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7 Keys to Rejection-Proof Confidence As a Man

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Being rejected by others, especially powerful, popular or influential people may have really damaged your self-esteem in the past.  It  could crush you so much that you end up attracting even MORE rejection, belittlement, judgment, criticism and such from others so that  you feel embarrassed, humiliated, even worthless or unworthy.

But you don’t have to suffer and you can live in an entirely different reality where you RARELY get rejected and when you do, it just  rolls of your back.  Sound good?  This is how very empowered people live who have a few things in place and a very healthy self-esteem.

It’s time to stop the pain but to do so, you have to actually become a better man and change your conscious frequency.  This article  will directly help.

Imagine what you could do when you are not worried or afraid of rejection?  What would it be like to be free, confident, liberated and  able to talk to other people of power and beauty without worrying about it?  What would it be like to fully let go all of your past  rejection, unworthiness and traumas.

By using these keys, you will RARELY get rejection and when you do, it rolls off of your back or you can use it as constructive  criticism if you ARE meant to keep improving but NEVER ever a rejection of your self worth and value.

This may be the insight into transformation with confidence and self worth in your life to FINALLY overcome rejection and attract more  of what you want in life (with people and relationships) that you’ve been looking for (or not)..feel free to comment and share.

So here are 10 practical keys to developing a rejection proof confidence.


1. Taking Full Accountability & Responsibility

No matter how they rejected you, it doesn’t matter if you’re ‘right’ and they’re ‘wrong’ because nothing will truly change.  Their behavior and dysfunction is still affecting  you and you WERE part of what attracted it.  Owning this is a pivot point for finally being able to move on.

Because if you DON’T take full accountability or responsibility, the power is still in their hands and you get to be the victim.  Taking FULL responsibility gives you ALL of the power no matter what you experienced.  And this applies in all areas of life.  I admit I haven’t mastered this one on some more superficial levels (like people trying to rip me off which is rare) but look at it from the perspective where you can’t deny that you were 1/2 of the equation and you’re taking the power back NOT to be a victim anymore. This responsibility pulls together in some of the transformational techniques.

And like David Neagle teaches, this includes things from your childhood; you MUST be accountable to truly move on in power b/c even after decades on the therapist’s bench figuring out ‘WHY’ you still have to move on.  If it was You  must be fully accountable for what you attract or you’re at risk of manipulation and disempowerment from others.


2. Knowing What is Functional & Dysfunctional Rejection

Functional rejection is a time, value, relationship and priority management tool for empowered people.

It’s where they ‘don’t have the time’, ‘not right now’, etc. like a ‘no-deal’ relationship, but it’s NEVER an attack on your character.   People of real power don’t belittle others, they respect others..they just don’t have time for everyone personally or professionally,  thus have to find ways to manage their time.

(Make sure to read the upcoming article on dealing with rejection from women to get more relevant insight into that dynamic).

Functionally, rejection is actually a GOOD thing and as you become more powerful, you too will have to find ways to lightly reject  people whether directly or indirectly because you don’t have time or value to be in a closer relationship with everyone.

Those who take things like that personally are disempowered to some extent.  Functional rejection is HEALTHY and when you live from  interdependence, there are no hurt feelings because you don’t ‘need’ anything from anyone.

Dysfunctional rejection is an entirely different animal and it’s a cycle that occurs a lot at lower consciousness (envy, hate, judgment,  prejudice, opinions, etc. instead of love and acceptance).

Dysfunctional rejection is where someone may be trying to reject you personally but it’s actually not about you, it’s only and ever a  reflection of a dysfunction within themselves.  The thing you have to know and remember about dysfunctional rejection is that it’s  always projection.

With that said, there may be something within yourself that is dysfunctional that is triggering it within them (or that YOU are  projecting unconsciously) if you’re getting rejected very often.  See this as an opportunity to improve.

Also, it’s when you ‘need’ something from someone where you give them power over you and THEN they have the power to ‘reject’ you which  is a disempowered place to live from and you attract more of a dysfunctional cycle of manipulation, coercion, abuse, disrespect, drama,  etc.

