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Expansion of Consciousness [Holistic]

It’s very common and accepted for most understanding of consciousness to be of Spiritual nature.  There’s nothing wrong with that and it’s absolutely infinite, but coming from my background I strongly feel it’s time for a relevant evolution on a popular scale to extend into the Spirituality of Heart & Sexiness.

These areas have been largely overlooked even devalued because of the ‘self’ valuation of Mind or Soul for growth and explotation.  The gap is so big that many Westerners simply think Spirituality is limited to wearing white clothes with yoga and meditation when there is much much more to explore and discover with consciousness.

While we do value Spiritual consciousness and Soul here without dilution, our approach is to holistic consciousness.   Self-Awakening opens it all up.  That means shamelessly expanding your subjective experience and self-growth in the areas of Heart & Sexuality as well as Mind, Body & Soul.  It’s giving you the full scope and valuation of human experience.

Taking a holistic approach and having tools and methods to work in each of these areas allows you to focus in certain areas specifically for far more effective healing, balance, releasing, wellness, growth (and now practical performance and creative flow as well).  This also allows you to work beyond the limits of Mind (Ego) as Self or Soul as Self and gives you a full, rich, infinite balance of your life and possibility on all levels.


Dhammakaya Meditation


Here are some links to this style of meditation, the following and one of the largest Buddha temples in the world..not far from BKK.  They can have 100,000 monks during special ceremonies meditating.

Here are some other links if you’re interested.














Can This Bridge Me Into More Serious Transformational Growth & Meditation?

“I Find It Difficult To Silence My Mind For Meditation, Can This Bridge Me Into More Serious Transformational Growth & Meditation?”

Absolutely. That’s how I started and Self-Awakening not only brings it at introductory level so you can get into all of this hot stuff, but there are no limits at the higher levels either. I wasn’t ready for bridging a gap that big into Spirituality, b/c I couldn’t silence my mind years ago and was very ego-driven.

Plus, I didn’t see how zen meditation was relevant to professional performance so I didn’t get into its renewing and other benefits then. Now I value it and do it, but how I started was with a different path into higher consciousness.

Without something more accessible I would have really been frustrated by the limitations of Western personal development (oh I was actuallly and b/c of my big dream, I discovered all of this).

You’ll discover more as you get involved and our Heart-Awakening technique alone and the concept of using media via ‘attunement’, you’ll find to be very unique compared to zen style meditation. You’ll have states of egolessness but you can come in from different angles; it doesn’t have to just be Spiritual, it can be Sexual or Heart and those can be your gateway or expansion.

Is It Possible To Meditate On More Than One Level?

“Is It Possible To Meditate On More Than One Level?”

Yes. For some good reason, Spiritual meditation has been the mainstay and many don’t yet know this yet, but you can meditate or resonate on very high levels of sexual or emotional (Heart) consciousness as well. Don’t let the term ‘meditation’ throw you off. It’s simply basking in a state without as much of the influence or interference of mental thought.

Thought is just one part of consciousness and you can ‘fade it’ as you go into deeper/higher states like during sessions or meditation. You can meditate in a pure state of Joy (a Heart/emotional state of consciousness) for as long as you can sustain it but few people are entrained to do so.

These states are also very egoless and greater than your Mind identified Self because they are differentiated and have far, far more power (think of the power of emotion and sex drive on your beliefs and behavior – we become very conscious in those areas vs. having them dark or out of control).

The more advanced you get into Self-Awakening and valuing your entire holistic consciousness (vs. only Soul), the more you’ll be able to experience a mix of energy simultaneously on all levels in your experience which are ineffable.

If you’re already into zen meditation, even very experienced; when you can bring in the spiritual qualities of Heart and your connection in polarity to the opposite energy force as components of your meditative states, it will take meditation to far new levels. Meditating on all levels at the same time is a life-changing experience and very powerful.

Meditation Is Still Difficult; I Can’t Silence My Mind (Can This Help?)

“Meditation Is Still Difficult; I Can’t Silence My Mind (Can This Help?)”

Absolutely! Don’t let the word ‘meditation’ throw you off. It’s not something ‘outside of you’, it’s just states of consciousness where you are ‘beyond’ the filter of your Mind so your mental chatter isn’t getting in the way. It’s not something you can think about, it’s something you experience. You can reference my ‘mixer analogy’ to get a clearer picture of conscious states.

Fortunately Self-Awakening gives you options to get into Heart or Sexual styles of meditation AND in relation to already powerful media (in a fun, entertaining way) so you don’t have to fight yourself in zones of silence trying to bridge a gap that is too big if you’re a beginner.

When you get in a purely emotional/Heart state or when you’re in highly sexualized states (and mostly that isn’t what you think it is) you’re also egoless and in your Greater Self. These can be a faster path to higher consciousness if you’re still new to Spirituality. Fortunately, the higher consciousness and energy already in media will assist and affect you into higher states of reality without only thinking you have to do silent zen meditation.

Now I can do zen Spiritual meditation because I got into Heart and Sexual first. Without that and the bridge of media, it’s unlikely even I would have been able to ever silence my chattering Mind. So if you’re new or experienced with zen meditation, give Self-Awakening and it’s ‘relational meditation’ style of attunement a try.

If you’re already experienced, it will take everything to new levels for you by bringing in the attunement variation; it should be faster for you to resonate at high frequencies but also gets beginners going faster and you can entrain yourself directly into higher consciousness on all levels with Self-Awakening (to experience all those life-altering and giving priceless benefits it brings).

There are no limits to natural, human experience, you just have to connect with more of who you already are and most of that IS that you are mostly egoless in consciousness (like when you were a kid), the Mind has just taken over. What we do is take things beyond Natural human states of balance where natural health & wellness lives, basically into super-natural states if you have a reason for further growth.

Self-Awakening is performance + consciousness. Egoless states are the standard and that’s where you really begin for serious levels of internal transformation..we go far beyond that. Even if you’re new to egoless states, you should be able to effectively fade those pretty fast (it’s your natural state anyways).

When you’re in an emotional state your ego is also faded…there’s a lot to discover that will amaze you as you get involved! Even if you’re older and more closed off, you can still open up and experience things beyond what you would have otherwise even.