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What is Western Natural Grounding?

Extended Introductory Insight


::::::::: You can grab a sample clip of the WNG Primer here (right click, save as)  mp3 :::::::::::


This post will give some insight into what I am now calling Western Natural Grounding.  To fully and best understand it, you must be well-versed and experienced in ‘traditional’ Natural Grounding.

Natural Grounding itself is sexual polarity meditation with media.  We mostly use videos of women who could be called goddesses because they are in their own greater and higher feminine expression.  This is the open power that attracts and creates life.  By doing Natural Grounding (and meditating or attuning our consciousness to divine feminine energy) there are infinite benefits including creativity, healing and sexual chemistry; after all, it’s this balance of conscious energy that is the source of life force attraction and creation itself.

N.G. is a form of re-purposing entertainment media for radical empowerment (entertaining success) because you are using it as a spiritual and transformational tool instead of for personal entertainment (in a far more limiting relationship).  With that said, doing Natural Grounding is FUN and very entertaining on its own to those who do it.  It has brought authentic sexual attraction and chemistry for 1000s of men around the world with women, when literally nothing else would work for them.  It cures porn addiction, sexual anxieties, unworthiness and helps men directly step into and be a confident man, comfortable in his own skin around women.

But in my own evolution, I started doing more advanced things than what I was teaching years ago.  Things AREN’T that ideal or simple in our modern reality to only have yin enlightened women as models; those are few and far between on the larger scale as the world evolves at this point.  WNG represents a great coming ‘full circle’ and bridge with ‘The West’ since most of N.G. could be seen (by those who judge or filter) as from ‘The East’.

Now, this is the opportunity for the modern man to evolve to entirely new levels socially, charismatically and in his own expression of power and connection with women.

Where traditional N.G. is about meditating to women who are already in ‘natural’ and goddess alignment and expression with their femininity, WNG is really more advanced, because it requires quite a conscious awareness and alignment to what is already natural to then be equal and in sexual alignment on those levels in Western media with women who we could say are ‘cold’, ‘icy’ or hiding their greater feminine truth.  Now we can essentially create sexual attraction directly with VERY socially empowered women by working with the WNG; their social or personal empowerment is no longer a BLOCK, it’s actually even MORE awesome for both of you.

WNG is an evolution in this sense because you become ‘the man’ who carries this knowing with all women.  My program Natural to Real Attraction also represents that bridge however many men haven’t made that connection with our Western women yet.  Even that program didn’t address what WNG brings to you DIRECTLY and very hardcore.  WNG will (in a fun way) erase your own limitations and prejudices from being the sexiest guy anywhere and being it naturally in relation to empowered women (or the empowered woman of your dreams).

To make that big ‘connection’ WNG includes a truthful and liberating understanding of the dynamics of power and influence that are occurring on the different levels of conscious power with all media and social power.  Consumers are unconscious and unaware of these power dynamics at play that are entirely affecting their reality.  This is at the root of why men don’t have power, connection or attraction around Western women and even worse; they’re taught to believe they are ‘personally’ at fault; like working on their ‘inner game’ will actually help.

All of N.G. and WNG is an evolution of personal growth and a practical bridge of spiritual truth into the real modern man’s life; his social and sex life for starters.

But before we go further, why would you want to do Western Natural Grounding?  There are many reasons.  First of all, the technique itself is entirely ‘free’ if you’re leveraging and using Youtube resources (however it is recommend to buy the original artists resources on your own).

Once you know the gift of the technique, you can take and run with it for unlimited empowerment.

WNG is an advanced consciousness awareness tool or method that you can use for massive and fast transformation and empowerment.  I will be using it with aspiring performers and top entertainment professionals; really teaching it to them to use on their own.

It is a primary tool to essentially empower the world’s most powerful people.  THAT is the very real potential that this technique holds and I’ve already been using it at those levels of empowerment.  It works with the Law of Resonance and the reality that everything is energy and that media holds immense conscious power and influence.

If you’re a single male, WNG gives you the power to resolve your sexual and social anxieties and issues; to move from being disconnected, frustrated or secretly vengeful towards independent or glamorous women into having them accepting of you and in your life as their powerful equal yourself.  It will change your social and sexual reality entirely around when maybe nothing else could because it addresses the real and deeper subconscious issues of relational power and influence itself.

You will have tremendous advantage in social settings because you actually ARE that powerful and socially connected yourself when you get into WNG.  Other men will come across clear as day to socially empowered women that they either want something too much (and aren’t even aware they’re sending those vibes) or are just entirely disconnected from her SOCIAL power and the glamor and beauty that goes with that leverage.

