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So Self-Awakening Is Different Or More Powerful Than Self-Help?

“So Self-Awakening Is Different Or More Powerful Than Self-Help? How Is That Possible? I Thought Mind Was Everything..”

You already know in experience that a feeling can be far, far more influential than a mere thought.

The ‘educated’ West has just devalued and suppressed the power of Heart with its pure states of emotional power and consciousness (in Self-Help especially b/c they don’t view it as equal to Mind power); and instead have taken a very ego-driven ‘mindset’ towards work, performance and living. In ways, it’s been great.

There have been many advancements in technology and Western medicine for example but reality is that we’ve become disconnected from who we really are in human experience; our Greater Self. In fact, few people ever tap that potential and they are the greatest avatars in history.

By being OUT of balance and only valuing mental (thought) consciousness/experience in life, all kinds of other issues rise up and your ego ends up blocking your bliss, passion, potential and performance. Things that CAN’T be resolved with Mind which the West has been trying to figure out with the Mind.

Awakening is more powerful than the strongest Mind or Ego because we directly value and deal with Heart, Sexiness, Body & Soul. I don’t think I have to say anymore for you to have an idea how powerful that could be, now we’re just including them in our valuation of Self and self-identity.

And don’t get me wrong; education, higher knowledge, specialized knowledge are GREAT and I’m always continuing there in different fields as well, but we extend into the areas beyond the Mind where there already ARE no limits to the power that already exists there.

This includes your Mind/Ego but you are MORE than that even in daily experience. This really expands your ‘Self’ Growth. Self-Awakening as you’ll discover has taken a practical and performance-driven edge to working with holistic consciousness and practically connecting with your Greater Self (Heart, Body, Sexiness & Soul).

The ego sees separation and individuality. Awakening values connecting to the oneness of all that is but in practical experience so that you know and feel it is real. It’s a very different strategy but one that WILL support your practical, performance values, attraction and manifesting real world dreams; you just step into more of who you really are.

I see it as the clear future of Self-Help as we enter the era of ‘Greater Self’ Help. Directly Awakening is a core valuation of accessing your true power and potential and experiencing a personal and professional renaissance directly.

Tell Me More About The Concept Of Awakening Vs. The Ego-Driven ‘Self’..

“Tell Me More About The Concept Of Awakening Vs. The Ego-Driven ‘Self’…”

Understanding the place of the ego or Mind is foundational for Awakening work if you want a faster starting block. That includes reading Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’ (I keep referring back to it regularly and am becoming more aware everytime).

Keep in mind that where I came from I highly valued my mind, personality, identity, preferences, intellect, positionalities, things that made me stand out and so forth (Mind).

The Western style Ego tries to prove itself, work and fight for results, performance and success.

What’s happening is people are finding they are suffering in other areas and quality of life because of not only this imbalance but because it’s like growing the tomatos instead of the whole garden. They just didn’t know their Heart was actually the fertilizer of the garden and could accelerate their success so much more.

Awakening is different than a Mind-driven ‘performance’ because it’s based on the simple premise that Emotional, Sexual, Physical and Spiritual energies are egoless and infinite (I expand on this elsewhere).

You simply can take in more or less of them in your conscious knowing of the moment. So in your knowing of reality, it’s getting BEYOND your Mind and letting go into higher levels of power that already exist, you just have to experience more of them naturally.

You simply ‘awaken’ to the power that already exists but it’s not simply ‘revealing’ because that already requires advanced states of consciousness which most beginners aren’t at. In order to effectively get there, we take on a conditioning approach which does the work of getting you out of the condition of your mentally filtered (and ultimately limited) experience of reality. It’s all built within the simple methodology of Self-Awakening.

Again, I had a very strong Ego myself but the awe and power of Greater Self just trumps it and actually empowers your mental capabilities and who you are in real life dramatically.

This also empowers your Mind-drive and valuing work (including reading, Western Self-Help and higher education) as well because you’re letting go of the resistance the Mind creates with it’s conditioned limitations and more.

