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SuperPim Sun [VDO] gYa1

Here you can download mpgamer’s e3 mix/resource of SuperPimTime for your own Awakening sessions.  This is great for polarity attunement, grounding and awakening.

SuperPimSun .mp4

(right click & save as to download)

After glancing over it, this is e3 and Rion approved.

I’ve bought everything I could find of Pim’s personally and also these 3 .mp3’s on iTunes.  If you find value, please do the same.  .99 is a small price to pay for some powerful awakening.  Check out John Murphy’s ‘Sunshine’ movie soundtrack which includes ‘Adagio in D Minor’…the movie on it’s own independently from all this is pretty good.


Intro to Sexual Consciousness

[This is a sample of the iHealing PDF & a fraction of the FREE Self-Awakening

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If you have sexual issues or anxieties of ANY kind, Awakening higher sexual consciousness is the direct and real solution to permanent, life change and resolution.  To go from anxiety and apathy to core sexual power, confidence, worthiness and oozing sex appeal attraction.  (And it’s not at all what you ‘thought’ it was nor what society promotes at ALL).

Throughout this post, you’ll start to be clued into the evolution of not just the dating industry but the empowerment of Men, Women and YOU to reconnect with your inherent SEXINESS and it’s raw attractive power.

And yes that means YOU quivering-around-beautiful-women-stay-at-home-guy-living-in-fantasy-world; because it’s all about your ‘knowing’ in your conscious holistic energy.

If you want to attract the opposite sex (or re-spark a relationship), this is also the most important area in which to awaken yourself to.

Pills, drugs, therapy, even self-help programs or relationship advice filtered by the Mind or social niche demographic marketing is CHILD’S PLAY compared to raw sexual energy and conscious connection in experience to the power ‘that is’ itself.  Mind and Society are what messed everything up and DISconnected you from your natural power as a man or woman!  And can actually create more anxiety in many cases.

Everything I’ve ever taught before is nothing compared to your experience of higher, raw sexual consciousness.

How conscious are you?  How connected to your sexual truth are you in experience?

Because the more conscious you are, the less issues of ANY kind you have about anything related to sexuality that came from society or the ego. It’s not in any other solutions; they’re not necessary.  Inner Game is not only child’s play, it’s IRRELEVANT because we’re talking about SEXUAL energy, not Mental energy.

You only have to be more conscious and ‘knowing’ in your beliefs and physiology of the great truth that already ‘is’. That means in your experience and connection outside of Mind.

If only you were conscious enough, this singular freeze-frame is all you’d ever have to know or experience to cure all of your sexual blocks or anxieties as a man or woman.

And I mean in less than 30 seconds.

All that’s missing is YOUR level of consciousness! That’s it.  From wherever you’re at now or the lowest depths, to an Awakened Natural Alpha.

If you were supremely more conscious and connected, awakened to the truth and power ‘that is’ right now, it would have the power to erase all of your anxieties related to sex and sexual issues – as a man or woman.

You just have to become more aware and influenced by the power and truth that already exists unfiltered beyond your mind; a ‘knowing’ in your sexual and other holistic energy.

Everything is energy, so the more you can be affected or influenced in your state by the truth that already exists (unfiltered by the ego or society), the more your beliefs and energy will change and shed the fabrications of society and belief or valuation in their socio-economic interpretation of what = sexy.

So if you don’t have the beliefs or knowing of egoless sexuality, opening yourself to being influenced BY peak sexual consciousness itself it what will entrain you to become more conscious (we’ll get to some of the techniques in which you actively awaken later).

The truth of sexuality and the force of life is that there is no anxiety.  The energy force/power of attraction is so strong that it will ‘find a way’.  Everything else that is blocking that inherent power is illusory and just has disconnected you from the infinite potentiality of your power that you carry with you as reality.  

Fortunately, the practice of Natural Grounding, and now Sexual and Self-Awakening is not only practical, but it’s tangible and’s not reference or heresay, it’s based on your experience of world-rocking power.

So going back to the image (another one);

This liberated female energy that which is free from the ego represents literally all you have to ‘know’ (on a higher level) about sexuality (for healing and Spirituality).

At first you’ll judge, criticize, or even harshly rebuke it because your consciousness OF sexuality is limited to the ego or socio-centric values. 

But you wouldn’t yet be aware of the greater truth of egoless sexual energy on the levels where it matters (which again is a miraculous and powerful force the more you ‘know’).

You have to value something beyond all society or personal levels in order to lock into the true consciousness, healing and inspirational power of higher sexuality (which has the power to heal and cure everything in your life in the sexual area).

It doesn’t matter her social culture, language or ethnicity, we’re talking about being conscious of the higher power and value of the energy, its quantum truth and feeling and ‘knowing’ it on higher levels of sexual reality.

In more training and in Mod 5 of the Starter Kit, I go into this in more depth of course.  Just join us if you’re not already a member of the Self-Awakening Community @ the Join us! link.

‘Knowing’ and feeling yin/yang polarity (the energy force of sexual attraction which creates and propagates life) not just logically or ‘Ok I got it’ mentally but truly KNOWING it in your sexual consciousness will absolutely and radically eradicate any and all anxiety.

That’s where you have to ‘know’ it and then your anxieties will all be cured; although it may take some reconditioning and reinforcement to clear out the previous beliefs but eventually you’ll get there if you work at it.

So if you still have issues, it just takes a higher level of conscious ‘knowing’ in order to be above them. Think of a time when you ‘knew’ the higher level to resolve a problem and just accepted it; something you didn’t know before when you were stuck. That’s what we’re talking about.

When you can feel “Oh….DAAYAAAMMMMM….THIS is sexuality!?” And it blows your experience of reality wide open… THAT kind of power allows you to change. It’s already there and supremely conscious, your ego with it’s filters is just blocked from the truth in your current subjective experience.

That is the difference. Knowing and feeling connection on higher levels of unfiltered consciousness (away from the filters and agendas of Mind, man, politics, career, advertising, t.v. or social influence) is the difference to make miraculous change and sweep over and clear out all darkness in your sexual energy or past problems, issues or blocks.

You have to remove the filter of the ego and all social causality to see and know what already is. Sexual energy is a powerful force that is greater than the ego. The Animal Kingdom and the way of life is that it ‘works’; you can be in alignment with it or against it. 

Because your ego has these blocks and all these warped socially conditioned programs it will take training to really lock into the raw power.  (Continued as part of iHealing within the SelfA site)


“ALL sexual issues, unworthiness and anxieties stem from disconnectedness to the sexual power that you already have, you simply have to awaken to that power and truth.” -Rion Freeberg    

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