This is where you connect and become her equal and that may be the most priceless gift to you because NOW, it opens the world of empowered independent and/or social elite women up to you (if you’re a single man).  See you can have connection on the other levels but if you AREN’T vibing with her social or personal power and passing those instant hidden tests they give, you may never get ‘in’.  With WNG and the power it allows you to harness and be, you ARE in and in a very functional way.

Our Western women have a lot of power, especially personal and social power.  WNG connects you to that power to be EQUAL to that power of rockstars and divas yourself as a man; to really release your issues and junk that are preventing resonance and connection WITH empowered Western women.  By removing your junk AND attuning to great power, your consciousness and entire communication of self transforms.  You become that greater man.

It’s not even the power to be equal to the ‘hottest’ or most empowered diva in the world, it’s to be equal to ALL of the expression of that power in the world itself; that is the infinite power within WNG.  It’s an active embracing of the oneness and humanity of human experience by releasing all of your junk which is keeping you FROM resonating on that level of reality.

I’m still debating how much to sell my inaugural training for (after launch)…I could sell it for $997 because the value is worth far far more.

Where spirituality in passive and popular understanding is more about oneness from stillness; a disconnected sense with media and human heart and sexual creative power, WNG brings in oneness with the allness of human experience.

You are equal to all forms of power but that is not the normal human experience.

This opens up worlds of transformative power simply because of how we are changing our conscious relationship to media and beautiful expression of human power and experience from around the world.  The displays of flaunting sexual power CRUSHES Western men who have a consumer relationship to it.  Then they can’t understand why they get nervous around sexy, hot, glamorous, beautiful women who look and behave like that.

What to do?  Change your relationship with that power itself and that means everything; more than you can even fathom right now..WNG brings it.

Consumers are oppressed with these great displays of sexual, glamour and awakened empowerment putting glamorous women or models on pedestals, yet you are equal to it all in truth.

WNG connects you experientially to that greater truth which in itself is transformational and awakening.  Excitingly, it is an experiential truth that will rock your world.  (Most aren’t ready for this level of power because they prefer keeping the stars above them).  It will change you when you’re ready for the higher levels of power.  All of that conscious power already exists in media so finding your REASON to do WNG may be of central importance for you.

Because so many people are conditioned into how to use Western media; for personal and divertive use in a mostly program-receiver or stimulus-response relationship, traditional N.G. or Entertain Success is officially recommended to ‘lock in’ an entirely different and empowering use of media before you delve into WNG.

If you are a Western male who goes straight into WNG, you won’t likely experience or ‘get’ the power because you are too used to how you currently use media and don’t know of any other way (and that includes the judgments and prejudice on the deeper levels of consciousness).

The natural and yin/yang polarity alignment should come FIRST or you’ll continue to be thrown off by ‘what is sexual’ in the displays of Western media and artists.

I may as well promote this again;

It’s recommended to get into traditional Natural Grounding and Entertain Success first, THEN evolve into Western Natural Grounding.

Why is WNG more advanced than traditional Natural Grounding?

We already covered some of it, but WNG is the power to connect you to great power yourself; to connect and relate with those powerful and beautiful, socially connected people by removing YOUR envy, blocks and resistances towards that level of human power.  Any secret judgments or prejudice you hold towards them, they are intuitively knowing and feeling to stay away from you.

It’s about removing your personal blocks of separation from great conscious power (non-physical) that already exists.  As you RELEASE your own JUNK towards movie stars and other powerful people you have envied or wanted to ‘get’ something from, you start to resonate on their level…closer to oneness in human experience on that level of power.

Since this is an introductory article, I don’t mind reiterating some of the points from a different angle.

WNG is more advanced because (assuming you’re a male), it requires you to already have a very conscious and conditioned relationship with the nature and spirituality of the divine feminine.  As you KNOW what a woman’s true sexuality is (yin and yin expression in it’s purest form), then you can go in and accept the flaunting expression of a woman’s body as an awesome, kick-ass form of empowered expression herself while ALSO knowing her greater truth.  You accept and embrace everything about empowered women.

You become THEIR proponent and you carry that greater knowing with you.  Then what happens?  When you ARE that man you are like the ‘container’ a woman can open up to as Nicole Abundance says.

