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Resolving & Releasing Subconscious Barriers to Social Connection

One of the primary keys to connection with really anyone who you believe has been ‘above’ you is dissolving your judgments and junk TOWARDS them so that you truly are accepting of their power (even being in favor of their empowerment).

Many people ‘want’ something from them; to ‘take’ something.

This stuff matters because when you meet influential people, they are gauging EVERYTHING; every nuance of your presence, intention and communication…and you may be scaring ’em away!

This kind of stuff is tantamount to consistent and real connection with people of power.

Are you ‘clear’ right now?  Because if not, you may find that you end up repelling the types of people you want to get closer to because of these deeper energetic blocks.

So the idea here is to remove these subconscious obstructions.

The concept combines the spiritual reality of forgiveness, acceptance and love but makes it practical, relevant and connected by applying it directly to specific people whom you can associate with socially; people who can help advance your life rapidly.

It’s also based on the Law of Resonance; when you no longer have judgments towards someone’s power, you’re able to resonate on a higher frequency LIKE THEM.  This can be known as synergy or rapport.  It’s just that most people have judgments, issues and blocks because they are projecting their own crap onto people of higher social status, power or popularity.

Envy and judgment creates resistances and blocks the flow of energy in your communication with ie. successful people.

So before we talked about how you can be as powerful as people who are ‘above you’ socially by leveraging an area of value you have and knowing you can help them (the faith value concept).

Well, in reality you ARE worthy b/c not only are we from the same gene pool, we’re all connected in oneness so the social dynamics had just thrown you off before.

When you forgive and release that the social dynamics ever had any influence on you, you find yourself relating to people of power as their equal.

So value spiritual truth over social dynamics; all power comes from one source…choose that over everything else and you can claim your equality with everyone; you are worthy to connect with anyone anywhere at anytime.

The Dissolving Social Anxiety Powerliminal starts directly addressing this.

So it’s when you still have subconscious clutter; envy, jealously, wanting to manipulate, having an agenda and then carrying that with you in your presence, that it will come across vibrationally as resistance with other people of power.

This makes clearing this stuff out central because you know it’s LIMITING you from being your greater self and having the association of people at the top of their fields in your circles.

And you can just look at your results to see what you’re attracting. Are you having great connections with beautiful or influential people?  If not, you may have to work on the inner stuff esp. if you’re around them and meeting them but not just experiencing connection with them.

Secretly believe they’re above you?
Have an agenda to win approval from them?
Believe they can help advance your career and you ‘want it’ too much?

This will ALL come across in your presence and communication whether you’re aware of it or not; they ARE and intuitively weed through people right away.

I’ve said years ago the test of power is how you relate around other people of power.  When they see a cool, reflection of themselves that isn’t trying to ‘get’, manipulate or win validation, then they could open up to you…they can vibe with you and vice versa.

Powerful people will actually be more open to someone who is just accepting around their level of power who DOESN’T bring any additional value than legions of people who do have value but want to secretly manipulate that person into doing something for them
so THEY can be discovered or seen.

Don’t try to ‘get’ anything around them; let them open it up…just bless them and be accepting of their power.

So how can you work on releasing all of that clutter?

Here’s some releasing techniques you’ll want to get into and customize so that you’re not only affecting your deeper emotional conscious and subconsciousness itself (not the ‘thought’ of it) but that you’re hitting the exact issues directly:

 Sedona Method
 Spiritual/Emotional Blitz Blessing*
 Western Natural Grounding

*This one will just sweep over you and I’ll talk about it some other time

So the idea is to clear out your consciousness and subconsciousness from the programs and junk you are projecting onto others (people of power and influence in this case) that is actually keeping you dis-connected and separate from them.

When you remove the deeper resistances, attraction and connection will remain.

You can change your social status virtually overnight by forgiving your own junk towards cliques, groups, celebrities, pop stars, and people who you believed were ‘above you’.

Clear this stuff out and you won’t even be projecting they’re ‘above you’ thus you won’t have the anxiety; you’ll be their EQUAL because you ACCEPT and EMBRACE their level of power.  Making sense?

When you love them for who THEY are and THEIR power, it puts YOU on a higher vibrational frequency!  Yes, this is some MAJOR stuff that will really change things for you when you do it.

So I recommend to take specific people and openly WRITE DOWN whatever your true thoughts and judgments are about them that come to mind.

When I say ‘Britney Spears’ start writing what you really feel.  Get it down on paper or record it.  Then you want to look at your own judgments that you are projecting at her which are simply a REFLECTION OF yourself.

You may be SHOCKED to find how harshly judgmental you are much of the time.

So with your statements you can then ‘turn them around’ to forgive yourself and forgive your judgments specifically towards that person.

Like with ho’oponopono there are 4 statements you use to clear your own projections and junk out (to naturally receive connection from others).

I’m sorry, I love, please forgive, thank you

And you can start mixing them up on in how you use them creating you own custom scripts (even ‘live’).

“‘I’m sorry I’ projected my baggage onto you..

