Start Simple With Natural Grounding [Yin]

I recommend to start with simple clear examples of yin energy and ‘natural’ character so you know what it is.  Get a good 100 hours of grounding in there +.  Standard Palmy, Nicole and Bua are great (and topline) b/c they represent that ‘natural’ behavior in reference to ‘inner’ or ‘social’ alpha women.  That differentiation is important but many can get stuck there and into an idealistic fantasy (‘this is what God intended women to be’) further disconnecting from Western women or only valuing ie. ‘asian’ or ‘natural’ women.

Once you have a baseline, then you can advance from there into a more powerful and dynamic understanding while retaining connection to all feminine energy often suppressed in many women.  As you are more conscious you have the power to awaken women experientially to have them escape the shackles of social understandings of sexuality.

The yin doesn’t have to be ‘clearly’ evident in women for you to value it; it IS in all women and you have to see it in Western women even when they don’t show it.  You can bring it out of them instead of building resentment for them as you build your truth and faith in sexual polarity the force of life attraction itself more powerful than any social programs.  You have the power to awaken them.  This is covered more in the new N.G. coaching session audios.

Most Western women have a lot of yang or a balance of the energy but as a man it’s important to key into what is ‘evidentially’ divine feminine goddess or yin energy so you understand and develop that connection and understanding from there so that when you’re around women they essentially ‘re-attune’ themselves to your energy live.  Being around women you’ll see that natural energy realignment in your world.

Again, start with exemplary models of yin and ‘natural’ energy in relation to the divine masculine that help you always attune and awaken to higher levels BUT as you get more advanced, there’s so much more you can do including grounding with women who have different energy profiles or those who have more closed off energy but from which your knowing of reality must be strong.  This is more advanced so developing a physical understanding of reality with women will prove to you that it is true furthermore and reinforced.  You can also get into ‘sexier’ levels of social power but this gets more advanced so coaching will be your guide for that. 

We’re doing fun, crazy things that actually are pretty awesome.  We’d love to help you evolve as fast as you can so you don’t have to spend 1000’s of hours to get to really rocking stuff.  You can get training from me, Etienne or mpgamer who is doing complementary coaching and leverage our experience.  It helps to have a clear reason why you’re doing N.G. though.  There are others who may begin coaching soon as well.

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