To really get the hot benefits of WNG right away, you should already have a good experience of being in your yang in relation to awakened yin power, then you may be reading to ‘ground’ to the power in Western mainstream entertainment media with our empowering type of experience.

If you secretly have your favorite ‘Western’ music videos and resources, this is also a perfect opportunity to up-level your reality into the highest forms of experience with media in the world; what we do!

WNG is about bringing in the other dynamics of power (in consciousness and media) and clearing your conscious and subconscious projections, blocks and limitations from resonating at that level of empowerment yourself.  This especially includes the social, personal and socio-sexual power of women in the West.

Remember ALL of this is to reveal the reality of social and sexual connection with Western women (if you’re a single male)…I’ll be transmuting WNG for women in other ways but here it’s mostly about men.

WNG in it’s simplest definition is ‘sexual polarity meditation with Western divas’. That includes Shakira, Beyonce, etc.

And that includes ‘grounding’ to women who aren’t necessarily in a greater YIN expression but ARE in a greater social, personal or physical expression.  Your resonating with (equal to) their levels of empowerment on other levels as a reflection of yourself.

See, with traditional N.G. we aren’t in favor of the ‘sexual’ empowerment of a Madonna because it is used to manipulate and influence through consumer media (which can have the effect of NOT having chemistry and natural attraction); we may still hold great resistance towards that expressive (social and socio-sexual) power and behavior in women.  Instead, with N.G. we favor a more natural alignment to (and expression of) a woman’s sexual truth (yin).

With N.G. many men have continued to ‘resist’ Western women (and Western values and media) in some cases even more when they become aware of the greater truth of sexual attraction and alignment itself.  Some have even escaped or ‘vowed’ away from Western women entirely.

WNG resolves all of those issues; it just requires a greater awareness and power to connect with the power of Western women, but when you are connected yourself (and free of sending out resistances) they are just like women in any other country around you as a man.

ALL OF THIS gives you an advantage of power, presence and connection unlike almost all other Western men because you’re not ‘acting it’…you’re actually their equal as you transform.  And THAT’S when power will really open up to you in forming new relationships with powerful and beautiful people who can help you live your dreams.

With WNG, we are in total acceptance of Madonna’s socio-sexual power because we accept an entirely different relationship with media itself altogether and we also know we represent the evolution of her sexual and spiritual goddess power of which we are attuned at higher frequencies (those more experienced with traditional N.G.).

You are attracting that which you are and what you’re resonating (we’re vibrational beings).  If your subconscious is communicating resistance or judgment towards Western women, you may be very disconnected from them no matter how much work you do at meeting them (similar to PUA’s who want to ‘get’ something from women).

WNG works with the Law of Resonance on all levels of conscious power so that you can be equal to and resonate with the great expressions of human star power socially, sexually, spiritually, co-creatively, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Since great conscious power exists in the world of entertainment media, movies and music video, you can re-purpose it to see it as a reflection of your own unlimited power, expression and experience…to be it yourself.

You can become the sexiest man in the world by removing your blocks to the great sexual power in front of you; where glamour becomes DIVINE glamour because everything is simply another great expression of humanity and life on earth.  Power, that I might say that most people who identify themselves as spiritual seem very disconnected from or at least disengaged with.

A higher human experience does not only have to be a passive one of stillness.

Spirituality (as passive understanding) generally devalues glamour and glamour devalues spirituality yet everything (your ultimate growth potential) is really about accepting all forms of human expression from oneness.  This is what WNG does; connects you (to the truth that already is) so you become it so that when you meet an empowered person or rock star by being accepting of them, they have no resistance towards you.  This will open up entirely new worlds socially and your physical appearance and attractability will actually transform.

All of this power already exists and if you’re ‘judging’ it, you’re actually proving that you are disconnected from that expression of great power yourself.  You are the one keeping those women and that type of behavior on a pedestal, thus those people will generally stay away from you because you aren’t accepting of them.

WNG as an evolution of traditional NG is about clearing your own programming, conscious and subconscious blocks in your communication and presence that are keeping great expression of power (like women on a pedestal) from being your equals.  In truth you are equal to everything; to all beauty and power.  Everything else has created these walls, borders, demographics and disconnections that keep you from relating to that power yourself.  WNG connects you.

To experience real transformation, (WNG is open source to work with all Western entertainment media), WNG brings in advanced ho’oponopono and spiritually accurate techniques to remove your blocks on different levels of consciousness towards great expressions of human empowerment in Western media.  WNG allows you to embody love, acceptance, compassion at a higher experience altering your state of consciousness, behavior, image and charisma itself.

