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Sex Energy Success – Evolution of Self-Awakening

Hey…it’s been a while since I really posted or updated things here but after a couple years of seeking clarity on the direction to go in I have it.

Yes, I will be moving to L.A. and working as a transformational media producer as well as with performers, actors and actresses off-camera and behind-the scenes to bring out greater charisma and performance (long-term).

This will include hosting live transformational workshops (even then they’ll be focused around sex energy).

The core of it is that I am really a sexual alchemist and transformational media producer in the context of being a visionary entrepreneur.

So online, I’ve moved away from talent development and performance growth because I’ll be doing that more with those types of people OFFLINE where I’ll be of greater service.  Online, I’m refocusing around sex energy and introducing sex transmutation to more people in the West as a powerful transformational area of success.  Thus, you can know me as a sex energy expert or sexual alchemist and one of the most experienced in the world with sexual polarity.

I’ve evolved my dating business and stopped doing it officially as Rion Williams.  All that’s left of it leads to an 8 week transformational group coaching program.  All of the new free sexual attraction videos, etc. you see on sexual attraction with women still strategically lead to working with sex energy and presence at the core (thus, it’s related as a ‘wing’ of sex energy success’ focusing on sexual attraction).  I’m not planning on EVER making anymore dating products.

Everything centers around sex energy now.  Sex energy is the fuel for my dharma as a transformational media producer (the P/PC formula in ‘7 Habits’).

So I’ve really trimmed the fat after hiring some expensive and worth it coaches to get more clarity to focus primarily on my area of massive success; sex energy.  We will still however leave this forum and site online.  You can join our sex energy facebook fan page here.

I’ve already moved everyone over to the new mailing list.  If you’re NOT on it, you can sign up @ by grabbing that download PDF on the side of the blog.

What is Sexual Alchemy?

[Extended post] See previous article

If you’re new to this concept of sexual transmutation, I want to first talk about the benefits to see if you  have a real reason for discovering it and being here; something that would resonate with you and your  evolutionary path.  If so, I would encourage you to take it seriously and discover more about harnessing sex energy for healing, transformation and results whether you’re a man or woman.  This stuff isn’t widely known or popular and that’s to your advantage b/c you’ve heard of it now (so you don’t have to wait!)

If you are a single man, an actress, performer, musician, producer, actor, professional creative, artist,  architect, writer, inventor, thought leader, relationship coach, ingenue, business leader or just a man or  woman who wants CONFIDENCE & CHEMISTRY with the beautiful members of the opposite sex, then sexual  transmutation is especially relevant to some cases, it’s literally everything so you may want to really dig into this because it can miraculous change your life to live your dreams and it can up-level your reality FAST (not just your sex life).

With that said; (after a decade of experience), this is my inaugural article on it directly and instead of just introducing the concept without support around it, this time I do want to add in some other things to help  get it across (even though it will extend the length).  Through time I may also improve at translating this value in a more mainstream way (with that said; this value isn’t for mainstream yet, it’s for progressive men and women like you right now).  If you’re interested in results and even just sexual transmutation on its own, keep reading.

Sex energy and the balance between the masculine and feminine (not even just sexual intercourse) through all  of time has inspired man and women to grow and create great things.  It is the creative DRIVE and balance of life and now we can consciously harness that life force power more than ever to do other things than make cute babies.  This power isn’t open for most people, nor would they attract it; it’s the industry leader type stuff we’re getting into.

sexual transmutation with media

If you’ve heard of Natural Grounding, it is a transformational method that has already been used by 1000s of  men around the world to become more authentically natural and confident around women by transmuting sexual energy.  It has been used to dissolve their own sexual anxieties, frustrations and unworthiness to have chemistry with real women without  manipulation or techniques but the power far goes beyond that.

The core of Natural Grounding is really sexual alchemy.  The benefits that are possible are absolutely infinite because in truth, it is a very spiritual and life aligning practice for UNLIMITED growth that far transcends the limitations of traditional Western self-help.   So let’s look at benefits that can set you light years ahead and then we’ll get right to a definition.

