Rion’s Path From Sexual Hell to Sexual Heaven

:::::Long & riddled email:::::Tales of Darkness Into Light:::::::

My sexual hell to sexual heaven path…and how you can transform FAST.

For a rare time I want to take you into my past a bit to help you realize
how transformation for you actually is not only possible, but at this
point, possibly your only option to move forward.

And how that in 2014 you can step into your true greatness FAST.  Keep reading
and see if your days have also been dark.

It was a balmy summer evening in Columbus, Georgia.  Well, first..let’s
back up a bit.

I was a holdover at Fort Benning.  After graduating Army Infantry basic
training I was held indefinitely there before receiving orders for my next
station (which was to be Hawaii b/c I put it in my contract).

This was the summer of 1999.

After reading ‘The Power of One’ and being unsatisfied with working low
income jobs after dropping out of college with 14 credits to go, I had
volunteered to join the U.S. Army to go through all kinds of physical
and psychological hell to forge my character like a hero’s journey kind
of thing.

Most people don’t join for those reasons.  (Reading about Oliver Stone
later, I realized he joined for a similar reason).

With big dreams, I was deeply restless working at Radio Shack and other
part-time temp jobs around Madison, WI so I decided to go on that daring
challenge for 4 years which would also serve my country and pay off my
students loans (I didn’t even find out about that part until after I made
my decision to talk to a recruiter).

Really I knew I didn’t want to work anyone else because it felt like it
was compromising my freedoms.

All I knew is that I felt FAR from my dreams but had to do something bold
then to give myself a new experience b/c I felt it was part of my greater
and larger plan (which was also dreams of great travel, adventure and living

Why I was even a holdover?  I don’t even know…(it could have been that
underage drinking party bust when I was a lifeguard in the Dells ’96); they
never said but it brought upon me a new kind of unbearable pain and sorrow
being stuck there with no end in sight.

See, freedom is one of my greatest values and this was all in the middle
of my longest dry spell with women.

My frustrations with the behavior of (American) women back in college
had only compounded during the dry spell.

I had gone to Rio de Janeiro in 1997 and started to see the natural character
of women more openly displayed.  But I was frustrated as hell with U.S.
women, I just didn’t get it; why they acted UNINTERESTED in even high
quality men.

(Something didn’t feel right about it all to me and I realized it might be
on an even more pandemic scale).

So back to that balmy night as the sun was setting..

Holdovers we weren’t supposed to drink on base, so I bought a 40 oz. from
the PX (I think Bud Ice or Bud Light) and hid under some shrubs and then
(without littering) I would catch a cab into Colombus to go out to this place
called Al Who’s which was a bar/nightclub where civilians would also go.

I did this several times and as the weeks and months went by I found myself
learning to adapt to the system and work everything I could to my advantage
(to have more sense of freedom).  I mean, I even attracted the respect of the
LTC and had more freedom than any of the other holdovers getting to drive
the van around base ‘n stuff.  The people in the office asked me for advice
even though I was ‘below’ them in rank.  I even got to escape to DisneyWorld
once even though the car was overheating.

But I was dumbfounded by the behavior of women.  At the nightclub there were
these women who would dress up and look good and then completely ignore men
or reject them.

Why didn’t they just show signs of interest and attraction so it would be
ok for me to approach?  This was the natural way between men and women.
But they didn’t show those signs and when they did, I was so stuck in my
own reality and not sure if it was real or not.

But the nightclub behavior was very real and it built this wall between
me and women more when I didn’t want a wall.  There was big resentment
towards that kind of behavior, yet I still desired physical and sexual
connection with them.

For years I had already been self-improving myself but that didn’t have any
direct affect on meeting women.  Sometimes I would just start dancing to
let out all the pent up energy and rarely would women notice.

And then I’d go home alone again but I never gave up hope through it all;

There COULD and SHOULD be a sexual heaven on earth (for me).

And when I heard about pick-up arts and ‘the game’ something just didn’t
feel right in my gut about it; like my stomach churns.  I didn’t want to
play games and manipulate or any of that junk.

