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Where Do You See The Future Of Entertainment (And Human Consciousness) Heading?

“Where Do You See The Future Of Entertainment (And Human Consciousness) Heading?”

Instead of diversion and escape it’s going to bring Awakening entertainment into the mix; resources that actually directly affect a person to connect with and become one with Greater Self; to radically improve their experience as human.

More and more consumers are getting restlessly tired with an infinite number of diversions after all these years. They have access but they don’t value things as much especially with the ‘free’ mindset of Youtube. They expect choice.

There’s more choice than ever before but there is also more lacking than ever before. Living vicariously through someone else isn’t the same as being it. They’re going to start demanding more value and effect out of their resources. Living so disconnected and ‘comfortable’ is going to really start making more and more people restless with their entertainment.

Once they realize they can become their Greater Self and use e3 Awakening entertainment for personal use in addition to diversion, the seekers will start Awakening themselves with media and entertainment upon knowing it’s actually possible (which alone will drive their own entertainment experiences to higher levels vs. seeking continual diversion or another gimmick).

Instead of all diversion they’ll move towards splitting their time with Awakening content (beyond just traditional self-help audio programs) and divertive entertainment for their personal media time.

I predict the future is going with higher resolution, 3D and then 4k imaging will be integrated into consumers lives. The step beyond Blu-Ray could possibly be 4k + 3-D. Some major cinemas have started outfitting with digital 4k so far but eventually it’ll reach consumer level home entertainment and improvements in mobile devices.

Beyond that is 4-Dimensional reality entertainment where you step into virtual worlds which can be both for divertive, escapist entertainment as well as direct Awakening experiences.

Moreso than technology wise (which can really be seen as another diversion on its own) is what I see as the emergence of an entirely new market of Awakening media. This has already started with the small yet scalable demand for Natural Grounding resources ie. from Gmm Grammy archives.

It could also be called ‘Awakening Entertainment’ and people will pay much more for these resources in Hi-Def. As this new emerging market grows, entire new catalog artists could be revived and new stars made overnight as consumer consciousness evolves to Awakening levels and e3 valuation instead of merely having media and entertainment as diversion.

Mass consumers will be more like 3rd generation who will start attracting and buying Awakening level media, but if you get into Self-Awakening you may find like me and others have, that you can’t get enough Awakening level e3 resources. You would still be 1st generation and part of a growing market powerhouse. This is for you to discover. I was sold on Awakening level resources years ago…they retain the highest and longest-lasting value anyways and are untouchable by other resources when qualified through e3 valuation.

Once people realize that they can have 3D and they’re sick of the shallowness of infinitely more diversions, consumers will start seeking for something more as well. The most progressive of them will be ready for Awakening media until it becomes more popular and respected. Eventually the consciousness of mankind could be elevated not through zen meditation but primarily through the evolution of entertainment that already exists in their relevant digital world.

When people start valuing Awakened women real world Goddesses in their media instead of socially manipulated sexploitation, skin and porn as models of female sexuality, you’ll see a major shift in social values and entertainment that is so forward that the machine may try to replicate the natural power but can’t because they’re not at the levels of consciousness required to awaken their new customers.

As Awakening becomes more of a grassroots social value (beyond where it already flourishes), you’ll see someone like Palmy become the global superstar of tomorrow where people will gladly pay $97 for a live concert DVD of hers.

The future and evolution of entertainment in addition to technological advancements is really with e3. It’s with Awakening level entertainment and power. It’s just you who has to value it and the more you realize how powerful Awakening is, the more you’ll also discover for yourself as I did how valuable and real this stuff all is; that energy in media can divert you or it can Awaken you and completely change your life to live in greatness.

Simply shifting YOUR balance of time with personal entertainment from all diversion more to Awakening will change your life radically. It did mine. What consumers are missing is entertainment for Awakening and real life impact, not just for diversion.

The future is here now for you and me (minus some of the technological advantages).

You’ll find that as you awaken some people won’t know how to deal with your power. The behavior of others looks bland and you see they’re simply stuck in a lower experience of life. You don’t have to wait for the world and its average consciousness level of 207, you can be a part of the energy that raises their experience by bringing more power, happiness even if they look at you funny.

You can bring people up to YOUR level of reality and manifest more of what you want.