When Napoleon Hill referenced sexual transmutation in ‘Think & Grow Rich’, sexual alchemy is the active and actual PROCESS of transmuting sexual energy to the result of;

Dissolving all sexual anxiety & attraction related issues
Confidence, natural attraction with the opposite sex
Powerful chemistry
Sexual healing powers from your presence
Connecting to your Goddess self & expression
Heightened energy healing powers
Predictable & unlimited creative flow & production capability
Anti-aging & healing (even for experienced healers & spiritual practitioners)
Developing intuition & clairvoyance
Instantly & even permanently raising your state of consciousness
Spiritual awakening & growth
(Guaranteed) Ingenuity & inspiration
Enlightenment, bliss
Alignment to your heart & soul purpose
Rockstar level charisma, allure & star power
…and much more not to mention divine performance expression for tomorrow’s superstars

And again, the PRACTICAL use and output of it.  This is experiential, not theoretical, thus you get to reap the ridiculous benefits.  We just didn’t really have the conscious competence of this  process previously in history that we do at this point in history for us (along with the Law of Resonance)  to evolve in miraculous new ways like this by transmuting sex energy.

It may also be said that much of spirituality is popularly known as stillness and even a disconnection or  devaluation of sexuality.  This can further confuse people and they can have value conflicts with the higher  consciousness of heart and sexuality because these are not valued in the West until they embrace the  totality of human experience.

Now, let’s just get to that definition (so don’t let all of the supporting content around here take away  from it’s simplicity!).

What is sexual alchemy?

Sexual alchemy is the practical process of sexual transmutation.

It’s the conversion of sex energy into usable, practical and output forms (not just babies!).  Most inspired people have some unconscious idea of what inspires them and even geniuses used muses or had an unconscious competence with sexual transmutation that ‘occasionally’ led them to flow and results.  This is the era of conscious competence and virtually guaranteed results as you transmute and align your consciousness to higher frequencies of life force attraction and creation itself.

sexual alchemy snsd

Again these forms are; charisma, confidence, sexual attraction & chemistry, professional creative flow,  inspiration, ingenuity, etc.  And in today’s digital world, these are VERY tangible outputs (also b/c unless you’re a Chippendale dancer your body alone doesn’t attract the opposite sex).

Sexual alchemy (transmutation) a VERY powerful method of self-transformation (or in groups) that is really based on the user’s ability and level TO transmute the energy (ref: the 3rd element in the last article).

Up until now in history most geniuses have had an unconscious competence with sexual transmutation (Nikola  Tesla refused to have physical/sexual relationships to leverage more of this creative power; and although he  channeled pure genius and had net results he didn’t have to do it that way) so now that we have the  conscious competence, we are at the jump-off point for entirely new levels of renaissance, attraction, creation and evolution in the world.

You are here for a reason and you are part of that evolution, even if it means to just handle your own confidence and sex life to the level of your initial desires.

I’m excited to see what YOU’RE going to do with sexual alchemy.  So let’s dig more into this;

Sex energy is comprised of source conscious ying & yang qi/prana/ki (life force) energy.  The balance of yin and yang are the co-creative and sexual energies.  Yes, sexual energy is creative energy.

These 2 polarities manifest ‌into our experience and expression on different levels including the emotional  masculine, spiritual feminine, etc.  But our normal human experience of sexual consciousness; well, there pretty much ISN’T one!  Our sexuality is mostly repressed and hidden in the closet, often OWNING us and our desires because it is OUT of alignment with the truth of life.

Generally, mass consciousness and media values are not attuned to our sexual divinity and alignment today, but high-frequency goddesses within specific media ARE and we can use those to transform ourselves and our power back into alignment with life itself.

Socially, we’re VERY unaware of how powerful sexual energy is and instead of being used for us, it’s often used against us to keep us in sexual guilt and shame.


Women primarily have a dominant polarity of yin and men a dominant polarity of masculine energy.

