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What’s the Difference Between ‘Grounding’ and ‘Awakening’?

Eventually things evolved with a name of ‘Natural Grounding’ when I was working with special resources (videos of awakened women or living goddesses).

Grounding is where the feminine ‘yin’ energy helps to ‘ground’ you into earth as a man.  It’s that special relationship between these energies of sexual polarity that helps to increase your sexual consciousness, remove the blocks to the energetic attraction of sexuality in the world around you and builds a relationship to the feminine of powerful attraction and connection.

‘Grounding’ helps men to re-center into their masculine, earthier energy in relation to the lighter, liberated sky of female energy.  So really for these years there was a strong sexuality to Natural Grounding.

Natural Grounding has already changed the lives of 1000s of men around the world but there’s more to it.

Things started evolving when I got more and more progressively into ‘higher’ levels of conscious experience; it’s still sexual because of the relevancy OF the polarity in experience but now it’s a different brand of experience (of which must have non-attachment from outcomes as well as a valuation beyond your own personal self or desire for relationships).

The ‘higher’ experience you could call ‘awakening’ of which there are many things to say.  I knew what I was doing for so many years (and others) was very experiential but I didn’t call it ‘spiritual’ or spirituality.  If you’re ready to accept that though, it’s exactly what it is.

You could call advanced Natural Grounding the spirituality of sex or a spiritual experience of sexuality.   Grounding is more into earth and physicality, Awakening is more into the heavens and spirituality but you could call it all ‘Awakening’ because either way you’re connecting more to the beyond-ego power and truth that already exists and you’re bringing that connection into your practical energy, experience and reality (as being more than your name or personality).

The Awakening power of Natural Grounding resources is that you can have an infinite expansion of consciousness as the energy affects your subjective state and takes you into higher levels of reality far beyond that of judgments and the ego.

Further away from the earthier, more physical ‘grounded’ state, is higher levels of connection to the oneness of all energy, source, consciousness or what some refer to as ‘God’.

The beauty of what is now called ‘Self-Awakening’ (which includes Natural Grounding and an infinite conscious experience) is that you aren’t limited either way!  It’s all coming from higher, egoless consciousness and has infinite power to heal you for many different purposes; attraction, relationships, physical healing, emotional wellbeing, enlightenment, bliss, infinite creativity, miracles, etc.

Get involved with Self-Awakening!

Why Is This A Free Methodology?

“Why Is This A Free Methodology?”

Because I intuitively and undeniably feel it is the right thing to do. I’m really a promoter in that sense sending more energy (+financial+) towards original artists. This can give us more sway socially and with media in the future by people caring about Awakening resources and artists as well as divertive entertainment. And I want to be a part of that media revolution.

Another tradeoff is that more attraction can come towards me and our camp faster so that we don’t have to spend years more slowly becoming renowned on a major level. Millions already USE entertainment anyways and this is THEIR upgrade. There’s no need to prolong this.

The roots for me (other than purchasing original resources) were that the practice was free as well. Again, media and Youtube is already out there anyways and you’re using it. By keeping it ‘free’ and open source, it makes it an easier bridge for you to dive in and then upgrade to any paid supportive training or coaching when you want. Help us spread the news! -Rion

How Can You Dare Call It ‘Awakening’?

“How Can You Dare Call It ‘Awakening’ When There Are Other Topline References To It Out There?”

Because I know the core power and foundation I’m coming from with Sexual and Heart-Awakening as well as providing a strategy that doesn’t compete with but actually complements, integrates and empowers all other strategies with a higher conscious, transformational valuation.

Since I didn’t see anything that ‘pulled the Best of East & West together’ or anything that ever brought true integration and since I know that we DO, I just went ahead and called it exactly what it is and does.

Oh and the ‘Self’ part is just that as well. Everything about ‘Self’ Awakening is that you are consciously and directly entering states of consciousness; something that is rarely done outside of serious spiritual work (this’ll see what I mean when you get into it) especially on Sexual or Emotional levels in the West.

Before me, I’d never heard of it (of what could be construed as ‘purposely’ getting emotional). Discover for yourself that our values and valuation is pure. I’m happy to give this to the world for free and partly in exchange I’m just claiming premiership on such a grandiose term that people even entire industries can finally have a bridge with all of their work (including other awesome methodologies).

We can now evolve from the separation of Mind and Soul, the Dichotomy of Self-Help and Spirituality to the integration as ‘Greater’ Self-Help.

You don’t have to accept it..the options are just here for you to see how it bridges for you, if so.

Awakening brings in that higher, egoless consciousness of who you already are and connecting with it as your Greater Self. And we do it without you ever having to join a Yoga studio (although it’s great if you do).

