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I’m Very Closed Off To Emotion. I Really Can’t See Myself Doing Things Directly Like This.

“I’m Very Closed Off To Emotion. I Really Can’t See Myself Doing Things Directly Like This.”

Are you an adult Caucasian male? (Just asking 😉

But it’s YOUR Heart and experience of life isn’t it?! Can you see what you’re saying and diverting from? If you’re a professional, educated, middle-aged person it’s probably the single thing you’re MISSING you just don’t want to face that power b/c it’s been devalued.

Many people don’t understand that the more emotional or Heart consciousness you have, the more emotional intelligence you have. That means you can release negative, bad emotions and ‘issues’ that exist at lower levels of emotional consciousness like rage, anger, passive/aggressiveness, frustration, stress, envy, jealousy, greed and so forth. We’re talking more about the power of love, passion, bliss..yeah that stuff.

Heart-Awakening is one of the methods you can use (our version) along with other Heart-based work that is out there as a part of your actual Self-Awakening private session times. Combining releasing work DURING a session with Heart-Awakening is very effective…so do you value clearing out those limitations or do you still want to remain closed off?! 😉

We’ll get more into this in the training, but you have to have a reason why is what it comes down to and then you’ll have access to a lot more unfiltered power that you can drive into healing, performance, creativity, connecting with your passion and purpose for practical results, etc.

Besides, most people indirectly sometimes go towards certain resources like a good ‘chick flick’ or love songs sometimes. You’ll find that what we do is direct and extremely powerful and limitless.

I can help you find your reasons to do that but you should already have a good idea whether it’s for healing, attraction, relationships, passion and performance, infinite creative flow, production output, ingenuity, charisma or more.

How Is Heart-Awakening Different Than Sedona Method or Releasing?

“How Is Heart-Awakening Different Than Sedona Method/Releasing?”

Releasing and letting go is foundational to Self-Awakening from when I created our original Heart-Awakening technique in 1994. Much of it you’ll do naturally during your sessions; it’s just a part of your journey to reach states of higher consciousness and you’ll learn more how we do it through time. Sedona is a great methodology on its own (which has really helped me in different ways) and that which you may want to incorporate into your own Self-Awakening strategy.

I will continue to promote them. We do however, differ slightly in that I don’t know of any other methodology that purposely wants to feel MORE Heart and emotion in experience for its own sake of increasing your connection to your Heart. Some methodologies tend to still value Mind or Soul while filtering, devaluing or diluting Heart. We don’t just use emotion for releasing into a more Soulful valuation or experience of Self…the freedom and strategy is up to you.

Our secret to releasing is simply more emotional consciousness itself. We just keep the respect of Heart pure for what ‘it’ is. Then, releasing becomes natural and easy. You may find that then the place for Sedona and Tapping becomes HYPER effective tools for accelerated and focused releasing. But you can experiment on your own! Everything about Self-Awakening is for you!

Without enough emotional consciousness you can keep trying and trying yet not be able to release while you put more pressure or blame on a method. Have more emotional consciousness and you’ll be able to naturally release; ie. laughing it out or purging it out anyways.

There are different ways to get to an experience of the Greater you. We value the full holistic Self and we value Heart, embrace it and we take a very humanistic approach vs. more of a spiritual identification of Self by also including your capability to experience emotion and sexuality but also to apply it practically to success, fulfillment and endeavor vs. only for healing or zen bliss.

In your experience you’ll really be able to see how awesome different methods complement each other and REALLY become effective…Find what works for you!

How Does Self-Awakening Help Me Take Releasing And ‘Letting Go’ To New Levels?

“I Know That Releasing Is Really Important; How Does Self-Awakening Help Me Take Releasing And ‘Letting Go’ To Entirely New Levels
(Where I Know That I Can Have Impossible Psychological, Sexual And Emotional Freedom And Healing)?”

That’s it..The right questions bring about the answers you’re looking for. I think you already know this answer by already discovering more of what Self-Awakening is about. The real power though is with your experience because it CAN do all of that.

I’ve been professionally releasing in effect and practice for 1,000s of hours emotionally and sexually. The main secret to releasing is simply more consciousness in that area. I am very connected to Heart, Sexiness and Polarity (my Yang in relation to the Feminine Yin) especially.

You’ll discover more of how we do it as you get into the Kit and further training as well as how to effectively empower other releasing methods with sessional work. Fortunately we have a lot of power and leverage to release very rusted over blocks that you may be dealing with. You’re in the right place!