There were a couple points in my life that I was so confounded and
frustrated by the behavior of women that I said; I’m GOING to figure
this out and I’m going to get this handled.  These were defining moments.

At one point later on a lunar night in 808, I remember saying I’m not going
to get married until I be with at least 100 women.  So it was in these
hardcore moments of frustration that propelled me forward to find answers.

Have you had any of these defining moments?

Have some of them led you here?

Those were some sorrowful nights in the balmy summer weather…the trees
were beautiful though, very foresty green; but it was an entire shell of
oppression on my personal freedom and my freedom with women; I had a longing
for connection with women and yet such a disconnection with them (which was
further amplified being around men all the time).  Very trying times.

Have you had your own trying times?  When NOTHING seemed to make sense?
I was there, you just don’t hear it from me most of the time, but I REALLY
was there.  In fact, it felt at 1 point I held the burden of the entire
Western man on my shoulders and felt all of the possible pain.  And I
remember those moments when I reflect.

They are all a part of WHY I’ve broken through and why you are going to
break through, for your reasons.  But soon you’re going to break through, my
friend far faster than this journey I’m talking about.

So to give me hope and escape, I’d have my cd player and listen to the Power
of One, LionKing and some Enya and a cd of Yanni’s which had the track
‘Aria’ on it.  While others would listen to heavy metal or rap, I’d be
listening to more uplifting, soul-deepening and epic things even taking
nightwalks when I could.

While they were spitting chew and playing cards, I was asking big questions,
brainstorming and flowing in my notebook, writing under a tree trying to
get more of a grip on why I am here and what my purpose was.

So fast fwd and I was stationed in Hawaii around October and made friends
with a Jamaican guy from indoc.  And we started going out to nightclubs
in Honolulu.  It was colorful and full of life; I loved the tropical

It’s also when I left my Hawaiian Tropic dark tanning lotion on top of
the hotel t.v. and when he picked up a girl and brought her there, she
couldn’t get over the fact that he had this dark tanning oil in his room.

Later, I had him put the lotion on in a photo on a winward beach.  Good
times.  I literally have 1000s of stories and details just from this phase
of life.

That’s also around when the tragicomic story of when I slept on the floor of
this San Diego hottie’s hotel room when she asked me to drive her to
the airport in the morning after we were out on our 2nd date.  I wanted
to be nice and respect her space.  We even drove around the island and
went to Hanauma bay but I couldn’t get up the courage or break the point
to kiss her.

About 1 year later from the Al Who’s breaking point, I finally broke my
3 year dry spell (where I didn’t even kiss a woman and it felt like
ETERNITY) with this girl I picked up at the airport and talked her into
driving me and my friend down to Texas (with the help of Kermit the frog
puppet I had).

I think eventually she just kissed me first then.

All of this matters because I was holding myself back a lot previously
when there even WAS a connection and they wanted to get closer.

Are there times where you know that YOU held yourself back when you had
clear opportunities with women?

So, I started getting more opportunities with women then but kept holding
myself back.  Being one of the first nightclub promoters on the internet,
we were meeting girls just going out and stuff.

And all of the testosterone from the guys and what we did (which I got really
good at) only heightened the desire and connection for the feminine when
we were ‘in the field’ for extended lengths.

If you’ve been military at all, you know what that’s like.  That created
more of a desire and yet disconnection.  1 time I had this photo of these
Swedish girls we met in my helmet in a ziploc bag just so I could stay
more connected.

Then, I only had anxiety just around the prettiest ones but I could still
talk to a girl I wanted to meet; like when I was out and stuff…I got
pretty good at that.

There were even women in my past said that you look like a player, you
break hearts or ‘you get all the girls’ and I felt there was this dis-
connection with who I was being and who I really was.

I even tried stepping into the role of this 007 alpha guy at a wedding
once.  I felt the slightly more insecure, hesitant and dubious guy (could
she really be interested in me?) wasn’t really me.  They were taking photos
with the kodak disposables on the table so I just went with it.

One of them said ‘you belong up here’, and took me to the main table.  It
was one of our squad seargeant’s who was getting married and she had 2
daughters.  I stepped it up and posed as this really confident, alpha
male and then something must have triggered so I ended up dancing with
the older daughter (about my age then) when there were all these other
guys around from our Company.