Everyone has a mix of yin and yang energy and even in the physical organs, each can have a dominant polarity, but we want to value that which is in purest alignment with life itself (and then can get more advanced).  This is what resolves our  problems.  As we get more advanced we can work on personal and spiritual evolution on other levels (for example today’s Western woman is personally and socially empowered and is now ready for a great spiritual, sexual and co-creative evolution).

The way that I have used sexual alchemy (and taught in my camp) has mostly been by leveraging the Law of  Resonance within media.  I have since got into working with yin and yang qi energy with this to greatly empower the alchemical (transformational) experience and results.

Unfortunately, spirituality has not caught up with the times enough to bring the power and influence of  media into the equation, despite everything being from oneness.  This has left a lot of things outdated or compartmentalized into different convenient areas of our lives (ie. work, meditation, entertain, yoga).  Media is still ‘separate’ from spirituality but the greater truth is inclusion from oneness.

And until we become more conscious of the energy surrounding and influencing us, it may forever remain even  controlling us behind the scenes.

Life IS sexual and compromised of the masculine and feminine and it’s your level of connection to that truth  or disconnection from it and all its divine magnificence and expression in allness.  How in alignment are you now?  I mean really?  I bet you have no idea because I can take the top Western female performers and take them to incredibly new heights with their untapped Goddess power – and those are amongst the most powerful people.  We’ve hardly scratched the surface.

Fortunately, this is something after countless hours of experience, I have been able to catch up on (the significance of sexuality and conscious power in media) to get some kind of grip on what we can do with digital media.

Media and entertainment is perhaps the next greatest tool of leverage for our transformation and the awakening of consciousness in mankind.  And that includes entertainment media but how we currently use it now is nowhere near it.

The power of digital audio and video is to capture conscious energy TIMELESSLY to continue to influence us over and over to no limit.  The type of relationship we have with media means everything.

And instead of an awakening relationship with media, most modern people still have a silently oppressive experience with media because they have a dysfunctional relationship with it (on the mainstream –  consumer level).  People are unconsciously conditioned to be couch potatoes and good consumers instead of  actually empowering and liberating themselves and to be of greater service and advancement in the world.  The TV star or sports team becomes the cause of joy instead of the power within so you’re always seeking another divertive drug to escape yourself instead of coming to terms with your own greatness.

Youtube and personal media players have helped people gain more control over the oppressive influence of  television and stimulus-response programming on their consicousness but that is only a stepping stone into a  higher experience of media and the future of entertainment which is becoming transformational.

This is another area I am very experienced in and look forward to spreading the message of transformational media and entertainment experience along with G.A.T.E.  This can get more into a tangent, so let’s just  bring it back to sexual alchemy.

So it’s one thing to grasp the concept intellectually and entirely different thing to experience the  unlimited power of sexual alchemy (and to do it with very conscious media).

Now there are other sexual masters like Mantak Chia & Charles Muir who have slightly different and  complementary specialties or focus.

(Also, my focus has less been about the sexual connection and possibilities in relationships and more about  self-transformation and empowering singles).

I’m going to a sexual energy workshop with them to expand my own alchemical abilities in Chiang Mai.

Yes, you can transmute sexual energy from within the body and that is also sexual alchemy.  I’m more experienced in the conscious transmutation of sexual energy (esp. sexual polarity) for transformation of consciousness itself through the Law of Resonance.  This has led to an awakened natural level of connection with women sexually and spiritually as well as unlimited creative flow.

Our form of sexual alchemy really works with enlightened yin and yang energy in media and then transmuting  it to transform your consciousness, charismatic expression, for conscious/subconscious healing or creative  flow.  You can choose how you want to value or transmute the energy to get results for yourself.

Although it may initially appear that someone doing sexual alchemy with media (Natural Grounding) may just be ‘watching videos’  (and then throw in whatever stereotype or cliche du jour; of asian, girly women, etc.) what is actually happening is a self-transformational process that can be 1,000,000 more enlightening than a normal consumer experience of media.

And all you may have to know for now is that you WANT THE TRANSFORMATIONAL RESULTS to get started with sexual alchemy (or sexual transmutation).  Or you may want to get to an event or workshop where we do sexual alchemy, transformation and healing LIVE.  Our past events have been legendary.

