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Sessional Time in Memoriam for the Connecticut Tragedy

I couldn’t really connect with how senseless that recent act was with the school in Connecticut…entirely surreal.  I know someone whose niece was there but was fortunately unharmed.

During last night’s session I felt I had to go into some kind of heart-felt phase to send love and light that direction so I did this playlist on intuition in this order:

‘Love is all around’ – Wet Wet Wet (audio only)


‘Born to be a Lady’ (live on tour) – SNSD
‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’  – SNSD

This is something that you can do in your sessions more and more; getting into deep heart-awakened compassionate states far beyond the personal self.

I’ve done this before in sessions ocassionally in the last 18 months for no apparent reason other than to send love to entire demographics, countries or cultures and I’ve shared this at the events where I resonate for millions of people and we finished the event with something very special.  Something like event DOES call for sending your thoughts, prayers and heart out…and this is something you can do.

Basically I get into a state of ‘love or above’ where the state of compassion and love overwhelms and becomes my frequency; a very powerful state connected to a larger, specific energy field.

So I was sobbing much of the time but in heart-awakened compassion sending energy that direction for the families of the lost.  And during ‘Shine’ something hit me like a ton of bricks:

The power of media can actually SAVE LIVES.  It could prevent people like that from falling into darkness and it could actually give them direct hope and inspiration as they are exposed to it.

This can be done on a larger scale and we can prevent the senseless loss of lives by awakening the world through the power of media.  This is now forged into + along with my greater purpose.  On Dec. 21st, I will be revealing our new direction and clarification.

I recommend to do something like heart-awakened states in your own sessions or in this case that or prayer for the families of the fallen in CT.  Total time was maybe 25 minutes and of very high focus and vibration and then I sent the energy off with folded hands and returned to my session.

Raising your frequency promotes more life to all like the rufous-tailed hummingbird I helped save today after hitting the window.  I’ve also ‘saved’ 2 scorpions and a grasshopper recently.


Donation’s for Hans Zimmer’s Aurora Track

Just wanted to let you know that you can donate to purchase Hans Zimmer’s Aurora track in lieu of the recent event that took place of the Batman movie (Dark Knight Rises) in Aurora Colorado.  I donated $10 and all proceeds go to the Aurora Victim’s Fund.  You can get the track here:


p.s. I haven’t listened to it yet but I’d imagine it will be a powerful, reflective piece that you can also do powerful states of compassion and healing with for yourself and send towards the victims families and those involved



Ridiculously Photogenic Guy & Why We Feel Good

Here’s a new video I made on the ridiculously photogenic guy, his energy, charisma, why millions are attracted to him and why he makes us feel so darn good.


Also, how YOU can be more charismatic and attractive

The Power of One Soundtrack [Now Available]

The book and this soundtrack changed my life and I can never say enough about it.  This is one of the rare highest value resources possible – powerful topline e3.  For Heart-Awakening this is CORE and it’s where it all started for me and our technique of Heart-Awakening (along with a couple other prime e3 resources back in the 90’s).  It is so cathartic and healing.  The Heart & Soul here is pure and paramount…let your ego be swept away completely.

If you aren’t affected by it, you may have to check your pulse!  Start sober-tier conditioning with this and your life will change.  Come back to it in your sessions if you’re really ‘blocked’ and use it as a guaranteed Awakener.  It’s power is so strong the more you awaken to it, it’ll just start cleansing you just thinking about it.

It’s a steal at only $9.99 and I think they should sell it for at least $49.99.  You can get it here:

Yep it’s by Hans Zimmer and it’s my hands-down favorite work of his.  In ways I’m happy it’s so under-rated and lesser known…this is a pure Awakener e3 resource that everyone serious about Awakening should have.  Maybe it can be known as that popularly for its real power beyond consumer opinion or demographics!

p.s. it’s important to truly experience it in e3: energy, emotion and egolessness…if you’re kind of ‘stuck’ in an experience of the politics or social issues you’re completely missing the power and point of pure Heart and energy @ higher consciousness which has no borders or limitations even of different ethnicities.  All Heart has no prejudice and is universal.  We can awaken to our own Heart & Soul by the resonancy of those who already are very connected to theirs.  It’s not just a voice of Africa but of all people longing for powerful personal freedom beyond description.




“The Integrity of Heart & Soul…

is absolute.

You just have to connect with it.”  -RF


More advanced levels of consciousness (subjective experience) include submission to that universal power, untainted by ego…few do connect and become one with it b/c of the ego-serving values of the ego-self prevent it