If you’re hating on a Britney Spears, you’re also repelling millions of women who like her no matter what you try to do consciously; that energy is still coming across around them.  WNG is a massive transformational tool.  Just look at what one of the experienced traditional Natural Grounder’s has to say;


“So, I’ve gone through the video portion a few times and the audio portion once, and…wow. When I first bought it and gave it a try, I was thinking, “Ok, so Rion is telling me to do the same natural grounding, but with ‘western’ media?” and “Is Rion doing a 180 and marginalizing everything else he’s taught over the last few years?” I was pleasantly surprised to see that what you call WNG is NOTHING like I thought it would be, and it’s probably, in truth, exactly what I needed.
It was like you said. I was averse to ‘western’ media (even though I couldn’t escape it, and secretly kind of enjoyed it), but I was left with this back-lashing “double-edged sword” kind of energy, where I was felt like my mind was walking a tightrope because of the dichotomy I created between natural/alpha and “western” stuff. Hell, even when I went out, I noticed that I created massive separation within myself, and I’m sure some people I interacted with felt that something was ‘off’ about me.
Watching your program made me realize how judgmental I was being on a subconscious and really sneaky level…I started welling up as I was doing the “3-2-1” exercise. It was like a big WHOOSH of relief to get that shit out, because some of the things I was holding on to were exactly the same things that would hold me back from my normal NG sessions, and would hold me back in real life.. This is some real “coming full circle” stuff. I haven’t felt this powerful and grounded in myself in quite a while. This program, upon my first few impressions, really hit me in the gut, and I’m sure it’ll really help with my growth as a man and a person going forward.”  -GM

The higher levels of WNG allows great life force Qi energy itself to flow through you in favor of the empowerment of Western women, beauty and people in all its expression.  This will attract great beauty, power and acceptance unto you because it is what you are resonating; people can get the impression of increase and advancement from you.

Again, spirituality in general devalues glamour, sexuality and beauty or has a passive acceptance but major disconnection with it.  WNG embraces those aspects of human expression in ALL forms of life-giving power.

How can superstars, rockstars and movie stars be disconnected from allness?  They’re not.  They show us what levels are possible as human and when you remove your blocks towards them, you start to receive that level of power and beauty yourself.

With WNG we go straight to the MOST empowered and you can work at that level for major transformation fast to experience miraculous results in your life.

WNG is about practically connecting to the oneness of all human empowerment in media – and becoming that empowered yourself.  No other method out there does such a thing that we know of.  Yes, it’s very high level stuff.  Each of my sessions feels like a million bucks now.

Consumer experience is where the stars are far far above you on a pedestal.  WNG is where you are equal to the stars and all of that heart, sexiness, soul, glamour and beauty in human start to BECOME and BE that truth.  Think of the impact that will have when you meet powerful, beautiful people.  In fact, why not just start experiencing it yourself?

The kid who was rejected socially can now BE the socially desirable rockstar (from a healthy, value-giving, functional truth).  That can be you.

WNG is a form of Entertaining Success where you re-purpose the conscious power that exists in media for empowering yourself through the Law of Resonance.  The LOR states that we are affected by the energy around us and you can ‘attune’ to more conscious energy allowing your own consciousness to raise.  This is the power of media that most people are unconscious of yet we take it to the max with ES and Western Natural Grounding.

Now, men who are well-versed in traditional Natural Grounding can evolve into models of female empowerment where the women are NOT in natural or goddess alignment, however they already ARE and they sustain that higher truth to then be equal to the social and personal power of empowered rockstars like Britney Spears, Shakira and Beyonce.

WNG may be the most effective tool for social power, status and connection that exists in the world.  Simply use it as you continue to meet people socially.  It works because it goes to the core of your own conscious and subconscious blocks; your conditions and programming to REMOVE those so you can resonate as equal to the power of the rockstar women in front of you.  And it works on the conscious levels of heart, sex, mind, body, soul and social power.

Yes, it’s an advanced technique that gives unlimited transformational power especially to Western men who have been disconnected from Western women (because they have been sub-communicating angst, revenge, neediness, wanting something, disempowerment, etc.)

How can you get started with WNG?

Because Western Natural Grounding requires a SOLID and truth-based (liberating & empowering) understanding of the dynamics of power and influence AND all of the other stuff we’ve introduced, I’ve made a new all-in-1 training program to get you started with WNG called the Western Natural Grounding Primer.