I plan on starting these for actresses in L.A. in 2014 where I will be healing and attuning them to the divine feminine within them to  have greater energy mastery and performance, charisma expression for their lifestyle or for parts they are  playing.  This sexual charisma is central to great diva performance and actually it’s largely untapped in our current diva’s that are popular in the West.  Anyways,…

Instead of using media to escape yourself as a cause for the effect of self-diversion, sexual alchemy with media allows you to go within to resonate WITH and as equal to enlightened sexual energy and to be equal to  the most empowered people in the world (stars).  As your conscious energy vibrates in relation to enlightened levels of the opposite sexual polarity, you transform to then bring that sexual truth out of them when you’re around them.  What we do connects you to greater truth such that all  forms of human expression are accepted as equal in oneness.

All of this you can do on your own but it may take training from a master (like Etienne or I) to really get  the power and results faster out of it.


The truth will set you free and anything that isn’t the truth, wont.  Associating with higher energy now (not just in masterminds, reading books or with friends but) with enlightened media gives you perhaps the GREATEST  leverage point for daily transformation also b/c your media is always with you digitally on a smart phone or  laptop, etc.

You can do sexual alchemy with media 24/7 once you’ve got the basics.  You would just have to change how you use media.  Sexual alchemy is really the core of what I’m master at with transformational media experience.  As far as we know, this stuff didn’t exist before I discovered it in SouthEast Asia and founded modern sexual polarity meditation (Natural Grounding).

“Problems cannot be resolved at the same level of consciousness they were created” – Albert Einstein

And we’ve all heard of the power of association but the factor of media has never really been taken into account like this (at this level of conscious awareness).  So by having a different relationship (awakening) with higher conscious media where the valuation is its level of consciousness (ie. on the Hawkins scale),  you’re set for an entirely new experience of media; a transformational one instead of a divertive on.

So by resonating with and attuning YOUR consciousness to far higher consciousness, you’re able to experience  an entirely different reality that transforms you.

Once you put your pride and divertive use of media aside and allow your consciousness within to attune to enlightened levels of expressive consciousness (that which ‘is’ and is captured in the resource in front of  you), you can then harness that power (conscious energy) and transmute it in different ways.

All of this gets you the transformational results even if you’re a single man struggling to have confidence  around beautiful women?  Yes.  ALL of the power to transform everything about you; to be you but with and from POWER; connected and expressive of your greater truth (to create life) and removing the great dysfunctions within yourself from shining your divinity and worthiness (much conditioned by the disconnection and manipulative, low consciousness of much social and even religious influence).

So, Sexual Alchemy is about transmutation of energy to get MAJOR and priceless transformational results.  You can’t put a price on sexual chemistry with the person of your dreams.  But what we do isn’t just ‘watching videos’, it’s real alchemy.

And the way we use it so far has mostly been in the  co-creative sense; the yin for yang and yang for yin.  This is also what is missing in the Goddess movement;  there is a disconnection with the equal count-part of yang.  I’ve said before that co-creation is the  evolution of the Goddess movement and men will have to step up.  The evolution of humanity and the most conscious will lead into a new experience of co-creative sexual and spiritual awakening.

So with Natural Grounding and sexual alchemy we are transmuting conscious sexual energy and recalibrating  ourselves in a higher alignment with life force attraction and creation itself.  Life is the answer.  You can even take the most empowered person in the world in media and by changing your relationship and attuning with their conscious energy, you become equal to that power b/c the truth is we ARE God’s and Goddesses in human  form.  Our values thus far in the West have been about social and personal empowerment when the greater truth is, we are ALL rockstars, we just have to accept that power and step into our greatness.


This does it; alchemy that is (not K-Pop!)

Sexual alchemy and transformation with media allows us to connect to that greater truth and sexual power within us to create life and accept that greatness about ourselves so that it transforms who we are; far beyond the personal ego-identity or socially programmed and conditioned (oppressed) self.