As you become more empowered, the gap will grow so it’s actually easier to see when people are projecting DYSfunctional rejection onto  you.  Just look at celebrities and how empowered they are…and how many love them and many hate them.  The haters come from dysfunction  within themselves.

It becomes clearer to see that haters are projecting their own issues onto those who are closer to power, beauty and source so it’s easy  not to let it even affect you.  Their issues are THEIR issues and don’t have anything to do with your experience.

It is EASY to release dysfunctional rejection and let it roll off of your back when you see it for what it is but ALSO use it as an  opportunity to remove any of your dysfunctions that may be triggering those projections.

And it’s easy to let functional rejection roll off your back b/c you also don’t have time for closer relationships with everyone (no-deal where both parties are respected).


3. Forgiveness, Acceptance & Compassion

This is a major component of being rejection-proof (not like Iron Man where you attract more missiles at you but from being at such a  higher frequency that people rarely find anything to dislike about you such as great performers and celebrities).

Along with responsibility, authentic forgiveness gives you the leverage and experience to heal and distance yourself from the effect of  dysfunctional rejection.  Compassion puts you in a position of true power instead of force like they were coming from.

This is where something powerful like letting go techniques EFT/Tapping, Sedona Method and Ho’oponopono come in where ideally you’re  taking full responsibility for the actions of others and you’re forgiving and releasing your projections onto them.

True forgiveness and compassion actually disconnects you karmically, spiritually and emotionally from the lower frequency and negative  affects that people, rejection or negative intention has against you.

All of this ‘love or above’ stuff actually changes your frequency and releases the power that you have unknowingly given others over  you.  Rarely will you continue to attract authentic rejection from here.  Who could reject Mother Theresa?  It’s all about what YOU are  resonating and that is primarily what you will attract.  The more in alignment with life you are, the more that life and advancement  will be attracted to you and it becomes clearer what is dysfunctional and hatermade.

There is an ancient Chinese proverb;

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

You are the one who is suffering when you have hate, revenge and judgment towards others…you will CONTINUE triggering and attracting  it too!  (Even if you’re holding on to things from years ago b/c that is what you’re holding in your consciousness).

Learn to let go emotionally and fully no matter how ‘wrong’ it may have  been in the past or it will still hold power over you and you remain a victim.


 4. Living @ Cause


When you live in the moment ‘at cause’ expressing your truth you send out a different energy and clarity.  A lot of people don’t speak  up when they would because of the deep fears of what others will think, say or judge about them.  Maybe they will ostracize them from  the community, etc.

As an adult man, it’s up to you to accept your own power and path even though it may divide some and attract others.  Living at cause  for YOUR cause, you won’t be subverting yourself because of what others might think.  This is how leaders and alpha males live even if  it brings great ignorant judgments and projections towards them.

Is YOUR cause more important than other people’s opinions of you and it based on their mood?  To get more clarity, think of these words:










These individual words are SO dynamic they can bring up a PLETHORA of responses and reactions not just within each user or experiencer  but DIFFERENT reactions within the same experiencer based on the context or their mood at the moment ranging from really bad feelings,  ignorance to heavenly bliss.  It ALL has to do with them and their experience.  The words are ’causes’ and just are.

When YOU live at ’cause’ (and as long as you’re not taking away from others), don’t worry how they’re going to respond.  If you’re  speaking your truth, LET some people deal with their own drama about it.  You can even practice speaking your voice and from stillness  hear their own issues come out about it as a reflection of themselves.  Any offense is within them, any feelings of love or bliss is  within them.

You’re not in your path to be liked or to fill a gap within yourself b/c if your self-love is based on others, they can take it away at  anytime and you end up like some of the crashed celebrities who associated their identity with their fame.

“You’ll never change the world if you’re worried about being liked”. – Robin Sharma

What people think about you is none of your business!

Your self-love comes from within as we’ll discover more in the next key.


5. Divine Self Acceptance & Self Worth

This is a major key.  No one has the power to take away your self-worth.  Think of your soul itself as bullet proof.  No soul is more or  less important than another soul and we are all connected in oneness from source and life force energy flowing through us all.  It’s  humanity that creates borders, demographics, judgments, class and separation when we are born as equals when we are babies.

Babies have  no prejudice or judgment.  You were born with perfect self-love and self-esteem.  It was in growing up that other factors influenced  you.

