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The Dawn of a New Era…[Entertain Success]

I got back from Chichen Itza today and have some photos I’ll be adding to my Facebook account soon.  What a blessing to be at that place on such an historic day.

With that said, I want to make this short as I’ll be expanding on it all as we transition (and I’m tired from travels) but I promised you a special announcement today.

It’s a new clarification and direction with where we are headed and one that is in full and perfect alignment with my own dharma (and it’s taken quite a while for this clarity on something so grand that is also connected to people on a large scale).

I can now safely say on this historic date 12/21/12:

We’re going to awaken the world through entertainment and media…well, that’s one half of it and the grander vision.

More specifically with what we’re doing here (SelfA), we’re going to be the frontlines of ‘transformation with media’.

I’m dedicating the rest of my life to transformational media and transformation WITH media.  Both with producing it (on a more major scale) and helping you and others transform WITH media in how you use it for real success, healing, attraction, results in life.

This puts us as a convergence between both the entertainment and spirituality/growth industries.  It also has us as a potential mass evolution of consumer experience within 15 years.

100 millions of people are into ‘education’ and ‘diversion’ with media and there is hardly anything on transformation yet we’re so experienced with it AND I found out through G.A.T.E. that transformational entertainment is a new $125 billion industry which shows that people care about it besides us (phwew!).

Really, transformation with media is what we do if you go down to it at the core.  So, our new branding is going to be

‘Entertain Success’
‘Entertain Transformation’

Self-Awakening and at least the community will stay but we’re still seeing how it’s going to transition and evolve.  Also, there will be of course ongoing transformational programs that aren’t directly related to xfor w/media.

So I’m excited to announce this and let’s give it some time as I’ll be up north for the holidays w/family and I’ll get community feedback and as we go into 2013 we’ll see it evolve and take shape!

I feel so relieved as this is my own voice and who I really am in heart and soul at the core and it’s great to finally have this clarity…more details coming soon.  There will be new training coming up, etc. too.

And welcome to the new era of awakening the world through the power of media and transformation with media!!  You can leave feedback here


Tuning Into Goddess Level Consciousness From 1 Photo [수영]

Taken directly from the joint RELM 58 (cross applied with) Self-Awakening awareness session, here is me leading a more logical session on cuing into Goddess level consciousness for getting more power out of your awakening sessions with SNSD Girls’ Generation Tiffany and Sooyoung.

Basic Outlook on Healing With Self-Awakening

Higher consciousness is always the resolution to resolve issues and problems.  The problems you have in your holistic health on the non-physical level can all be resolved simply through higher consciousness.  That really must be for each type of conscious energy.  You must become more conscious yourself in each area to experience healing there.

If you want sexual healing, use higher conscious sexual energy.

If you want emotional healing, it’s best to use specifically higher conscious emotional energy.

If you want psychological healing, transcend the ego altogether.

With Self-Awakening this healing energy is right in front of you so you don’t have to ‘make it up’, imagine or visualize it.  You just have to learn to open up and resonate with it (awakening) to experience healing on those levels.


If you’re not conscious in an area, you have issues, blocks and problems.  So just find an area of life where you have issues, blocks and problems and become more conscious in that area!

Oh..What’s that?  You’re a professional Westerner and have emotional and sexual problems, anxieties and blocks that you don’t want to always acknowledge or face?  No way!  :b

Tell me about that, they were what?  Stuck in the closet all these years while you were improving yourself, meditating and focused on Mind, Body & Soul?  Could that be possible?!  Could they have been overlooked while still hiding in the closet?  Hmm…

Ok, maybe it’s just time to accept Heart and Sexiness for what they are (emotional and sexual consciousness), let them out of the dark closet, become more conscious and get healed in those areas for total freedom, health and evolution.

Remaining non-conscious and hiding or suppressing emotionality and sexuality in the closet is doing more damage than good AND it’s affecting your heart health.  The subject of healing is so important and vast that a new methodology is being formed influenced off of Self-Awakening and it’s called ‘New Self Healing’..more details coming soon.


N.G. Tip: Value the Source of Sexual Power

For more healing and awakening power in your Natural Grounding or Self-Awakening sessions, value connecting to the source of sexual energy and power rather than the lower conscious byproduct manipulations of it like sex in advertising, glamour, fashion, beauty industry, sexploitation and pornography (all manufactured to manipulate your conscious energy for socio-economic means).

The source is yin/yang polarity and it’s sexual/spiritual energy which attracts and creates new (human) life.  Every thing physical about you is a manifestation of higher sexual and spiritual energy.

Use good e3 awakened, goddess and yang resources which connect you to the source of that attraction; core yin and yang energy, give you more healing, power, transformation and attraction.

Porn and sexploitation are lower consciousness manipulations of sexual energy filtered by ego and socio-economic agenda; they are further away from the truth of the power itself.

You can reconnect yourself to source with Sexual or Self-Awakening.  Source spiritual consciousness is the most powerful, you just have to awaken to be affected by that which already is and bring it practically into your experience.  Value that and start resonating on higher levels with it and it’ll give you the power to heal all non-physical sexual issues, anxieties and trauma as well.

The stronger your connection to source, the more you become a channel of divine sexual energy yourself and the more power of attraction and chemistry you’ll have with the opposite sex.

What’s the Difference Between ‘Grounding’ and ‘Awakening’?

Eventually things evolved with a name of ‘Natural Grounding’ when I was working with special resources (videos of awakened women or living goddesses).

Grounding is where the feminine ‘yin’ energy helps to ‘ground’ you into earth as a man.  It’s that special relationship between these energies of sexual polarity that helps to increase your sexual consciousness, remove the blocks to the energetic attraction of sexuality in the world around you and builds a relationship to the feminine of powerful attraction and connection.

‘Grounding’ helps men to re-center into their masculine, earthier energy in relation to the lighter, liberated sky of female energy.  So really for these years there was a strong sexuality to Natural Grounding.

Natural Grounding has already changed the lives of 1000s of men around the world but there’s more to it.

Things started evolving when I got more and more progressively into ‘higher’ levels of conscious experience; it’s still sexual because of the relevancy OF the polarity in experience but now it’s a different brand of experience (of which must have non-attachment from outcomes as well as a valuation beyond your own personal self or desire for relationships).

The ‘higher’ experience you could call ‘awakening’ of which there are many things to say.  I knew what I was doing for so many years (and others) was very experiential but I didn’t call it ‘spiritual’ or spirituality.  If you’re ready to accept that though, it’s exactly what it is.

You could call advanced Natural Grounding the spirituality of sex or a spiritual experience of sexuality.   Grounding is more into earth and physicality, Awakening is more into the heavens and spirituality but you could call it all ‘Awakening’ because either way you’re connecting more to the beyond-ego power and truth that already exists and you’re bringing that connection into your practical energy, experience and reality (as being more than your name or personality).

The Awakening power of Natural Grounding resources is that you can have an infinite expansion of consciousness as the energy affects your subjective state and takes you into higher levels of reality far beyond that of judgments and the ego.

Further away from the earthier, more physical ‘grounded’ state, is higher levels of connection to the oneness of all energy, source, consciousness or what some refer to as ‘God’.

The beauty of what is now called ‘Self-Awakening’ (which includes Natural Grounding and an infinite conscious experience) is that you aren’t limited either way!  It’s all coming from higher, egoless consciousness and has infinite power to heal you for many different purposes; attraction, relationships, physical healing, emotional wellbeing, enlightenment, bliss, infinite creativity, miracles, etc.

Get involved with Self-Awakening!