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How to Flow

Being in the higher state of consciousness is where you have the breakthroughs, inspiration and flow.
Being in the higher state of consciousness is where you have the breakthroughs, inspiration and flow.
Self-Awakening directly gets you into those higher states of consciousness consistently and predictably so your flow is not just when you’re ego is rested to let higher consciousness enter your mind while you’re brushing your teeth.


How Many Languages Do You Speak?

“How Many Languages Do You Speak?”

German, Spanish, Portugese, Thai, Body Language and fragments of other languages like French, Swedish, Japanese, etc. Although I learn incredibly fast esp. with immersion (picking up conversational Portuguese easily in a weekend of partying), I don’t have as much time valuation for it with everything going on or I’d already be fluent in a dozen languages if it was my main valuation.

With 5 hours logged in vocab and only a few Pimsleurs once through before, I plan to be conversational in Italian in 1 good day of immersion there. 1 semester in French already, just require a good 2 weeks of proper immersion and I’ll be close to fluent (more difficult to me than Italian b/c of the conjugations and accents). The Romantic languages have similar roots so with cross-vocab it becomes intuitive and you may as well learn them all. I did study German for like 7 years but I’ll branch into Scandinavian languages later.

I plan to learn Hiragana in 6 hours and coming up with a strategy for it (although I won’t have 100% retention though). I learned the Korean alphabet in 4 hours + how to read (at basic level), the Greek alphabet in 5 minutes and reading some Greek within the hour. I can read Russian cyrillic just under normal reading pace but vocab is a different story. I can read, speak and understand deeper conversational Thai but have to get real immersion (difficult when people want to keep speaking English to you) + work on my tonals more.

There are disclaimers as meine Grammatik ist noch sehr schlecht und no puedo cuando la gente habla muy rápido, etc..All of it is possible because when you remove the resistance of the Mind/ego and it’s active blocks going against ‘what you already know is real’ you’re able to intake, soak in, retain and learn things a lot faster like a young child. I’ll be training in this area in the future.

So Self-Awakening Is Different Or More Powerful Than Self-Help?

“So Self-Awakening Is Different Or More Powerful Than Self-Help? How Is That Possible? I Thought Mind Was Everything..”

You already know in experience that a feeling can be far, far more influential than a mere thought.

The ‘educated’ West has just devalued and suppressed the power of Heart with its pure states of emotional power and consciousness (in Self-Help especially b/c they don’t view it as equal to Mind power); and instead have taken a very ego-driven ‘mindset’ towards work, performance and living. In ways, it’s been great.

There have been many advancements in technology and Western medicine for example but reality is that we’ve become disconnected from who we really are in human experience; our Greater Self. In fact, few people ever tap that potential and they are the greatest avatars in history.

By being OUT of balance and only valuing mental (thought) consciousness/experience in life, all kinds of other issues rise up and your ego ends up blocking your bliss, passion, potential and performance. Things that CAN’T be resolved with Mind which the West has been trying to figure out with the Mind.

Awakening is more powerful than the strongest Mind or Ego because we directly value and deal with Heart, Sexiness, Body & Soul. I don’t think I have to say anymore for you to have an idea how powerful that could be, now we’re just including them in our valuation of Self and self-identity.

And don’t get me wrong; education, higher knowledge, specialized knowledge are GREAT and I’m always continuing there in different fields as well, but we extend into the areas beyond the Mind where there already ARE no limits to the power that already exists there.

This includes your Mind/Ego but you are MORE than that even in daily experience. This really expands your ‘Self’ Growth. Self-Awakening as you’ll discover has taken a practical and performance-driven edge to working with holistic consciousness and practically connecting with your Greater Self (Heart, Body, Sexiness & Soul).

The ego sees separation and individuality. Awakening values connecting to the oneness of all that is but in practical experience so that you know and feel it is real. It’s a very different strategy but one that WILL support your practical, performance values, attraction and manifesting real world dreams; you just step into more of who you really are.

I see it as the clear future of Self-Help as we enter the era of ‘Greater Self’ Help. Directly Awakening is a core valuation of accessing your true power and potential and experiencing a personal and professional renaissance directly.

So The Greatest Performers And Producers..

“So The Greatest Performers And Producers..”

..Are simply more connected to Heart (than you are)!

They allow higher states of source to Flow through them. They’re not better than you, they just usually have a reason to do it and a better relationship with their Greater Self, are more connected to it in experience and have found ways to output it. A Mozart, Beethoven, Hans Zimmer, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison even a Ryan Tedder are people who simply had higher consciousness beyond their Mind and had ways to output it.

The more connected you are to Source Oneness/the Divine in experience, the more Flow you’ll have, more inspiration and you’ll just have to give it ways to output it, unless you enjoy just basking in states of awesomeness. Because I’m connected to performance and production output, I’m usually flowing non-stop during Awakening sessions and I have to turn it off if I just want to have more of an outrageous experience.

Will Self-Awakening Help Me To Flow?

“Will Self-Awakening Help Me To Flow And Access States Of Flow For My Professional Or Creative Demands And Desires?”

Yep. In fact I still know of no other way to do it as simply or directly. Everything else is either ‘hard work’, kept secret, unknown or discreet. This is the fast-track directly.

(Apologies if this question is too similar to the last one..if nothing else, a quick reinforcement of how valuable it is..some people will be firing through the bookmark tabs fast! Also version 1.1 whenever it comes out will have some updates, thx)

For years I was frustrated that absolutely no one could tell me how to get into states of Flow. They referenced it as ‘talent’ or ‘luck’ or ‘1 hit wonder’. They valued and edified it but could never say how other than ‘hard work’, lots of practice or many many hours. That wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted to know HOW to consistently output golden eggs.

Sure my ego wanted to find out and the experience of flow IS egoless but without that drive and curiosity to KNOW ‘how to flow’ along with the greater drive of performance requiring power, I never would have discovered as predictable and simple a formula as Self-Awakening for guaranteed flow. You simply have to build a better relationship with your Heart.

Try it for yourself and see how Self-Awakening as the free methodology will help you to access consistent states of creative flow for performance, professional and creative output.