Men who have sexual anxieties in the modern world are because they and the Western world (at the core) are out of the  simplicity of life force attraction and alignment itself.  That’s why anxieties and confusion exists.  The polarities are not as simple anymore and many women have empowered yang energy which confuses the force of life within us creating sexual attraction and relationship difficulties in both sexes.

NG gets you back in touch with life alignment to bring it out of women even when they are out of dominant alignment themselves with their divine feminine flow.  If you’re a woman, getting into this and attuning to your higher goddess self will advance you spiritually as well as in attraction and relationships.

As you condition your relationship with sexuality  itself (that which attracts and creates life vs. ie. that which attracts and creates corporate sales or fantasy) and you carry that true knowing and expression of sexuality with you, being HER opportunity for  awakening into a higher experience because you’re attuned to her divine feminine, everything changes.

NG just works and has already done miracles for single men but the power is far greater than that with alchemy especially when you get into the dharma, divine performance and spiritual sexual healing levels of  it beyond your personal sex life (that which it can align you to. attract the mate of your dreams).

We mostly use ‘asian’ resources because we are simply going to where the expressive divine feminine is within media and where it is the most conscious.  Unfortunately Western media is far behind what you would  label as other cultures or demographics when it comes to alignment with life.

This is also expressed in popular lyrics which may empower women personally and socially but are actually in  disconnect from the divine masculine balance.  Social power has been confused as sexual power and almost all  of it is out of alignment with the co-creative force and balance of life whereas sexual alchemy empowers  your alignment with life itself even when the West is far behind.  It’s time for the progressive people to take more control over their relationship with big media and start bringing in that which awakens and transform them; those that are ready to will.  And then it will become more popular as humanity evolves.

Nicole Abundance is a coach who is bringing the valuation and balance of the divine masculine back into the  West.

So that was an extended introduction with a lot of content support around the concept of sexual transmutation also known as sexual alchemy.  What we do is very practical and VERY powerful for transformation.  It’s already changed 1000s of lives just with SOME of the power.  So dig into it more and keep improving your ability to alchemize itself.  Again, if you’re a single man who wants a sexual heaven instead of hell or if you require great healing powers, ingenuity, performance expression or creative flow this is a most direct and relevant thing for you to get into NOW and for a lifetime of evolution.

From here forward as a world authority on sexual alchemy (and a transformational entertainment producer), I will be taking sexual alchemy not only more forward on the internet for those ready for  very high-level spiritually aligned sexual or creative powers but also to Los Angeles and Hollywood for professional actresses and performers as well as for powerful people behind the scenes of the future of  entertainment.

If you’re interested in really stepping things up with where you’re at in your life if you’re a single man desiring more connection and confidence with women, please take this questionnaire and I may be in touch with you to see what may be a good next step for you (what we do may or may not be but either way I can give you mastery advice).

Starting late this year for 2014, I may be starting a high-level mastermind for VERY progressive, success-oriented people that has to do with Sexual Alchemy at the highest levels of power and results currently possible…stay posted!


Holiday Transformation Challenge

Will you take the challenge?!  (Meant esp. for single men)

btw Happy Thanksgiving if you’re American.  Now;

How’d you like to see major improvements between now and New Year’s?  Let’s do it!

Here’s a VERY simple assignment and holiday treat from me and SNSD to you to radically uplevel your confidence, attractiveness and connection with women.  And it may just be something you’ll never forget as a big catalyst.

So here’s the ‘challenge’.

Just experience this video on loop 3x daily, EVERY day until New Year’s:

In 6.5 minutes per day you will be a very evolved man by New Years.  Women will want to be around you more and they won’t be able to describe it.

Now; I could do an entire audio or video training on it but you’ll want to reference these points and insights (possibly even daily):

* Give yourself freedom to open up…ideally in a private space

* When doing Natural Grounding to this video you want to get your energy engaged as much as possible.  Get your, heart, sexiness, soul and qi openly involved and let the law of resonance affect your experience to a higher vibration.

