holistic balance in for complete renewal, energy healing and revival…there just wasn’t enough support or training out there in this area least not quite like this.

It is a direct key to natural healing, wellness, balance and the uniquely feminine power that she’s been missing in experience from all of the suppression of today and daily life. The experience is not a social, political or an ego-based one. It’s a knowing and a glowing 😉