It’s time for Awakening because that’s where the rest of the best has been heading too as people become more conscious and serious about energy and real change. (Like real Italian leather), once you know the truth, it’s hard to go back to anything less.

Again, it is for you however to discover for yourself how awesome this is and if it really is that much of a bridge.

Why Should I Try Out Self-Awakening?

“There’s Already So Much Out There With The ‘New Age’ Stuff..Why Should I Try Out Self-Awakening?”

*For a few simple reasons that I think you’ll agree stand us apart and integrate well. There’s infinite benefits but a few reasons stand out al frente:

*You can integrate media and entertainment into your own personal & spiritual growth so you expand what you’re already doing

*You can awaken instead of divert with entertainment for better use of your time

*You can experience very fast relief from anxieties, stress and pressure, naturally

*We have top training on Heart & Sexual consciousness, healing & growth

*It’s a fun, easy and entertaining way to massively leap your experience of reality

*You can finally have a way to predictably connect with flow and infinite creativity abilities

*It can bridge and integrate all of your other personal growth, energy and new age work under one global strategy

And more..

*Experience anti-aging, vitality, health & wellness, healing, releasing, balance, inspiration, etc.

*You’ll find Heart-Awakening to be a go-to practice for performance and professional creativity

*You don’t have to go on a mind-battling retreat where you sit on a rock for 49 hours pretending to be happy, worrying about work and thinking you’re at fault because you couldn’t experience what you were supposed to

*You never have to sweep a monastery holding 1 thought for a week and then disavowing the irrelevancy of anything spiritual

*It’s a fun, different path into energy work

*You have easier ways to get into egoless states of consciousness than fighting your mind trying to meditate

*You can reach states of enlightenment 1000x+ greater than what you’ve ever experienced WITHOUT having to become a monk shaman or psychic

*You have new and fun ways to practically bridge into higher states of bliss, empowerment and consciousness without having to go to yoga class or take time out to meditate

*The further you get into Self-Awakening, the BETTER it gets even if you’re already the most enlightened on the planet

*It deepens your current meditation if you’re doing it by giving you more cross-experience in being egoless
Much Much more, OH…

It’s frickin’ FREE! And you can really ‘entertain yourself to enlightenment’.

The question really becomes why wouldn’t you? You’re already so progressive and you sense something might still be amiss (plus you want to expand your toolset ANYWAYS). And if it says anything close to what it seems like it is, it’d be worth diving into; especially if it delivers results!? Just go through your Starter Kit and get involved in our community to get going!

You’ll then be able to start your own simple sessions using Awakening level media and start getting results fast. It only gets better whether you’re new to energy work or a leader of a movement or methodology yourself, there is tons of unique value to discover here (and mostly on your own in your own sessions).

So Self-Awakening Is Different Or More Powerful Than Self-Help?

“So Self-Awakening Is Different Or More Powerful Than Self-Help? How Is That Possible? I Thought Mind Was Everything..”

You already know in experience that a feeling can be far, far more influential than a mere thought.

The ‘educated’ West has just devalued and suppressed the power of Heart with its pure states of emotional power and consciousness (in Self-Help especially b/c they don’t view it as equal to Mind power); and instead have taken a very ego-driven ‘mindset’ towards work, performance and living. In ways, it’s been great.

There have been many advancements in technology and Western medicine for example but reality is that we’ve become disconnected from who we really are in human experience; our Greater Self. In fact, few people ever tap that potential and they are the greatest avatars in history.

By being OUT of balance and only valuing mental (thought) consciousness/experience in life, all kinds of other issues rise up and your ego ends up blocking your bliss, passion, potential and performance. Things that CAN’T be resolved with Mind which the West has been trying to figure out with the Mind.

Awakening is more powerful than the strongest Mind or Ego because we directly value and deal with Heart, Sexiness, Body & Soul. I don’t think I have to say anymore for you to have an idea how powerful that could be, now we’re just including them in our valuation of Self and self-identity.

And don’t get me wrong; education, higher knowledge, specialized knowledge are GREAT and I’m always continuing there in different fields as well, but we extend into the areas beyond the Mind where there already ARE no limits to the power that already exists there.

This includes your Mind/Ego but you are MORE than that even in daily experience. This really expands your ‘Self’ Growth. Self-Awakening as you’ll discover has taken a practical and performance-driven edge to working with holistic consciousness and practically connecting with your Greater Self (Heart, Body, Sexiness & Soul).

The ego sees separation and individuality. Awakening values connecting to the oneness of all that is but in practical experience so that you know and feel it is real. It’s a very different strategy but one that WILL support your practical, performance values, attraction and manifesting real world dreams; you just step into more of who you really are.

I see it as the clear future of Self-Help as we enter the era of ‘Greater Self’ Help. Directly Awakening is a core valuation of accessing your true power and potential and experiencing a personal and professional renaissance directly.