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Gee Your Love [VDO]

I’ve decided to put this up for a time.




Shine [VDO]

Rare Solar Eclipse @ Exact Release Time of Shine

So I’m finally finished with the ‘Shine’ production and I’ve been uploading it to Youtube tonight doing some Awakening in the meantime (after some slight computer drama with rendering).

I checked by habit to make sure I’m online (b/c sometimes the wi-fi gets disconnected here) and I see whoah…eclipse, that looks like some video shots within ‘Shine’ (those special shots from ‘Sunshine’ Surface of the Sun) which were already embedded into the production.

I never knew there was a rare once in 18 years SOLAR ECLIPSE, let alone that it would happen around the EXACT time that Shine would be available when finished uploading on Youtube on it’s pre-planned release date.  I already knew that the connection in Shine was ridiculous and the release of Shine is already legendary and massively anticipated for those in the know; but this!?…this was never expected and I’m still stunned.

Look at some of these stills from Shine and then try to take in that the world release is happening now AT the time of the solar eclipse with the ‘ring of fire’ where the earth, sun and moon are in alignment (visually) from our perspective.  I might add that I also added the earth, sun and moon as CAST members (you can see in the credits).

This just adds more to the mystique of Shine, once calibrated at 970 on Hawkins Scale of Consciousness which could make it the most conscious resource in human history.  What will be YOUR experience?!

Here is a gallery of the relevant screen captures about tonight…I was watching RUNDEVRUN by S.N.S.D. when I did a check to make sure the uploads we’re still running online with msn and saw the familiar ‘ring of fire’.




Shine Teaser Sample [.mpg]

You can download this 20 second clip of ‘Shine’ here (save as).

shine_sample [48 mb]

World (youtube) release Sunday, May 20th, 2012.  Watch for it!  And you can comment on Youtube or the Self-Awakening thread for Shine.



Shine Wallpaper [Download]

Here you can download these design comps of ‘Shine’ as wallpaper for your desktop.  You might be able to right click and ‘set as desktop background’ or just download.

Shine_1280 x 1024

Shine_1600 x 1200

Version 2

1600 x 1200

1280 x 1024

Note: They’re not my best Photoshop works nor necessarily fully representative of the life-changing value of the Shine video production resource but they ARE additional, connected value to the production.  Enjoy!  Disclaimer: See the video disclaimer…original copyrights belong to respective owners.  Fair Use Copyright guidelines and promotional standard.