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Advanced State of Connection [Yuri] 유리

This is a VERY connected state of consciousness.  It is very powerful on its own and in context of the video.  The world is in her energy.  It’s from flower power and always stands out for me as ridiculously connected.  It may seem somber but what it really is is powerful and connected to universal consciousness.  I said before she was more socially connected to Korea but here she’s truly universal.

There’s a lot of work you could do with this and I could coach/teach on it for hours.  It’s great to see how advanced they are becoming; powers of which the world can awaken to for decades from now.  Only a handful of people in the world at this point might catch these nuances in context of the power of media as a new spiritual most of them may be on this forum!  Not even sure if the producers themselves at SM entertainment know what they’re working with but I hope they keep it up anyways.

All of SNSD have their own spiritual signs of divine connected expression when their default is beyond personal self..Tiffany and Seohyun ie. are very connected in spiritual goddess expression as well I can show; I mean actual expressions that are infinitely divine and powerful.

The Scientific Track to Oneness [Unified Field]

This is a video of Dr. Hagelin on consciousness and essentially oneness.  It’s very refreshing to hear that quantum physics and the scientific approach is basically discovering spirituality…those roads are converging.  Listening to it seems to reflect spiritual accuracy and I’m understanding everything he’s saying the first time but it’s so relevant and dense that it’s worth watching several times.  We’re really in an exciting time and over the next several years I think many more people will be involved in discovering this convergence.

Power Tip to Raise Your Vibration and Experience

Start off with something very high conscious (after you have warmed up a little or conditioned yourself to get into state fast).  I’ve had this tip years ago but it’s still effective.

Considering the scale of consciousness and that with the concept of Self-Awakening including all (spiritual) media as well that would be even more spiritual than what I was used to years ago, I am trying right now ‘Kyrie’ (which was instantly ridiculously conscious to me on first experience) with a freezeframe nach (after) a Palmy video which I started with.

Something rated in the 700’s has a very powerful energy field behind it to shift YOUR state/experience/consciousness when you start to resonate with it.  Mixing different high frequency things that seem to resonate can also amplify the effect, ie. attuning to both Eckhart and Palmy as mentioned previously (or was that just on the paid membership level?).

For those who are not yet doing all-nighters, the more you get into this the faster time will pass and you’ll realize you could keep some things on infinite loop or freezeframe as your own consciousness expands.




A Word on Spirituality & Media

When you already have a resource of awakened conscious energy, all you have to do is start resonating on its levels spiritually, emotionally and sexually beyond the experience of the ego (with it’s filters and prejudices).

Awakened energy already exists in conscious media.  You don’t have to be there physically in the studio or @ the event to experience it’s power.

The same power is already there because everything is energy and you can be affected on the same non-physical levels by the energetic act of Resonancy.  This power is invisible (spiritual), timeless and infinite.  You can be affected and transformed 50 years after something was recorded because the conscious energy is spiritual and unattached to form.

Break down the barriers and accept that media is spiritual in it’s non-physicality.  Then attract higher conscious media and build a powerful relationship of resonancy with it to experience miraculous healing and self awakening.

Taking Your Personal Power & Aura From 4” to the Cosmos

Here’s a post on taking your personal power, aura and your reach and influence from 4″ to the stars and beyond.  This is hyper relevant if you want more social power and influence or ‘rock star’ energy and charisma.