‘I forgive’ myself for ever putting you on a pedestal

I’m sorry I wanted to ‘get’ something from you vs. seeing it in myself..

‘Thank you’ for being so brilliant and empowered..thank you for being YOU

‘Please forgive me’ for ever trying to pull you down to my level, etc.

And this all helps to CLEAR OUT the dis-connected crap you were sending out to other people of power or beauty.  You’re dissolving the dis-
connection between you and other awesome, empowered people.

The depth of forgiveness is important and you may want to do it to people who have done you wrong in life as well b/c you’re the one who is still carrying the poison.

Would you be friends with someone who critically and harshly judged you?  Of course not.  So it’s not to ‘watch your words’ when you’re around people b/c you’d still be ‘hiding’ deeper stuff.  It’s actually to emotionally and spiritually cleanse yourself of all judgment towards empowered people.

Just imagine what social doors will open when you forgive and release your vindictiveness towards popular or powerful people without trying to manipulate them but ALLOWING and being in favor of empowering their own level of expression!

Through the cleansing process of forgiveness, you clear your OWN crap so the world sees and meets a more attractive, connected, empowered and awesome YOU. Once you’re resonating a higher frequency cleared of clutter and hidden agenda and judgments towards people, they’ll open up to you.

So this is why something like Western Natural Grounding is directly relevant to you;  It will help you directly resolve your issues, blocks and resistance towards people of great social power and influence (and people like them).

Without releasing your blocks, your subconscious will still throw out and project ‘stuff’ onto them that says ‘I want to use you’ and they will pick it up even if you’re not at all conscious you’re doing it.

Until you are COOL and TRULY cool with their level of power and their type of power, they basically won’t open up to you.  When you accept
them and LOVE them for who they are, they can proceed accordingly and accept you.

First, start accepting yourself. These techniques are very effective!

I’d go through a blitz through to get a lot of it handled at once during sessions.

The releasing power of the no-charge practice of Western Natural Grounding alone can open your doors socially overnight like nothing else.


p.s. Recently I created the inaugural training program on ‘how to do’ Western Natural Grounding which includes top-level insights on re-purposing those powerful releasing methodologies into applying it for connection with empowered Western men and women.

Here’s the link to check that out and dive in immediately:

Western Natural Grounding Primer (Top Releasing Stuff)

Use it to experience an entirely new up-leveling in your social power, charisma, presence and connection with empowered men and women esp. in the Western social world

It’s a small investment for the ROI…just start experiencing it for yourself how cool, popular people start treating you differently


I’m Very Closed Off To Emotion. I Really Can’t See Myself Doing Things Directly Like This.

“I’m Very Closed Off To Emotion. I Really Can’t See Myself Doing Things Directly Like This.”

Are you an adult Caucasian male? (Just asking 😉

But it’s YOUR Heart and experience of life isn’t it?! Can you see what you’re saying and diverting from? If you’re a professional, educated, middle-aged person it’s probably the single thing you’re MISSING you just don’t want to face that power b/c it’s been devalued.

Many people don’t understand that the more emotional or Heart consciousness you have, the more emotional intelligence you have. That means you can release negative, bad emotions and ‘issues’ that exist at lower levels of emotional consciousness like rage, anger, passive/aggressiveness, frustration, stress, envy, jealousy, greed and so forth. We’re talking more about the power of love, passion, bliss..yeah that stuff.

Heart-Awakening is one of the methods you can use (our version) along with other Heart-based work that is out there as a part of your actual Self-Awakening private session times. Combining releasing work DURING a session with Heart-Awakening is very effective…so do you value clearing out those limitations or do you still want to remain closed off?! 😉

We’ll get more into this in the training, but you have to have a reason why is what it comes down to and then you’ll have access to a lot more unfiltered power that you can drive into healing, performance, creativity, connecting with your passion and purpose for practical results, etc.

Besides, most people indirectly sometimes go towards certain resources like a good ‘chick flick’ or love songs sometimes. You’ll find that what we do is direct and extremely powerful and limitless.

I can help you find your reasons to do that but you should already have a good idea whether it’s for healing, attraction, relationships, passion and performance, infinite creative flow, production output, ingenuity, charisma or more.

How Is Heart-Awakening Different Than Sedona Method or Releasing?

“How Is Heart-Awakening Different Than Sedona Method/Releasing?”

Releasing and letting go is foundational to Self-Awakening from when I created our original Heart-Awakening technique in 1994. Much of it you’ll do naturally during your sessions; it’s just a part of your journey to reach states of higher consciousness and you’ll learn more how we do it through time. Sedona is a great methodology on its own (which has really helped me in different ways) and that which you may want to incorporate into your own Self-Awakening strategy.

I will continue to promote them. We do however, differ slightly in that I don’t know of any other methodology that purposely wants to feel MORE Heart and emotion in experience for its own sake of increasing your connection to your Heart. Some methodologies tend to still value Mind or Soul while filtering, devaluing or diluting Heart. We don’t just use emotion for releasing into a more Soulful valuation or experience of Self…the freedom and strategy is up to you.