If you were rejected by family, popular people or those closest to you and it crushed you, the only logical place to go is to a higher  source or power which would be God, Spirit or the Universe.  You can accept the greater truth of your perfection when you were born  before you were influenced by rejection and had feelings of unworthiness from others who were disconnected from their compassion and  acceptance.

Family members may have projected their own dysfunction onto you and you took it personally.

You can forgive those who have done you wrong.  And you can accept your equality to all power and influence as connected to all  consciousness to reconnect with infinite Self love.

Self love is all you ever have to have and as you reflect that out into the world, other people who have healthy self-esteem will see  that within you as a reflection of themselves.  Even though they may not be spiritually connected to divine self esteem and complete  acceptance, successful people and leaders usually carry healthy self-esteem traits which makes them rejection proof from B.S. in many  ways.

Healthy self-esteem doesn’t allow others to put you down and no one can take away your own inner truth and value.


6. Living Interdependence

When you understand and live by interdependence you become empowered and never give others permission to put you down…they may try but  it doesn’t affect you b/c you know they’re trying to manipulate or take away your power from a dysfunction within themselves.

When you live interdependently from win/win with respect towards others instead of trying to judge or manipulate them, you’ll rarely  attract rejection and in place you will attract and COMMAND respect.  And this is just from your presence; people ‘get’ that you can’t  be manipulated and don’t have tolerance for it.

Because you have great self-respect and equality to other people of power, they are attracted to you as they see that as a reflection of  themselves.  How can they deny what they value?  They CAN’T reject it!

Truly powerful people DON’T put others down anyways; they don’t do lose/win or force, manipulate or coerce others.  They actually treat  them with respect and equality.

When you live from a relational reality where you are EQUAL to all other people of power and you respect THEIR power (including social  power, glamor and beauty), there isn’t resistance or power games around’re ‘cool’ and they can ‘vibe’ with you b/c you’re like  them; powerful.

You’re not actually attracting them (like before) to create lose/win relationships with you like you did when you got rejected all of  the time.

It is simply a decision to live from interdependence.

I have taught professionally on interdependence for 69 months in Relational Mastery and another great resource is the book ‘The Power  Principle’ by the late Blaine Lee.


7. Not Taking Things Personally

This is a simple rule to live by and follow: don’t take things personal!  Especially when you realize it’s coming from a projected  dysfunction of someone else!

Any ‘attack’ on who you are would simply be a dysfunction projected onto you from the other person’s lack of connection to greater truth  and knowing.  Power isn’t power over others, it is love, respect and equality with all power from oneness (this is the grander reality).

You should never be taking any dysfunctional rejection from others personally.  So it helps to know what is dysfunctional because then  you can see it and your relationship to it for what it is and that it’s NOT about you personally, but has everything to do with the  other person.

It also helps to know that you are not actually identified with the level of consciousness you’re resonating at.  Most people don’t know  this and they take things personally.

If you’ve studied Dr. Hawkins material like ‘Power vs. Force’, this may make more sense.

There will always be PROJECTED hate, revenge, negative energy at the lower frequencies no matter who is there (until that entire field  evolves).  It’s not the people itself because the people can change and resonate love for example.

It’s the attractor field itself that would project and distort reality with ugliness.  When you disidentify yourself from association at  any level of experiential consciousness, you have the ability and power to change your subjective experience and you will attract and  experience something else ENTIRELY (and even that isn’t who you are; the conscious energy is just running through you).

So it’s not even YOU that people are hating on, it’s what that level of consciousness represents for them and where they’re at.  The fat  kid on the bench is universal and will continue to attract certain things because of the energy field he is resonating at NOT because of  who he REALLY is (spiritually); until he changes what level he resonates.  The haters will always hate because it is the energy they  value and associate with UNTIL they choose to empower themselves and evolve closer to truth instead of projecting ignorance and loathing  onto everything.

So don’t hate the people, don’t judge them PERSONALLY, accept the collective consciousness for what it is and it’s from higher  consciousness there is the power of love and acceptance which also releases the negative affects of that energy on your life.  Most  people unfortunately don’t seem to evolve beyond the level they’re resonating at b/c of their values, programming and relationships, thus may end up taking things personally because they  identify the feelings and energy of that level of consciousness as theirs; yet when really it is universal frequencies of conscious energy  running through them.