Just to put some more light on the situation, you DON’T have to feed chickens near a monastery to become enlightened and you don’t have to give up your real world dreams, goals and performance desires/demands.

Would This Conflict With My Spiritual Journey?

“Would This Conflict With My Spiritual Journey?”

No, it actually enhances, expands and empowers it. And if you don’t have one, don’t worry..I didn’t get in for that either; it’s just now expanded into that because my evolution has been so quantum there was nowhere else to go but up there in expanding my experience.

There shouldn’t be any contradictions other than a different approach because we have respect and integrity for higher consciousness on all levels free from ego-filtering and dilution. We’re also using energy in media via

attunement, synergy or ‘relational meditation’ a lot so that is just a different experience than silent introspection or zen meditation.

You mind find you may have to expand your valuation from more of a Soul approach more into the spirituality of Heart and Sexiness, OR to simply bring new insight to your Spiritual journey.

It’s ALL up to you and where you’d like to go. Like me however, you may find that you extend during your journey naturally into other areas as now I’m into spirituality and Soul when I wasn’t in the beginning.

So I would say to try and keep an open state about it and see where things take you! I will tell you this that getting into higher states of Heart and Sexual/Polarity will cross-grade and empower your Spiritual states and bring new depth to them. We’re talking priceless value here as you connect more to Oneness in all of your human experience.

As you get into attuning to higher conscious media and energy ‘around you’, you’ll experience new depths and heights of reality.

Why Would I Want To ‘Condition’ Higher States Of Consciousness?

“Why Would I Want To ‘Condition’ Higher States Of Consciousness?”

Otherwise you may never become as powerful as you have to be to manifest your dreams or to live in the natural states of inspired bliss, health * wellness that you desire. It’s only because the size of my value-adding dream to the world that I ever got into conditioning in the first place. I just took Western performance values with me to all of this.

Think about it. Do you think top-performing Olympic athletes would ever be able to do what they do without physical and mental conditioning? No way. At best it would be a fluke or random. If it’s a part of YOUR passion, your purpose, then Awakening here or with other methodologies (that effectively help with it) will give you even more performance power. The difference with consciousness is that we are drawing from source itself with no dilution other than your lack of experience in states of greatness that you already are.

How do you get there? Conditioning and continual improvement which I’ll help you with in our community and advanced training; or otherwise your ‘peak states’ will be happenstance. Your bliss will likely continue to remain lived through a long-cherished and remembered moment when with directly Awakening and conditioning back into who you really that IS in the greatest of all humans, you’ll experience REAL bliss and happiness FAR more often until you eventually become one with it.

This will take quite a bit of work if you’re stuck in a lower conscious world of ego and social values. Fortunately Self-Awakening is the DIRECT path and brings in Western (and Japanese 😉 performance into working with holistic consciousness. I simply brought performance values directly to working with conscious energy in experience.

There’s infinite power to go ‘round. You can also accelerate miraculous change by being around other highly conscious or ‘awake’ people. Their energy and level of reality will affect you on levels to speed up your journey. This is what people do in other areas of expertise; they learn from those who are already more conscious in that field.

Interestingly enough, if you ever do coaching with me as a client or friend, the field you’re becoming more conscious in is consciousness itself! Your subjective, radical experience of reality in which you actively become your Greater Self not by acting but by knowing and feeling and the world will shift around you to give you more of what you desire; not out of Ego valuation but of what you’re truly resonating at and in believing in. Manifestation starts really happening.

Because we leverage conscious energy that already exists and in media, you can simply upgrade your entertainment strategy to include some Awakening resources for starters instead of only diversion. This will get you going and make use of your time so that you can actively know and feel you are ON that path DAILY even when you don’t have time for yoga or zen meditation breaks.

How Else Is This Different From A Spiritual Path?

“Can You Tell Me Even More About How This Is Different From A Spiritual Path And An Evolution For The West?”

