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Holiday Transformation Challenge

Will you take the challenge?!  (Meant esp. for single men)

btw Happy Thanksgiving if you’re American.  Now;

How’d you like to see major improvements between now and New Year’s?  Let’s do it!

Here’s a VERY simple assignment and holiday treat from me and SNSD to you to radically uplevel your confidence, attractiveness and connection with women.  And it may just be something you’ll never forget as a big catalyst.

So here’s the ‘challenge’.

Just experience this video on loop 3x daily, EVERY day until New Year’s:

In 6.5 minutes per day you will be a very evolved man by New Years.  Women will want to be around you more and they won’t be able to describe it.

Now; I could do an entire audio or video training on it but you’ll want to reference these points and insights (possibly even daily):

* Give yourself freedom to open up…ideally in a private space

* When doing Natural Grounding to this video you want to get your energy engaged as much as possible.  Get your, heart, sexiness, soul and qi openly involved and let the law of resonance affect your experience to a higher vibration.

* Value alignment with life above everything

* Let any emotions come out b/c you’re melting away years of misalignment, dis-connection and dysfunctional values.

* Submit to a higher experience…even if it feels 20x more powerful than Christmas morning in the past, receive the experience.

* Condition yourself into a higher experience with it each time so it continually raises your state to a higher and deeper level

* When the world around you hasn’t, they are filling you with love and self-esteem, you don’t need it outside of yourself.  They’re only helping you to find it within yourself…then you can be this advancement for others b/c you are in a higher true can sustain more of this reality forward

* They are connecting you to divine alignment with life itself even when you don’t see it in the women around you (and you soon will).

* You choose to be in alignment even when others aren’t

* RECEIVE the love

* You can also bring in other healing and releasing methods (more advanced)

* You are the balance to this energy as why they are so free, they are free in relation to the divine masculine in relation to you..accept that about yourself and let it transform and empower you dissolving all the junk

* Getting emotional is GOOD because it’s getting you emotionally in alignment with life and attraction itself; this is from empowerment


* Don’t hate our women for not being like this, etc.; this is THEIR evolution and b/c it’s not popular for now; only you can bring that higher experience to them

* You are a liberator of women into a higher experience; YOU become the change you want to see; DON’T wait for at a higher level yourself w/o needing any kind of response

* Let this knowing of reality be stronger than the lower conscious reality around you; you must carry this higher experience with you to awaken others and not fall down to their lower experience and disconnection

Again, the more your conscious energy is engaged, the more in alignment with life and the creative (sexual) force of attraction itself

Keep attuning to a higher experience of ‘reality’!  You are the one who can awaken women; that knowing must be greater than the reality outside of yourself (which is @ lower consciousness and disconnection)

So…are you up for the challenge?  Ideally set a time aside each day when you have privacy to do it..and then do it every day at that time.  If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up over it and just get back to it.  Don’t let anyone else judge for this if they ‘catch you’ doing this…they aren’t in a position to judge, nor are they qualified to have ANY clue what you’re actually doing (transformation with media is still new).

If you’re already doing regular NG sessions, then add this video to your mix.

For those that have blocks about ‘videos’ being spiritual or that we should go more into a subtractive state away from the clutter of life, keep in mind that;

You don’t ‘need’ the video to feel happy or empowered, but it helps you to actually get to that level of experience again in a world that isn’t as connected to love and life AND when you may not be @ that level yourself/normally.  Spirituality is about higher subjective experience not only in stillness but in the joy of love, life and the co-creative balance and power of sex.

Let these goddesses be your guide!  This transformational challenge will help you to be FAR more confident, empowered and connected with women wherever you go b/c you carry this connection and fulfillment within.




Is This ‘Really’ A Free Methodology?

“Is This ‘Really’ A Free Methodology? (There must be hidden fees or something..)”

Yes it’s free. Although you can use for a lot of e3 resources, the disclaimer is that it’s officially encouraged that you simply by the original resources of the artists when and where possible for several reasons discussed elsewhere but mostly because it’s the right thing to do (and good karma). And that you also invest in other methodologies that you’re getting into where and when possible.

Awakening level e3 media is far more valuable than consumer level entertainment or values…well, that would be for you to discover but once you get into it, the value and experiences can and will be infinitely greater. You’ll know.

You can also interact with others who have more experience to get an idea how awesome just the free stuff you NEVER have to upgrade. Our community and what’s shared and released there from me will also be very very valuable in your own Greater Self Growth.

With that said, if you ever choose to have additional training or support you can always upgrade to the group coaching and training program we have with monthly new content and other products, events or training that come out that will really take your Greater Self growth to new levels with insights, tips, training, resources, interactivity and more from me that won’t be available to the general community.

This will simply leverage your journey and take your reality to higher levels much faster. Every client I’ve been with in the last year I’ve shaved at least 1,000 hours off of their curve. The closer you can get to my time personally, generally the more expensive it will be. If you are the leader of another methodology and are interested in discovering or promoting Self-Awakening personally/professionally. Feel free to contact me. rion @

How Can A Woman Become A Radiant Goddess?

“How Can A Woman Become A Radiant Goddess?”

By practically stepping into her Greater and Higher Self. How? Through Self-Awakening which is the practice of tangibly connecting to your Greater Self (primarily sexual and emotional through relational meditation). It’s just revealing the power and beauty that is already there but not from a social or independent (ego) position.

Stick with our global community as I’ll be giving more training on how to do this beyond the Starter Kit itself. The experience is that you start experiencing more conscious holistic energy outside of your mental thought. It’s already you, you’re just not used to it.