Go through this and you’ll be ready to do WNG yourself from there forward.

You can access that training instantly online now off of this link.  It’s a small investment in yourself and leverages my experience to fast forward yourself into who you want to be.  I will be using it to empower actual rockstars to even further levels.

Once you have the technique down, it’s something that you can always do on your own or mix into your own sessions!



p.s. again, much of this may have been reiterative but I don’t mind it this time..hope you are excited about this new transformational powerhouse of a method!  You can dive into it with my official primer training and get it started


A Word on Spirituality & Media

When you already have a resource of awakened conscious energy, all you have to do is start resonating on its levels spiritually, emotionally and sexually beyond the experience of the ego (with it’s filters and prejudices).

Awakened energy already exists in conscious media.  You don’t have to be there physically in the studio or @ the event to experience it’s power.

The same power is already there because everything is energy and you can be affected on the same non-physical levels by the energetic act of Resonancy.  This power is invisible (spiritual), timeless and infinite.  You can be affected and transformed 50 years after something was recorded because the conscious energy is spiritual and unattached to form.

Break down the barriers and accept that media is spiritual in it’s non-physicality.  Then attract higher conscious media and build a powerful relationship of resonancy with it to experience miraculous healing and self awakening.

Where Do You See The Future Of Entertainment (And Human Consciousness) Heading?

“Where Do You See The Future Of Entertainment (And Human Consciousness) Heading?”

Instead of diversion and escape it’s going to bring Awakening entertainment into the mix; resources that actually directly affect a person to connect with and become one with Greater Self; to radically improve their experience as human.

More and more consumers are getting restlessly tired with an infinite number of diversions after all these years. They have access but they don’t value things as much especially with the ‘free’ mindset of Youtube. They expect choice.

There’s more choice than ever before but there is also more lacking than ever before. Living vicariously through someone else isn’t the same as being it. They’re going to start demanding more value and effect out of their resources. Living so disconnected and ‘comfortable’ is going to really start making more and more people restless with their entertainment.

Once they realize they can become their Greater Self and use e3 Awakening entertainment for personal use in addition to diversion, the seekers will start Awakening themselves with media and entertainment upon knowing it’s actually possible (which alone will drive their own entertainment experiences to higher levels vs. seeking continual diversion or another gimmick).

Instead of all diversion they’ll move towards splitting their time with Awakening content (beyond just traditional self-help audio programs) and divertive entertainment for their personal media time.

I predict the future is going with higher resolution, 3D and then 4k imaging will be integrated into consumers lives. The step beyond Blu-Ray could possibly be 4k + 3-D. Some major cinemas have started outfitting with digital 4k so far but eventually it’ll reach consumer level home entertainment and improvements in mobile devices.

Beyond that is 4-Dimensional reality entertainment where you step into virtual worlds which can be both for divertive, escapist entertainment as well as direct Awakening experiences.

Moreso than technology wise (which can really be seen as another diversion on its own) is what I see as the emergence of an entirely new market of Awakening media. This has already started with the small yet scalable demand for Natural Grounding resources ie. from Gmm Grammy archives.

It could also be called ‘Awakening Entertainment’ and people will pay much more for these resources in Hi-Def. As this new emerging market grows, entire new catalog artists could be revived and new stars made overnight as consumer consciousness evolves to Awakening levels and e3 valuation instead of merely having media and entertainment as diversion.

Mass consumers will be more like 3rd generation who will start attracting and buying Awakening level media, but if you get into Self-Awakening you may find like me and others have, that you can’t get enough Awakening level e3 resources. You would still be 1st generation and part of a growing market powerhouse. This is for you to discover. I was sold on Awakening level resources years ago…they retain the highest and longest-lasting value anyways and are untouchable by other resources when qualified through e3 valuation.

Once people realize that they can have 3D and they’re sick of the shallowness of infinitely more diversions, consumers will start seeking for something more as well. The most progressive of them will be ready for Awakening media until it becomes more popular and respected. Eventually the consciousness of mankind could be elevated not through zen meditation but primarily through the evolution of entertainment that already exists in their relevant digital world.

When people start valuing Awakened women real world Goddesses in their media instead of socially manipulated sexploitation, skin and porn as models of female sexuality, you’ll see a major shift in social values and entertainment that is so forward that the machine may try to replicate the natural power but can’t because they’re not at the levels of consciousness required to awaken their new customers.

