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Shine Teaser Sample [.mpg]

You can download this 20 second clip of ‘Shine’ here (save as).

shine_sample [48 mb]

World (youtube) release Sunday, May 20th, 2012.  Watch for it!  And you can comment on Youtube or the Self-Awakening thread for Shine.



Shine Wallpaper [Download]

Here you can download these design comps of ‘Shine’ as wallpaper for your desktop.  You might be able to right click and ‘set as desktop background’ or just download.

Shine_1280 x 1024

Shine_1600 x 1200

Version 2

1600 x 1200

1280 x 1024

Note: They’re not my best Photoshop works nor necessarily fully representative of the life-changing value of the Shine video production resource but they ARE additional, connected value to the production.  Enjoy!  Disclaimer: See the video disclaimer…original copyrights belong to respective owners.  Fair Use Copyright guidelines and promotional standard.


‘Shine’ Cast List

Here’s a list of the performers, artists, appearances and cameos in the ‘Shine’ production.  Send them your interest, gratitude and consider buying their stuff..they are bringing a lot of consciousness to the table for you.

In general order of appearance:

Tom Hanks [Joe Vs. The Volcano]
Q’orianka Kilcher
Bua Chompoo Ford
Olivia Newton John
Lisa Hannigan
Whitney Houston [R.I.P.]
Lisa Nichols
Marion Cotillard
Jennifer Grey
Ellen Page
Beach Boy Video Surfer
Leona Lewis
Beach Boys Girl #1
YaYa Ying
Jennifer Politanont
Beach Boys Girl #2
Jodhi May
Nicole Theriault
Jennifer Grey & Patrick Swayze
SNSD HAHA Airport People
Cate Blanchett
Freida Pinto
Lanna Commins
Virginie Ledoyen & Leonardo DiCaprio [The Beach]
Céline Dion
‘Grease’ Girls
Morning Musume
African Woman – A New Day
Shania Twain
WTHIsMATT Indian Girls
Selena Gomez
Ofra Haza
Shirley Temple

The Sun

The Earth

The Moon

Shine Release Date Set

Sunday, May 20th 2012.
Great News

A release date has finally been set for the online release of the
new top line Super awakening resource ‘Shine’.  Get excited for this
as it has infinite healing, releasing and transformational power.

I’ve put a solid 2 weeks of work into it and it’s gearing up to be
an absolute miracle worker of awakening power.  Expect a lot because
Shine is going to blow you away.

Already this resource is legendary has a special mystique because of
its effect AND it was completely lost for 3 weeks.

At our world premiere in Medellin @ our live event I tripled my
healing power with it lighting my arms on white fire and a big
spiritual buzz and mpgamer was in a deep spiritual experience.

Now I can feel spiritual energy and healing power in my arms.

That energy of the premiere anti-aged all of the attendees about 5
years from that experience and my energy field.  And that was a SINGLE
showing.  They’ve only seen it once and it was 1 persons most powerful
experience w/awakening – EVER.

No one else has seen it and on Sunday night its yours!

This complimentary resource officially promotes all of the artists
that are included in it (so you’ll want to later likely buy their stuff)
but this resource you’ll be able to condition to and evolve yourself
massively 24/7 on your iPhone, laptop or anywhere (esp. in your sessions).

Look for more info on the release of ‘Shine’ leading up to it where I can
maybe give you a sneak peak of what’s included!


p.s. I even improved (kaizen) it to make it even MORE of a spiritual powerhouse


Q: How Do I Know If a Video Resource Is an Awakening One?

You can often gauge awakening power by the level of effect (a resource) has on you.  -RF


As you get more Self-Awakening style experience with conscious, awakened energy in media and dozens of hours of experience beyond the filter of your ego, you’ll be a more accurate judge of a resource calibre.  Also you can use the Hawkins Scale to calibrate them. If you’re still living and judging media from your personal preferences, you’re not yet advanced enough to have a more accurate idea of what has holistic awakening power.  Please follow our recommendations.