Sex Energy Success – Evolution of Self-Awakening

Hey…it’s been a while since I really posted or updated things here but after a couple years of seeking clarity on the direction to go in I have it.

Yes, I will be moving to L.A. and working as a transformational media producer as well as with performers, actors and actresses off-camera and behind-the scenes to bring out greater charisma and performance (long-term).

This will include hosting live transformational workshops (even then they’ll be focused around sex energy).

The core of it is that I am really a sexual alchemist and transformational media producer in the context of being a visionary entrepreneur.

So online, I’ve moved away from talent development and performance growth because I’ll be doing that more with those types of people OFFLINE where I’ll be of greater service.  Online, I’m refocusing around sex energy and introducing sex transmutation to more people in the West as a powerful transformational area of success.  Thus, you can know me as a sex energy expert or sexual alchemist and one of the most experienced in the world with sexual polarity.

I’ve evolved my dating business and stopped doing it officially as Rion Williams.  All that’s left of it leads to an 8 week transformational group coaching program.  All of the new free sexual attraction videos, etc. you see on sexual attraction with women still strategically lead to working with sex energy and presence at the core (thus, it’s related as a ‘wing’ of sex energy success’ focusing on sexual attraction).  I’m not planning on EVER making anymore dating products.

Everything centers around sex energy now.  Sex energy is the fuel for my dharma as a transformational media producer (the P/PC formula in ‘7 Habits’).

So I’ve really trimmed the fat after hiring some expensive and worth it coaches to get more clarity to focus primarily on my area of massive success; sex energy.  We will still however leave this forum and site online.  You can join our sex energy facebook fan page here.

I’ve already moved everyone over to the new mailing list.  If you’re NOT on it, you can sign up @ by grabbing that download PDF on the side of the blog.

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