Later we ended up dating and the people in the platoon started respecting
me more (for the longest time I was at the BOTTOM of the totem pole and
it’s not where you wanna be).

I really knew somehow inside that I WAS an alpha male and that really
was my place; to be comfortable and confident around women and that NOT
being it was not being in truth with who I really was.

I started to bridge that gap as I dated more women (and one especially
opened me up with sexual confidence), but I as I started being pre-natural
and more of a natural, I still had an unconscious competence with women.

I was still confused a bit but was dating multiple women and then would
rotate new ones in.

(Unconscious competence is where the best of naturals leave off at).

But so many times, it was still like; ‘why do they dress so hot and ignore

“Why aren’t they interested in me when I AM this great guy?!”

It still confused the hell out of me.  But when I was with women (long
enough), it was hit or miss with getting physical.  (This goes before
and after this dry spell).

So from this point and going on new adventures, I started opening up
more and started getting more consistent with dating success and getting

After another 1.5 years or so, I was known as the ‘ladies’ man of the platoon
and generally one of the top 2 in our company with women.  And I became
the best at what I did, going on to be Expert Infantry, Air Assault and
Special Forces qualified (with orders to Q Course & airborne school).

They kicked me OUT of SFAS and I still went back and finished it (then
taking a hiatus to go solo and photograph Miami nightclubs, go to Disney
and drive to Key West!).

ALL the guys respected me (except for 1 or 2 haters in addition to my
own squad sgt.) including top leadership.

And this was all great fun for the women I was casually dating as well;
unforgettable memories (s&x on north shore, in the captain’s office, etc.).

But I still didn’t ‘get it’.  I really didn’t ‘get’ women.  But then
as we know it, history and my path would unfold on a beautiful Waikiki
night (I think it really was the night of the Pro Bowl 2002 b/c my friend
kept insisting it was and there were all these pro-bowlers interested in
his girl or something, hehe).

AND THEN….YEP.  My best friend at the time brought the infamous and
original Natural Grounding resource back from Thailand.  He had gotten
out and went there to stay at his fiance’s parent’s house but he got
away from them enough to tell more about Thailand.

I was INTRIGUED and excited from his stories of BKK and Koh Samui.
And the resource itsef?  OMG!!..but I knew there was something
there I had to follow to its source.

That resource and his stories inspired me to catch a MAC flight to
Singapore when I got out in 2002.  So I had a legendary time and met
a lot of hot women, but then afterwards on coming back to the U.S. with
food poisoning and losing 1/2 of my tan in 1 day at an indoor waterpark,
I had no job.

I had no desire to get a job so I stayed and lived at my dad’s for quite
a while and my brother who is younger got married.

I escaped to Thailand once again where I went with that same friend for
another insane experience (and we did it once more another time to the
Philippines later).

I wanted to make money outside of a job so long story shorter, I taught
myself Photoshop and started selling training on the internet.  I was
onto something with my international experiences and knew it but I also
looked into DYD and got some of those materials in 2004.

I hired Brent for a call in early 2005 and had my big breakthrough one
summer night in August 2005 after watching ‘The Stepford Wives’ and
immediately started writing nonstop (after flowing all night) and
entered the dating niche.  My remaining anxiety with women 80% vanished
overnight and a HUGE weight was lifted off my shoulders.

I had legally changed my first name in 2003 and since there was already
an Orion disc on the DYD, I decided to drop the ‘O’ and go with Rion
using my middle name William.

Moving to Houston in 2005 and then shortly thereafter going to Paris
as a birthday gift, I started evolving fast.  The concept of Natural
Grounding took shape and as I took consequent visits back to Thailand,
it helped me keep evolving and A.R.D. burst through.

I had locked in natural success with women and had natural confidence
around all women.  I saw my own body language change and how people
responded to me the more I did Natural Grounding.  Dogs would come up
and lick me (big and small).

For the REAL transformational stuff;

It wasn’t even other dating advice or anything like that, NG actually
became my core transformational strategy.  It did more work than anything
else combined and it was FUN.