Knowing the greater context like this allows you to remove yourself from the influence of negative and dysfunctional values and energy  so that it NEVER affects the core of who you are.  This is a nice key to being rejection proof and having rejection proof confidence  where you operate FUNCTIONALLY from power, interdependence and respect towards others minimizing your dysfunctional relationships and  rarely attracting any forms of rejection.


So there are 7 keys to living with rejection proof confidence for men.  Just being aware of these things should help to bring instant relief.  It’s all about changing your frequency itself to rarely attract those kinds of responses from within others and having a fully functional self-esteem that is unshakable from within.

So how can you take and apply this to your reality?  Well, here’s something you can do right now:

I’ve released a  Powerliminal called the Rejection Proof Man.  It’s over 2.5 hours of transformational audio that works  you through the 7 keys in different ways affecting your conscious and subconsciousness to remove dysfunction, rejection and  dys-functional relationship attraction from your life so that you can be confident, liberated, respected and accepted just by showing up. RPM & The Fearless Approach are NOW @ A RARE DISCOUNT AUG. 16-18, 2015.

What can this level of self-confidence do for your career, relationships and love life?  Live like an alpha male and leader attracting powerful relationships by being a  rejection proof level man!  No rejection should ever damage your self-confidence (just like babies before they evolve)…this will give you the power to live your purpose loudly in the world.  So check the new Powerliminal out for an all-in-1 solution.  1/2 of it will focus DIRECTLY on rejection with women.

Also, we will have direct rejection statements that men would say as well as rejection statements from a hot woman as part of the  program that we will use to dissolve rejection and it’s ugliness from your life; to rarely attract or experience rejection and when you do, it DOESN’T harm you like it did before.  Sound good?

Feel free to share this article -Rion

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Tips to Become More Alluring & Charismatic

In the previous post I introduced the big secret to charisma.

Charisma is what makes you especially attractive as a man and has
the magical effect of actually upgrading your physical appearance
when you have ‘it’.

It is what male models, celebrities, actors, rock stars and male
soccer players have who adorn magazines.  In many cases, if you
take their charisma away, they’re just not as good-looking.

Professional actors and performers upgrade their image when they
know how to access not just beauty products and fitness, but when
they can really exude charisma.

It comes from a healthy relationship of valuing your self image.

Charisma is simply the force of life energy flowing with and through
you and it expresses itself mentally, sexually, emotionally, physically
and spiritually.

Force of life energy has also been called ‘qi’ or ‘chi’.

So how can you have more of this sexy, alluring power and presence
often reserved for rock royalty, even if you are not the best looking
guy?  How can you naturally communicate like that in your presence?

Well…Your level of charisma comes down to how much power or energy
you have on these levels and how openly it expresses through you.

You’re communicating not just with body but WITH these energies.

With my new business of personal growth for performers I’ll be
digging into specific performers and performances and breaking
down what’s happening so that other performers can up-level
what they’re doing in new ways.

The primary secret is to really shift your identification and
valuation of self to openly allow this flow of energy to take place.

We covered that children and professional performers are primary examples
of people who have great charisma, because they are allowing that
healthy and more open flow to occur expressively.

We discovered that most adult Westerners not only don’t value the
open flow of their emotional and sexual energy, but don’t have a
reason to transcend themselves to flow with this rock star energy.

They maintain a very ‘personal’ energy field.

Performers have a REASON to express this energy and transcend their
lower identification of self.

If you identified yourself as a sex icon, everything about how you
communicate and come across would start to change.

So recently I’ve been going through a makeover and have been seen
my own image upgraded from an 8 to a 10 simply by making this big shift.
(And I have photos of me on a physical level where you wouldn’t say
I’m above a 6 too!)

Let’s go into some of the other actionable insights so that you can carry this
great thing called charisma that makes you so alluring.

*Release on your self-image

This is perhaps the second biggest technique that you can do to experience
radical change. Think of it this way, if you have conscious or subconscious
resistance towards your self-image and how you look in the mirror, you are
blocking the flow of Chi manifesting from non-physical on the physical plane
and directly affecting how people perceive you.