Throughout time people have taken different paths to one Greater Spiritual truth, but vastly there has been no direct methodology to connect with the totality of your holistic Greater Self (or at least one that was closer to a modern Western experience) and without studying an ancient art or practice that was disconnected from the practicalities of modern life.

Yoga and other methodologies (although very beneficial) are still more for renewal vs. an integration WITH performance.

As truthful as the highest levels of Spirituality are from spiritual gurus, they still generally subvert the raw power of the Spirituality of Sex because of the prime valuation of Soul, even though Heart and Sexuality are predominantly more ‘realistic’ forces of down-to-earth daily living in humanity.

As ‘high’ as they are, they may be very out of touch with their body or the physical world where you can learn a lot more from an MMA fighter (z.B.) it comes down to what you value and who you attract to learn from. (Here, we value it all without dilution; true balance and holistic empowerment).

A high level monk may be very spiritually aware yet possibly very disconnected from his own Greater, unique sexual power and the relevancy of creating new life on earth simply because he has focused on 1 primary valuation of experience.

Mostly zen meditation has been predominant as a way to connect with your spiritual self and experience (along with other Body/Soul practices such as Qi Gong and some ancient martial arts). Yoga has also become increasingly popular in the West to connect with Body & Soul. People are restless and seeking now more than ever, being burnt out with consumer level reality, divertive entertainment options and a Mind-valuing approach to life.

This awareness on its own can start to fill in the great elusive obvious gaps that people sense are missing; that we’re devaluing and disconnected from our Heart & Sexiness and filtering the power of that consciousness through either our Mind/Ego, our Body or Soul. Self-Awakening respects those areas of consciousness for what they are for total human evolution and experience.

With Soul still being too far out of reach or irrelevant to the lives of many (ego-driven for better and worse) Westerners with Heart and Sexiness still subverted, Mind has remained the predominant valuation. This has left many Westerner’s seeking and lacking in Heart, Sexiness & Soul thus creating their anxieties, issues, festering blocks, lower quality of life, unfulfillment, diversion and lack of living in greatness in those areas naturally.

People are out of balance and a Mind or Soul valuation only leaves other areas unattended. The power of Sex and Heart alone can work for us or against us pending on how conscious we are of them in our daily lives.

Taking a path of Self-Awakening and bringing in the fuller context of ‘Self’ as your full holistic consciousness in human experiences leaves no area undervalued or overlooked…even if that means exploring what we have here and seeing what else adds to what you’re already doing.

We encourage you to integrate other conscious practices extending into all areas of higher growth including kundalini, reiki, chakras, Taoism, tantra, even kama sutra, etc.

Self-Awakening values Heart and Sexiness as equal to Mind, Body & Soul as the conscious and unique energies of human experience. You can of course choose which areas you wish to focus on but you now aren’t limited only to the Spirituality of Soul alone as most people thought it was. You can now choose the Spirituality of Heart or Sexiness/Polarity.

With the relevancy of media and entertainment in our modern lives, e3 valuation and Self-Awakening allows us to now harness a strategy that is realistic for most Westerners who aren’t able to silence their mind to get into a more escapist style zen meditation.

It simultaneously allows spiritual seekers to expand their own toolset and conscious growth into the spirituality of sex, love and integration into their professional lives as well as extended healing, releasing and bliss.

Self-Awakening updates and empowers spiritual access for practical connection to Greater Self in Heart, Body, Mind, Sexiness & Soul for today’s reality. Our methodology brings the power to you of Awakening resources (many which are free) that can affect, heal and evolve your own Heart, Body, Mind, Sexiness & Soul.

The relevancy of media already integrated into your modern lifestyle can be tweaked to have an Awakening effect instead of only a divertive or renewing effect. Plus, it expands and integrates other methodologies including ancient Arts with Spiritual integrity as long as they have Awakening value themselves (I just took a forward step by giving a name to it so that you can have an overarching strategy).