About 3 times a week I would do ‘all-nighters’ on nights I wasn’t dating
or socializing.  I had a new friend there and we’d have parties at his
place now and then.

But the era of conscious competence into natural dating and success with
women was borne.

So I’m telling you this because YOU have a story to tell and so far you’ve
likely been LESS of the hero and more of the guy figuring his way.  We’re
going to put you on the real track from here.

I’ve been to almost 3 dozen countries and I rarely say this but yes I’ve
dated models and I’ve ‘dated’ women from dozens of countries..most of this
I have purposely kept discreet for several reasons but those who are around
me and women including friends, clients and even workshop attendees get to
see how real it is.

I have more connection with international women than anyone I know; and
I know the best.

But dating women (always consensual adults) isn’t my main thing or I’d be
spending more of my time just cavorting and carpe diem full time; my path
and purpose is.  My dharma requires me to have this sexual awareness and
power for a greater reason.

Handling my dating life and having the world of women open is just a part
of life and my lifestyle.

Where things are at now is insane.  I will be working with some of the
most beautiful people in the world and advancing them sexually and with
performance because of the CORE of what we do which is sexual alchemy.

I’ve gone from natural to awakened natural with women.  A sexual and
spiritual casanova level force of life with the ability to anti-age
and heal women in ways few can.  This I will be doing starting in 2014
and possibly getting some of this on camera.

So the point is not just that ‘you can do it man’…you really CAN and
you have no choice now but to evolve because your’e associated with me
and my level of knowing-ness.

And you’re going to do it FAR faster than I did.

The legends we’ve had like Etienne and Marcus; you’re next b/c the level
of experience and awareness we have to make life transformation happen
now is unrivaled.

Because of our new clarity with sexual alchemy being this powerhouse
CORE of sexual metamorphosis;

Transformation now doesn’t have to take long at all now no matter how
dark and hopeless your days have been.  You may also have had times were
you only held onto light at the end of the tunnel just on faith.

So, yes I, ‘the Rion’ HAS been through a sexual hell and at one point I
thought I was the only one in pain in the world.

It also felt at one moment sitting on a sidewalk near Al Who’s during the
daytime waiting for a friend and the movie ‘Shakespear in Love’ was playing
across the street, that maybe I was experiencing this for a reason, to go
through this pain and feeling the weight of the Western man on my shoulders.

So, are you ready to remove the reality of a sexual hell with whatever level
of unhappiness you have and step into a reality of sexual heaven with women
on earth?

Then, I’ve got a special, kind of historical announcement.  To help you with
this transition, I’m going to be taking a group of select men through an 8
week transformational period starting on New Year’s Day.

We’re going to churn out new naturals.

It’s going to be a natural-generating MACHINE.  And the more successful
you are with it, the more successful I am in bringing future classes in,
and I am dedicated to the RESULTS and transformation of the men in this group.

We’re finally going to do it and in a way where you still have access to
me as you grow.

You can finally have it; confidence, attraction and connection with women,
alignment with your power as a man and breakthrough RESULTS with women.

I don’t have a name for this group yet but there are some things about it.

I only want a group of dedicated men.  ALL of them will be pre-qualified.
This is also for your benefit with the group dynamic so you have others
breaking through around you instead of dragging you down.

We’ll be giving out more details soon but if you’re interested in this,
go ahead and fill out this initial survey now.  I may tweak it later but
it gives us enough to work with now to see if you’re a fit.  Then, I can
be in touch with you; we can schedule a time to just have a quick chat
on the phone to confirm whether it’s a good fit for you or not.

I want it to be a fit for both of us and I don’t want to waste your time.
A lot of the guys are finally starting to really break through independently
on their own but I want to centralize and amplify the transformational
results for everyone and lead them and you into your power as a man going
into 2014.

Ready to step up?  Just take the next step here by filling out the survey here.

Now, we can LEVERAGE your transformation fast (like wack-a-mole on Red Bull)


p.s. your dark days of yore ARE important, but you don’t have to live under
their weight longer do they have to hold you back.

It’s time for your sexual heaven on earth!  Live YOUR life in 2014 +

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