You also want to be aware of what you’re sending across when you ARE open.

Things which are further away from open flow of life-giving energy
are generally uglier (reference poverty & heavy metal fans) and they
also vibrate at lower frequencies.

To be charismatic, more influential and beautiful you want higher
frequencies and an open flow so if you’re flow is hitting ‘rocky
road’ or is ‘taking away’ from others, it’s going to come across.

If this stuff seems new, it’s very real in effect; actors and models
can relate to this stuff (but now we’re bringing things in from a
higher perspective to understand and apply it).

You can work on your body and glamor all you want, but this is the
other primary element that was near impossible to really put a finger
on before; charisma..either he or she has ‘it’ (or not) in a way that people
could reference and desire.

Well, now you can have ‘it’ too!

By releasing those resistances and fully accepting and embracing your
physical image, you are allowing more beautiful, life-giving energy
to flow through you. This is all coming from a level of self acceptance
and self-esteem that are in alignment with the truth of simply being
an open divine expression like you were born with.

Where are you stopping that flow?  B/c this stuff is not just something
you can handle by ‘thinking’ positive about it.

So the thing is to really overcome all resistances towards your body
and image. You want to come from total acceptance and forgiveness
of your body and imperfections; a spiritual form of self-love (but
in a way that if you value your sexuality will allow sexual energy
to flow more freely vs. just being passive).

There are a variety of techniques you can actually do to work on this
like ho’oponopono, EFT/Tapping, Heart-Awakening, afformations, etc.
all while looking in the mirror or at photos (and BAD photos) of

This is a new technique that just became intuitive to me as I realized
I had all KINDS of resistances towards ‘always’ looking at myself
or being comfortable in the mirror (b/c at the core I valued being
the man behind the camera).  You can also do this staring into your
eyes until there is no more resistance and you transcend your former
self coming from a different place.

So b/c that took a little while to cover let me just give you a list
of some other insights or techniques that will help you have more
charisma and confident allure; all of which requires a healthy
and divine self-esteem and acceptance with your image and body
to open the flow.

This is what will GET YOU that rockstar sexiness

(non-definitive list)

*Core identification and valuation of self
*Releasing and accepting your body & image
*Working on divine self-esteem
*Releasing on your blocks to sexploitation, glamour & beauty
*Understanding a divine definition of glamour and body
*Empowerment & narcissism vs. divine expression
*Building your new core values
*Resonating WITH rockstar beauty (on the same frequency)
*Stepping into your dharmic template (life purpose path)
*Clearing your conscious and subconsciousness
*Awakening to resonate higher frequencies & power

All of this is practical in the way I work on it to improve your
charisma DIRECTLY; all which magically mixes with fashion and
fitness to further enhance your sexiness.

Think of how much money people spend chasing beauty and glamor
or working on their body yet never up-leveling their beauty
and presence by working on their charisma.

This is the stuff in addition to other work that can set you
not just looking as a ’10’ but BEING and communicating it.

This is actually top-level stuff I’ll be working on with aspiring
and top performance professionals for years.  All you have to know
is that the ‘how’ we do it just works and connecting to the greater
truth that you are worthy is transformational on its own.

With that said, what can we do from here?

Grab the brand new Charisma Powerliminal audio meditation!

With the Charisma Powerliminal, you can start making advancements
right away and you can mix it with these other techniques or however
you want to work on it.

There is already a lot of the transformational power in this;
an easy to use ‘go-to’ resource so you can actually increase the
quality of your looks and self-expression without even hitting
the gym (although that’s recommended too).


Spiritual-Sexual Connection With Women

Ready to explore entirely new heights with the divine feminine (and WITH
women if you’re a man)?

Then you’ll want to get into the ‘Goddess’ side of things but in a way that
values connection..not in a way where women are ‘separate’ from men and
even more ’empowered on their own’ but more empowered B/C of your level of
yang and connection TO their Goddess-self.

Valuing the Goddess in women and being able to bring it out of them is
actually even MORE power in your court and it’s actually a large part of
what is missing in spirituality so far; the awakening of men and women
WITH each other in that supreme, co-creative balance that creates new life.
It’s also the core of attraction itself.