As Awakening becomes more of a grassroots social value (beyond where it already flourishes), you’ll see someone like Palmy become the global superstar of tomorrow where people will gladly pay $97 for a live concert DVD of hers.

The future and evolution of entertainment in addition to technological advancements is really with e3. It’s with Awakening level entertainment and power. It’s just you who has to value it and the more you realize how powerful Awakening is, the more you’ll also discover for yourself as I did how valuable and real this stuff all is; that energy in media can divert you or it can Awaken you and completely change your life to live in greatness.

Simply shifting YOUR balance of time with personal entertainment from all diversion more to Awakening will change your life radically. It did mine. What consumers are missing is entertainment for Awakening and real life impact, not just for diversion.

The future is here now for you and me (minus some of the technological advantages).

You’ll find that as you awaken some people won’t know how to deal with your power. The behavior of others looks bland and you see they’re simply stuck in a lower experience of life. You don’t have to wait for the world and its average consciousness level of 207, you can be a part of the energy that raises their experience by bringing more power, happiness even if they look at you funny.

You can bring people up to YOUR level of reality and manifest more of what you want.

But I DON’T Care About Other Social Cultures & Their Media!

“But I DON’T Care About Other Social Cultures & Their Media!”

We may as well bring this up now. The faster you can get over this, the sooner you’ll evolve to an entire new level of reality and subjectivity that you would likely never evolved to in 100 years, but it’s where bliss is in your experience. It’s in seeing past your social values; socio&ethno-centrism, anthropomorphism; really past ALL social & personal values. It’s in valuing the energy, emotion and egolessness that exists around the world in all forms, in all cultures that will awaken you to higher levels of empowered, rocking experience. That will reveal your Awakening.

e3 (energy, emotion, egoless) is a radical valuation that is free from all filtering. e3 valuation is what you will have to take to pre-qualified media from around the world that DOES have Awakening level value for your official Self-Awakening sessions. Mod 2 gets you going with it.

I (along with our community) will be bringing to you pre-qualified ‘universal’ resources. S.N.S.D. are a great starting point because even on a lower level ‘social’ valuation, they still have radio friendly appeal and mix some English words in. What we’re talking about is way beyond that however, so don’t think you’ll be bored with irrelevancy from ‘foreign’ entertainment.

On another point, other cultures including Thailand ABSOLUTELY have socio-centric, socio-cultural specific programming with THEIR language and so forth. Just looking at some of the t.v. shows bores me to death because it’s not relevant. It’s stuck at a lower level; social values and social reality..NOT Awakening. Resources that DO have e3 (which are rare) are entirely WOW.

It was rare e3’s that awakened me and has brought you Self-Awakening! Hey, media can do more than entertain, it can rock your life and Awaken you! e3 filters out everything else @ lower values. Get involved with our community!

How Can I Judge What Is Of E3 Awakening Value?

“How Can I Judge What Is Of E3 Awakening Value?”

Chances are at best you can only sense what has some of that value. Not to be mean or anything but I can almost guarantee you’re still valuing things through the filter of your Ego and personal preferences if you’re new to all of this. It just takes special time and training to be able to qualify and judge a resource on whether it represents Awakening level values.

I have no doubt that you can get there but you really have to be able to disidentify with your personal preferences and be able to see and experience resources for what they are and the value they represent. I’d say less than 1% of consumers can do this because even if a resource has ‘fun’ or liberating values they still are filtering it personally with their ego.

As you get more advanced your higher consciousness will start to see everything as more Awake and also faster repel things which are really that of lower, oppressive consciousness, agenda or manipulation. Even that requires you to more focus on valuating a resource itself for it’s value

rather than your painting of it being good. I’m sure I’ll have more training on how to do e3 valuation yourself. Stay with the community and I’ll help you effectively judge e3 on your own. The good news with this is you’ll be able to open the world up on your own to bring new Awakening resources into your playlists extending beyond ours. Another good thing is that there ARE other people out there who are qualified to judge resources on their e3 value (esp. Natural Grounding resources). I’ve learned of plenty of new Heart of Sexual e3 resources from other people who could accurately judge.

I’d like to get you involved with e3 valuation so that we can set up an open even definitive database or catalog of ALL media, resources in history and even in pop culture which through consensus we can affirm are of e3 value (I’ll likely have a ‘stamp’ for my approval though).

Stay involved in our community. There are already a whole bunch of e3 Awakeners AND you only have to have a few and really use them to experience radical life transformation because it’s YOU who has to awaken to THEIR level..they just set the standard.