* Value alignment with life above everything

* Let any emotions come out b/c you’re melting away years of misalignment, dis-connection and dysfunctional values.

* Submit to a higher experience…even if it feels 20x more powerful than Christmas morning in the past, receive the experience.

* Condition yourself into a higher experience with it each time so it continually raises your state to a higher and deeper level

* When the world around you hasn’t, they are filling you with love and self-esteem, you don’t need it outside of yourself.  They’re only helping you to find it within yourself…then you can be this advancement for others b/c you are in a higher true can sustain more of this reality forward

* They are connecting you to divine alignment with life itself even when you don’t see it in the women around you (and you soon will).

* You choose to be in alignment even when others aren’t

* RECEIVE the love

* You can also bring in other healing and releasing methods (more advanced)

* You are the balance to this energy as why they are so free, they are free in relation to the divine masculine in relation to you..accept that about yourself and let it transform and empower you dissolving all the junk

* Getting emotional is GOOD because it’s getting you emotionally in alignment with life and attraction itself; this is from empowerment


* Don’t hate our women for not being like this, etc.; this is THEIR evolution and b/c it’s not popular for now; only you can bring that higher experience to them

* You are a liberator of women into a higher experience; YOU become the change you want to see; DON’T wait for at a higher level yourself w/o needing any kind of response

* Let this knowing of reality be stronger than the lower conscious reality around you; you must carry this higher experience with you to awaken others and not fall down to their lower experience and disconnection

Again, the more your conscious energy is engaged, the more in alignment with life and the creative (sexual) force of attraction itself

Keep attuning to a higher experience of ‘reality’!  You are the one who can awaken women; that knowing must be greater than the reality outside of yourself (which is @ lower consciousness and disconnection)

So…are you up for the challenge?  Ideally set a time aside each day when you have privacy to do it..and then do it every day at that time.  If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up over it and just get back to it.  Don’t let anyone else judge for this if they ‘catch you’ doing this…they aren’t in a position to judge, nor are they qualified to have ANY clue what you’re actually doing (transformation with media is still new).

If you’re already doing regular NG sessions, then add this video to your mix.

For those that have blocks about ‘videos’ being spiritual or that we should go more into a subtractive state away from the clutter of life, keep in mind that;

You don’t ‘need’ the video to feel happy or empowered, but it helps you to actually get to that level of experience again in a world that isn’t as connected to love and life AND when you may not be @ that level yourself/normally.  Spirituality is about higher subjective experience not only in stillness but in the joy of love, life and the co-creative balance and power of sex.

Let these goddesses be your guide!  This transformational challenge will help you to be FAR more confident, empowered and connected with women wherever you go b/c you carry this connection and fulfillment within.




Spiritual-Sexual Connection With Women

Ready to explore entirely new heights with the divine feminine (and WITH
women if you’re a man)?

Then you’ll want to get into the ‘Goddess’ side of things but in a way that
values connection..not in a way where women are ‘separate’ from men and
even more ’empowered on their own’ but more empowered B/C of your level of
yang and connection TO their Goddess-self.

Valuing the Goddess in women and being able to bring it out of them is
actually even MORE power in your court and it’s actually a large part of
what is missing in spirituality so far; the awakening of men and women
WITH each other in that supreme, co-creative balance that creates new life.
It’s also the core of attraction itself.

See, the more women are empowered, the more YOU are empowered b/c spiritually
you are their perfect balance in yin/yang polarity.

To really put this invaluable truth to work in your life, why not discover
our 2 new Powerliminals here?:


They’ll automatically attune and embed this level of reality and connection
into your consciousness.

More women ARE now valuing, waking up to and exploring their own Goddess
self as well (while also valuing great connection and sexiness with men
like you).  You can be that man now and it resolves all of that previous

This will also give you rare, authentic powers as a (single) man with
women beyond the level of natural and more into the spiritual by
attuning YOURSELF to a higher level in relation to Goddess energy itself.

That means powerful energy, confidence and worthiness knowing
that you have the ability to awaken her into more of her Goddess
self AROUND YOU b/c of your powerful spiritual connection of
sexual polarity simply by meditating to the transformational audios.

