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Basic Outlook on Healing With Self-Awakening

Higher consciousness is always the resolution to resolve issues and problems.  The problems you have in your holistic health on the non-physical level can all be resolved simply through higher consciousness.  That really must be for each type of conscious energy.  You must become more conscious yourself in each area to experience healing there.

If you want sexual healing, use higher conscious sexual energy.

If you want emotional healing, it’s best to use specifically higher conscious emotional energy.

If you want psychological healing, transcend the ego altogether.

With Self-Awakening this healing energy is right in front of you so you don’t have to ‘make it up’, imagine or visualize it.  You just have to learn to open up and resonate with it (awakening) to experience healing on those levels.


If you’re not conscious in an area, you have issues, blocks and problems.  So just find an area of life where you have issues, blocks and problems and become more conscious in that area!

Oh..What’s that?  You’re a professional Westerner and have emotional and sexual problems, anxieties and blocks that you don’t want to always acknowledge or face?  No way!  :b

Tell me about that, they were what?  Stuck in the closet all these years while you were improving yourself, meditating and focused on Mind, Body & Soul?  Could that be possible?!  Could they have been overlooked while still hiding in the closet?  Hmm…

Ok, maybe it’s just time to accept Heart and Sexiness for what they are (emotional and sexual consciousness), let them out of the dark closet, become more conscious and get healed in those areas for total freedom, health and evolution.

Remaining non-conscious and hiding or suppressing emotionality and sexuality in the closet is doing more damage than good AND it’s affecting your heart health.  The subject of healing is so important and vast that a new methodology is being formed influenced off of Self-Awakening and it’s called ‘New Self Healing’..more details coming soon.


Beyond Judgment Into Spiritual Experience

Until you stop judging, you’re not there yet.  This is a foundation of effectively doing Self-Awakening style work (where you’re attuning or being affected in relationship to already awakened energy and letting it alter your state).

You can compare this in parallel to Spiritual foundational work around the world;

The transcendence of the ego, beyond judgment and in Hawkins terms, entering the realm of the non-linear where you are beyond form, positionalities and duality (there’s equal and opposites, this and that, hot and cold, good and evil, Korean or non-Korean).

In higher experience, beyond all judgment and in pure conscious experience free from the ego you’re able to be affected spiritually (and emotionally, sexually) by the energy.

It doesn’t matter what your opinions are or whether you even care for Korean culture, the food, the language, the looks, etc.

Unfortunately most consumers will remain in lower states of conscious experience; they’ll judge things infinitely based on what they like and don’t like and they’ll make divisions based on socio-cultural values (all made by man and of lower consciousness than what already ‘is’ without filtering).

That personal (ego) and social experience is filled entirely of ego and is preventing a truly liberated experience beyond judgment where you can feel the energy in spiritual and non-linear realms.

Keep working at it so that you can get beyond all judgments or ego influence during your sessions and you’ll start being in the real groundwork of Awakening and what it can do (miracles!)

You’ll know you’re there when you dive right into non-judgmental states and then sometimes catch yourself with a ‘thought’…urge to awaken and be mostly in non-judgmental states to truly let awakened energy effect you and evolve your reality.

You know I didn’t even know what I was doing could be called ‘spiritual’ for several years but that’s exactly what it is.  Are you beyond all judgments yet during your sessions?  Comment!

Would This Conflict With My Spiritual Journey?

“Would This Conflict With My Spiritual Journey?”

No, it actually enhances, expands and empowers it. And if you don’t have one, don’t worry..I didn’t get in for that either; it’s just now expanded into that because my evolution has been so quantum there was nowhere else to go but up there in expanding my experience.

There shouldn’t be any contradictions other than a different approach because we have respect and integrity for higher consciousness on all levels free from ego-filtering and dilution. We’re also using energy in media via

attunement, synergy or ‘relational meditation’ a lot so that is just a different experience than silent introspection or zen meditation.

You mind find you may have to expand your valuation from more of a Soul approach more into the spirituality of Heart and Sexiness, OR to simply bring new insight to your Spiritual journey.

It’s ALL up to you and where you’d like to go. Like me however, you may find that you extend during your journey naturally into other areas as now I’m into spirituality and Soul when I wasn’t in the beginning.

So I would say to try and keep an open state about it and see where things take you! I will tell you this that getting into higher states of Heart and Sexual/Polarity will cross-grade and empower your Spiritual states and bring new depth to them. We’re talking priceless value here as you connect more to Oneness in all of your human experience.

As you get into attuning to higher conscious media and energy ‘around you’, you’ll experience new depths and heights of reality.

What Is This ‘Unfolding Of The Universe’ Malarkey?

“What Is This ‘Unfolding Of The Universe’ Malarkey?”

As you bring more of the truth of that which already is INTO your tangible experience on all levels holistically you’ll be more and more amazed. The more you connect with the source and power of feeling states of emotional, sexual, physical and spiritual awesomeness in your experience, the more empowered, attractive and capable you will be.

It all comes down to how connected you are in subjective experience to the source of oneness, the Divine, that which exists in all things ‘energy’. Infinite personal growth really is about Awakening to that which already is and bringing it into your experience more and more instead of driving things forward with your defensive, prideful ego in separation; it’s just a slower, more difficult path to success and fulfillment on all levels.

So by tangibly doing the practice of Self-Awakening and other top level New Age or Ancient practices you’ll be able to connect more to that which already is in experience beyond the filter of your Mind. You can have a zen approach but we do something else that is open for you in addition or extension of it; to feel the greatness of presence and the world around you in Heart and Sexual experiences as well.

I’m just speaking from experience. I used to feel separate and was very ego-driven. More power opens up when you can practically open up to the power that you already are in experience by taking in more of the energy that already exists in the world into your reality. This is when REAL success, abundance and quality of life opens up for you.

When someone laughs in a room, that Heart/emotional energy is contagious and can affect you. It’s universal and passes through air. You can attract more of that which will Awaken you to finally see the world that already exists with new eyes no matter what your age. YOU are the one who has to change as it already exists in infinite awesomeness.