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I’ve Had A Spiritual High Before And I Want To Get It Back!

“I’ve Had A Spiritual High Before And I Want To Get It Back!”

..And then you got really disappointed, frustrated and too dependent on the perfect ‘clear sky’ you had in that state so you put more expectations and pressure on yourself?? With greater experience comes greater capability. And don’t think that ‘experience’ is tied to time.

It’s all about how much you can ‘take in’ in the Now. With Self-Awakening, ‘experience’ is your dynamic moment of the now and how great it is; what is reality to you. We work not just on spiritual levels but we condition, engage and access more ‘experience’ of all levels, (faster).

B/c that level of reality already exists, you’re in the right place to get it back with more pro-active awakening & e3 valuation work. Plus you can include what you were previously doing. I have a lot of experience with conditioning + those states so I can help you make them more consistent.

So if the ‘now’ is everything, then how dynamic and great (on all holistic levels) do you experience it!? Bringing in Heart and Sexual meditation will take your experiences and personal ‘power’ to absolutely new levels of reality so that you ARE one with your Greater Self.

Why Would I Want To ‘Condition’ Higher States Of Consciousness?

“Why Would I Want To ‘Condition’ Higher States Of Consciousness?”

Otherwise you may never become as powerful as you have to be to manifest your dreams or to live in the natural states of inspired bliss, health * wellness that you desire. It’s only because the size of my value-adding dream to the world that I ever got into conditioning in the first place. I just took Western performance values with me to all of this.

Think about it. Do you think top-performing Olympic athletes would ever be able to do what they do without physical and mental conditioning? No way. At best it would be a fluke or random. If it’s a part of YOUR passion, your purpose, then Awakening here or with other methodologies (that effectively help with it) will give you even more performance power. The difference with consciousness is that we are drawing from source itself with no dilution other than your lack of experience in states of greatness that you already are.

How do you get there? Conditioning and continual improvement which I’ll help you with in our community and advanced training; or otherwise your ‘peak states’ will be happenstance. Your bliss will likely continue to remain lived through a long-cherished and remembered moment when with directly Awakening and conditioning back into who you really that IS in the greatest of all humans, you’ll experience REAL bliss and happiness FAR more often until you eventually become one with it.

This will take quite a bit of work if you’re stuck in a lower conscious world of ego and social values. Fortunately Self-Awakening is the DIRECT path and brings in Western (and Japanese 😉 performance into working with holistic consciousness. I simply brought performance values directly to working with conscious energy in experience.

There’s infinite power to go ‘round. You can also accelerate miraculous change by being around other highly conscious or ‘awake’ people. Their energy and level of reality will affect you on levels to speed up your journey. This is what people do in other areas of expertise; they learn from those who are already more conscious in that field.

Interestingly enough, if you ever do coaching with me as a client or friend, the field you’re becoming more conscious in is consciousness itself! Your subjective, radical experience of reality in which you actively become your Greater Self not by acting but by knowing and feeling and the world will shift around you to give you more of what you desire; not out of Ego valuation but of what you’re truly resonating at and in believing in. Manifestation starts really happening.

Because we leverage conscious energy that already exists and in media, you can simply upgrade your entertainment strategy to include some Awakening resources for starters instead of only diversion. This will get you going and make use of your time so that you can actively know and feel you are ON that path DAILY even when you don’t have time for yoga or zen meditation breaks.

So I’ll Also Get Far More Value Out Of My Entertainment Experiences Themselves?

“So I’ll Also Get Far More Value Out Of My Entertainment Experiences Themselves?”

Generally yes, FAR more especially if it has higher, purer values. Less so as you de-tract from socially acceptable pop media trying to oppress or manipulate your energy into lower states like anger, fear, pride, greed, apathy, clone consumerism, go with their flow, etc.)

Will Self-Awakening Help Me To Flow?

“Will Self-Awakening Help Me To Flow And Access States Of Flow For My Professional Or Creative Demands And Desires?”

Yep. In fact I still know of no other way to do it as simply or directly. Everything else is either ‘hard work’, kept secret, unknown or discreet. This is the fast-track directly.

(Apologies if this question is too similar to the last one..if nothing else, a quick reinforcement of how valuable it is..some people will be firing through the bookmark tabs fast! Also version 1.1 whenever it comes out will have some updates, thx)

For years I was frustrated that absolutely no one could tell me how to get into states of Flow. They referenced it as ‘talent’ or ‘luck’ or ‘1 hit wonder’. They valued and edified it but could never say how other than ‘hard work’, lots of practice or many many hours. That wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted to know HOW to consistently output golden eggs.

Sure my ego wanted to find out and the experience of flow IS egoless but without that drive and curiosity to KNOW ‘how to flow’ along with the greater drive of performance requiring power, I never would have discovered as predictable and simple a formula as Self-Awakening for guaranteed flow. You simply have to build a better relationship with your Heart.

Try it for yourself and see how Self-Awakening as the free methodology will help you to access consistent states of creative flow for performance, professional and creative output.