See, the more women are empowered, the more YOU are empowered b/c spiritually
you are their perfect balance in yin/yang polarity.

To really put this invaluable truth to work in your life, why not discover
our 2 new Powerliminals here?:


They’ll automatically attune and embed this level of reality and connection
into your consciousness.

More women ARE now valuing, waking up to and exploring their own Goddess
self as well (while also valuing great connection and sexiness with men
like you).  You can be that man now and it resolves all of that previous

This will also give you rare, authentic powers as a (single) man with
women beyond the level of natural and more into the spiritual by
attuning YOURSELF to a higher level in relation to Goddess energy itself.

That means powerful energy, confidence and worthiness knowing
that you have the ability to awaken her into more of her Goddess
self AROUND YOU b/c of your powerful spiritual connection of
sexual polarity simply by meditating to the transformational audios.

You give Western women the opportunity to recalibrate into a higher
experience of reality in relation to you.  That naturally includes
fun, flirting, chemistry and awakening value around YOU while other men
are still putzing around with inner game and other issues riddled with
anxiety and unworthiness.

Our 2 new premium Powerliminals will take your sessions and Natural
Grounding to new levels as well as your healing and connection abilities
with women.

You can work a LOT on your side as a man but getting into the heights of
the divine feminine side itself takes YOU to entirely new levels of
awareness and connection WITH and FOR women; their awakening (AND their
own consenting love lives) while giving you enlightened levels of sexual
consciousness when you really attune to this level of reality; all
delivered in the audio format.

This is what the Guided Goddess Attunement does…it connects you to
the greater, untapped power within women; that of which you can bring
out and it dissolves your previous levels of disconnection with them.

They will FEEL this power around you and it puts you on a higher level
than all social powers that created disconnection and anxiety.  The
Awakened Natural Powerliminal attunes you to the level of sexual reality
and connection with women BEYOND that of a natural.

Yes, these Powerliminals are expensive and the price will rise after
New Years b/c they bring invaluable power into your life with results
that prove it and bring you what you want instead of struggling for
years remaining disconnected with desirable women.  (Direct access)

What is the evolution of a Lady Gaga or Madonna?  To get into real
Goddess levels spiritual sexual work!  We’re on the forefront right
now and this is what the GGA1 brings, so as a man when you’re working
and attuning your consciousness to these higher levels imagine the power
it gives you with ‘ordinary’ good-looking women?  How about single women
into health, fitness and yoga?

It’s a lot of power as a man and it resolves your other issues below it
with women b/c sexual polarity is the simple core of attraction itself
and this takes you into far deeper connection with the Goddess w/in
women (which is very sexual).


You can have that power and transformation NOW!  You can attune yourself
to higher levels of yang in relation to direct pure yin while being in
states of forgiveness and compassion FOR women with the GGA1 Powerliminal
thus creating more attractive, connecting energy in your consciousness
(resolving those resentment issues you may have held towards Western women).

Imagine how much more it will add to your life to have the spiritual and
sexual power of attraction, healing and connection with any women at
anytime?  To be OPEN and receiving of powerful Western women and in demand
by THEM?

To attract and be able to resonate with more powerful, previously
closed off women?  To awaken women who seemed ‘separate’ from you
before?  To have deep soulful, sexy connection with women just from
simple eye contact?

See, no woman is ‘above’ you anymore but instead, you have the power to
awaken the most powerful and beautiful of them when you really get
into this.  Yes, it’s an ‘awakened’ level of reality with women
at these higher levels of sexual consciousness where there exists
no disconnection or anxiety.

Just let the Powerliminals raise and align your different conscious
energies into that far higher vibration and it will resolve
all of your attraction and confidence issues with women.

But why not just see for yourself in the next 90 days?  See if they’re
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Remember that connection comes first and if you value getting physical
with women, well…value authentic and deep connection with women!  And
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This is a lot of value to offer the level of ‘the one’ too b/c it puts you
in a long-term position of power with that type of woman so she can be
attracted to you and how she feels around you now.  This power isn’t
for all men but if you value deeper connection and the implications of
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p.s. These 2 ARE different from other Powerliminals b/c they focus more
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