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Tuning Into Goddess Level Consciousness From 1 Photo [수영]

Taken directly from the joint RELM 58 (cross applied with) Self-Awakening awareness session, here is me leading a more logical session on cuing into Goddess level consciousness for getting more power out of your awakening sessions with SNSD Girls’ Generation Tiffany and Sooyoung.

Awareness: Diet Coke Girl, Happiness & Bliss [VDO]

This is cross-purposed from the RELM 51 Awareness session..more content en route

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How Important Is It To Engage All Of My Energy/Power For LOA?

“How Important Is It To Engage All Of My Energy/Power For LOA?”

This is where it’s at. You want to ideally get more of your consciousness/energy involved because then you’re not just ‘thinking’ or ‘affirming’ about your goals and dreams, but you really have more power, belief, resonance and congruency on all levels. I’ve been teaching this for years in my dating attraction business and program called ‘Relational Mastery’ and knew it intuitively. I’m surprised this isn’t talked about more as a part of the Law of Attraction & manifesting.