Our secret to releasing is simply more emotional consciousness itself. We just keep the respect of Heart pure for what ‘it’ is. Then, releasing becomes natural and easy. You may find that then the place for Sedona and Tapping becomes HYPER effective tools for accelerated and focused releasing. But you can experiment on your own! Everything about Self-Awakening is for you!

Without enough emotional consciousness you can keep trying and trying yet not be able to release while you put more pressure or blame on a method. Have more emotional consciousness and you’ll be able to naturally release; ie. laughing it out or purging it out anyways.

There are different ways to get to an experience of the Greater you. We value the full holistic Self and we value Heart, embrace it and we take a very humanistic approach vs. more of a spiritual identification of Self by also including your capability to experience emotion and sexuality but also to apply it practically to success, fulfillment and endeavor vs. only for healing or zen bliss.

In your experience you’ll really be able to see how awesome different methods complement each other and REALLY become effective…Find what works for you!

So I Can Progress To Another Level Of Reality Beyond All Of My Anxieties, Blocks, Pains And Issues?

“So I Can Progress To Another Level Of Reality Beyond All Of My Anxieties, Blocks, Pains And Issues?”

Yes. And it’s not something you can do effectively with Mind either unless the problems ARE mental or logical in nature (but that’s what many Westerners are trying to still do; solve Heart, Soul or Sexiness issues with their Mental energy and they are spending years of their time in frustration doing it).

We can reference Dr. Hawkins scale of consciousness and how most people only stay within a few points their entire life is because they don’t value Awakening nor have the tools to massively increase their consciousness directly. You don’t have to be limited by the lower social reality around you. Our community will support you on your path.

When you detach yourself not just from form but from identifying with your problems and realize they only exist at a certain level of reality (and that others can just slip into those energy fields and continue to attract more of that frequency), you can more freely evolve your conscious knowing of reality to higher levels where there are no anxieties, or issues and there is only peace, empowerment, awesomeness, possibilities, capabilities and bliss.

If you’re around happy, liberated and grateful people eventually you will melt your issues and rise up to their level. If you’re around negativity and a pessimistic social group, at that level of consciousness you’ll generally be pulled down to that level (until you reach higher mastery and even then you won’t attract energy like that).

It’s not the people, it’s their level of subjective experience. You just have to change the energy field you’re attracting which is also why attuning to higher conscious media does miracles with Self-Awakening.

YOU are the one who changes as your consciousness evolves because the power/energy is affecting your experience. This is a much faster and more powerful path to personal growth than only an Ego driven one that values doing everything with mental power.

When you can connect with your Greater Self and be in higher states you’ll be able to do things you never thought were possible from the level of living in the identifications you know as your current circumstances or ‘self’.

Rising in consciousness is also how you solve any problem (in any field) btw and you can reference the Einstein quote of “You can’t solve a problem at the same level (of consciousness) it was created.”

We can now just qualify and differentiate types of consciousness on their different levels for what they are; it’s not just spiritual, it’s emotional, sexual, mental and physical as well. This differentiation is foundational to really work in this area of ‘Greater’ Self. With Self-Awakening we value and work on all of those areas to expand your experience of reality to higher levels that are massively transformational, priceless and awesome.

It’s not something you ‘make up’, it’s what you feel and know is real and when you FEEL on top of the world in ACTUALITY, that is when you’re starting to Awaken to the power that you already are, unfiltered and unhindered. Certain problems only exist at certain energy frequencies and levels of consciousness. This helps you to liberate yourself from continuing in a sucky cycle.

Have emotional or sexual issues? The only direct real answer is not just to do more releasing but to raise your Heart and sexual consciousness and you’ll be able to naturally release them (although bringing it actively in WILL help accelerate the process). As your experience changes, you just won’t have the same issues anymore.

This is central to experiencing healing and having psychological, sexual, emotional or releasing if you were still blocked..if you’re rusted into like a 20 year old bolt in the garage, you’ll just have to have more power to set it free and handle it. Increase your consciousness and ability to experience that type of energy, get more connected to Source/Divine and as you’re disidentified with them, your experience changes to a level of reality where the issues just don’t exist.

Then you can do anything. There is a lot more training on conciousness when you get further into Self-Awakening or instantly with my paid level Group Coaching monthly program.

Can I Release Energy Blocks With Self-Awakening?

“Can I Release Energy Blocks With Self-Awakening?”

Absolutely. When I meet people in person I can easily see instantly where they could use more releasing or work. Just getting involved, you’ll naturally release during your sessions, even name the blocks you have as they come up. Being more conscious and feeling those types of energies will help to naturally heal and release anxieties that exist at lower levels.

Even if you’re experienced with it, it’s more reason to check out what we do here to SEE how effective it is and how it compares with what you’re currently doing. My bet is it will empower anything else you’re doing..this stuff is all very relevant. I want to hear your feedback though ok?! You’ll find our community and resources to be a central place, PLUS people will be sharing what they’re doing, mixing different methods and their experiences of what’s worked.