With the strong focus on Spirituality, Heart and Sexuality (and whether I should Capitalize these or not) have generally been neglected in my mind. By being able to practically experience each of the energies a woman will be able to heal all kinds of specific issues by becoming more conscious. The liberation and healing will be more self-evident even if she sensed something was still missing before.

The more conscious energy she can experience or bask in sexually and spiritually, the more powerful it will be to heal her state, melt her energy blocks, stress, tension and everything the ego is holding onto. The effects she will know and feel. This includes health, wellness, anti-aging, reducing stress, cleaner energy, radiance, reduced tension and stress lines, bliss, even euphoria at higher levels of sexual consciousness.

Sexual-Awakening via Natural Grounding, polarity calibration or polarity healing will start revealing her radiance. Once a woman starts FEELING liberated it will be difficult to hide it because the bliss comes from within and in addition to Spiritual she will feel light and free in her yin/feminine in relation to the grounding earth power of Yang energy.

It’s important to note again, the primary importance of sexual energy and polarity. There is a lot of work that is focused on Spirituality (meditation), the body (yoga), the mind (obviously with education, self-improvement, reading, etc.) When a woman can specifically connect to her higher sexual yin energy and the power and liberty that exists there with Sexual-Awakening techniques, I think she will find what she has felt and known has been intuitively been missing.

With ALL of the yoga in the world (Body) and zen meditation (Soul), there is just something about the higher sexual energy that is important that the others just can’t truly fulfill on their own (although are very important). This brings more of the holistic balance in for complete renewal, energy healing and revival…there just wasn’t enough support or training out there in this area least not quite like this.

It is a direct key to natural healing, wellness, balance and the uniquely feminine power that she’s been missing in experience from all of the suppression of today and daily life. The experience is not a social, political or an ego-based one. It’s a knowing and a glowing 😉

So I Can Progress To Another Level Of Reality Beyond All Of My Anxieties, Blocks, Pains And Issues?

“So I Can Progress To Another Level Of Reality Beyond All Of My Anxieties, Blocks, Pains And Issues?”

Yes. And it’s not something you can do effectively with Mind either unless the problems ARE mental or logical in nature (but that’s what many Westerners are trying to still do; solve Heart, Soul or Sexiness issues with their Mental energy and they are spending years of their time in frustration doing it).

We can reference Dr. Hawkins scale of consciousness and how most people only stay within a few points their entire life is because they don’t value Awakening nor have the tools to massively increase their consciousness directly. You don’t have to be limited by the lower social reality around you. Our community will support you on your path.

When you detach yourself not just from form but from identifying with your problems and realize they only exist at a certain level of reality (and that others can just slip into those energy fields and continue to attract more of that frequency), you can more freely evolve your conscious knowing of reality to higher levels where there are no anxieties, or issues and there is only peace, empowerment, awesomeness, possibilities, capabilities and bliss.

If you’re around happy, liberated and grateful people eventually you will melt your issues and rise up to their level. If you’re around negativity and a pessimistic social group, at that level of consciousness you’ll generally be pulled down to that level (until you reach higher mastery and even then you won’t attract energy like that).

It’s not the people, it’s their level of subjective experience. You just have to change the energy field you’re attracting which is also why attuning to higher conscious media does miracles with Self-Awakening.

YOU are the one who changes as your consciousness evolves because the power/energy is affecting your experience. This is a much faster and more powerful path to personal growth than only an Ego driven one that values doing everything with mental power.

When you can connect with your Greater Self and be in higher states you’ll be able to do things you never thought were possible from the level of living in the identifications you know as your current circumstances or ‘self’.

Rising in consciousness is also how you solve any problem (in any field) btw and you can reference the Einstein quote of “You can’t solve a problem at the same level (of consciousness) it was created.”

We can now just qualify and differentiate types of consciousness on their different levels for what they are; it’s not just spiritual, it’s emotional, sexual, mental and physical as well. This differentiation is foundational to really work in this area of ‘Greater’ Self. With Self-Awakening we value and work on all of those areas to expand your experience of reality to higher levels that are massively transformational, priceless and awesome.

It’s not something you ‘make up’, it’s what you feel and know is real and when you FEEL on top of the world in ACTUALITY, that is when you’re starting to Awaken to the power that you already are, unfiltered and unhindered. Certain problems only exist at certain energy frequencies and levels of consciousness. This helps you to liberate yourself from continuing in a sucky cycle.

Have emotional or sexual issues? The only direct real answer is not just to do more releasing but to raise your Heart and sexual consciousness and you’ll be able to naturally release them (although bringing it actively in WILL help accelerate the process). As your experience changes, you just won’t have the same issues anymore.

This is central to experiencing healing and having psychological, sexual, emotional or releasing if you were still blocked..if you’re rusted into like a 20 year old bolt in the garage, you’ll just have to have more power to set it free and handle it. Increase your consciousness and ability to experience that type of energy, get more connected to Source/Divine and as you’re disidentified with them, your experience changes to a level of reality where the issues just don’t exist.

Then you can do anything. There is a lot more training on conciousness when you get further into Self-Awakening or instantly with my paid level Group Coaching monthly program.

Other Awakening Methodologies

Other Awakening, Healing, Releasing Methodologies or Practices
{Rion Approved}:

The Sedona Method
Zen Meditation

 How to Do Zen Meditation

Chakra Work
Kundalini Work
Mind Movies

Other Ancient Arts or New Age, Spiritual Methodologies to look into:

The Silva Method
Lefkoe Method
Quantum Jumping
Qi Gong / Tai Chi
Breathing Exercises
Visualization Methods
Distance Healing
Astral Projection
Feng Shui
Binaural Beats
The Austin Meetup Holistic Community
(will give you an idea of even more stuff)