You give Western women the opportunity to recalibrate into a higher
experience of reality in relation to you.  That naturally includes
fun, flirting, chemistry and awakening value around YOU while other men
are still putzing around with inner game and other issues riddled with
anxiety and unworthiness.

Our 2 new premium Powerliminals will take your sessions and Natural
Grounding to new levels as well as your healing and connection abilities
with women.

You can work a LOT on your side as a man but getting into the heights of
the divine feminine side itself takes YOU to entirely new levels of
awareness and connection WITH and FOR women; their awakening (AND their
own consenting love lives) while giving you enlightened levels of sexual
consciousness when you really attune to this level of reality; all
delivered in the audio format.

This is what the Guided Goddess Attunement does…it connects you to
the greater, untapped power within women; that of which you can bring
out and it dissolves your previous levels of disconnection with them.

They will FEEL this power around you and it puts you on a higher level
than all social powers that created disconnection and anxiety.  The
Awakened Natural Powerliminal attunes you to the level of sexual reality
and connection with women BEYOND that of a natural.

Yes, these Powerliminals are expensive and the price will rise after
New Years b/c they bring invaluable power into your life with results
that prove it and bring you what you want instead of struggling for
years remaining disconnected with desirable women.  (Direct access)

What is the evolution of a Lady Gaga or Madonna?  To get into real
Goddess levels spiritual sexual work!  We’re on the forefront right
now and this is what the GGA1 brings, so as a man when you’re working
and attuning your consciousness to these higher levels imagine the power
it gives you with ‘ordinary’ good-looking women?  How about single women
into health, fitness and yoga?

It’s a lot of power as a man and it resolves your other issues below it
with women b/c sexual polarity is the simple core of attraction itself
and this takes you into far deeper connection with the Goddess w/in
women (which is very sexual).


You can have that power and transformation NOW!  You can attune yourself
to higher levels of yang in relation to direct pure yin while being in
states of forgiveness and compassion FOR women with the GGA1 Powerliminal
thus creating more attractive, connecting energy in your consciousness
(resolving those resentment issues you may have held towards Western women).

Imagine how much more it will add to your life to have the spiritual and
sexual power of attraction, healing and connection with any women at
anytime?  To be OPEN and receiving of powerful Western women and in demand
by THEM?

To attract and be able to resonate with more powerful, previously
closed off women?  To awaken women who seemed ‘separate’ from you
before?  To have deep soulful, sexy connection with women just from
simple eye contact?

See, no woman is ‘above’ you anymore but instead, you have the power to
awaken the most powerful and beautiful of them when you really get
into this.  Yes, it’s an ‘awakened’ level of reality with women
at these higher levels of sexual consciousness where there exists
no disconnection or anxiety.

Just let the Powerliminals raise and align your different conscious
energies into that far higher vibration and it will resolve
all of your attraction and confidence issues with women.

But why not just see for yourself in the next 90 days?  See if they’re
everything you HOPE them to be?  After New Year’s they’ll each rise
to regular price but you get them both right now @ launch price.

Remember that connection comes first and if you value getting physical
with women, well…value authentic and deep connection with women!  And
these just bring it to you now with direct access.

This is a lot of value to offer the level of ‘the one’ too b/c it puts you
in a long-term position of power with that type of woman so she can be
attracted to you and how she feels around you now.  This power isn’t
for all men but if you value deeper connection and the implications of
it in your life or if you’re an energy healer, these 2 are a no-brainer
investment in your life with women.


p.s. These 2 ARE different from other Powerliminals b/c they focus more
on connection itself with women.  Try ’em out!

Here’s the direct checkout link: >>  

The GGA1 will be sold separately for awakening women after this bundled

Natural Grounding Spiritual Quote

“Natural Grounding (sexual polarity meditation) is a spiritual experience with the added eternal relevancy of your opposite sexual energy*” -Rion Freeberg

*(with its connection to life force attraction, inspiration, value and power). Also there are other forms including attuning to the same sexual energy