How to Live a Path of Thriving and Aligned Success

Many people get caught for DECADES in mediocrity or restless conformity having
dreams but never living them BECAUSE they’re not clear on this.

Here is a simple technique that allows you to virtually guarantee expanding
success, awakening freedom and fulfillment in life.

And it’s just in applying 1 question.

The fastest path to success is just continually applying it without conflict.

(It may NOT always be an easy road but living your path and purpose will lead
you to the most internal and possibly external wild success and freedom).

“So How Do I Actually LIVE the Expanding Life of My Dreams & Aligned Success?”

1. Get clarity on your purpose (at least enough to know to move in that
directional path which your heart is calling)

2. Make a powerful commitment to your purpose and 3:

>>>  Make decisions based on the value of your purpose.

That’s it!

That’s the power technique that will totally awaken your world and set you
into greatness.

And you can start applying this to your life now.

It’s also the secret of the most successful people in the world who have massive
aligned power and influence while living a THRIVING life that just keeps getting

How do you do this?

Advancement will always come in the form of an opportunity.  Your RAS (reticular
activating system) will even find these automatically for you…new things will
‘pop up’.

All you have to do is consciously and intuitively evaluate the opportunities
FOR your purpose.

This is the primary question you want to ask;

“Will this opportunity take me closer to (more fully living) my purpose, dream
or goal?”

If the answer is YES, then you simply take action on that opportunity.

Voila!  You’re living it more and more.

If it would NOT get you closer, then the answer is clearly no.

[That’s the 1 question core version of the 4 question process (from a business
mentor of mine – David Neagle) that will KEEP getting you closer and closer
to success].

And you evaluate all new opportunities that come to you and YOUR unique purpose
through this evaluation process.  That alone can end a lot of confusion.

And you just keep making decisions based on the value of your purpose; stepping
forward more and more into success and reaching your aligned goals.

Mostly, you won’t even KNOW the next real steps until you’re ON the active path.

New opportunities will show up because you’re living it and can’t always predict.

But this power evaluation process will guide.

However; if you KNOW it’s a fit for advancing your purpose and yet you say NO however,
then you’re NOT getting closer and you’re not making decisions from your purpose.

And that’s exactly what will keep you STUCK and frustrated.  It’s where MOST
people get stuck for years or decades and end up with a compromised LIFE.

The more you DON’T make decisions according to your purpose, the longer your
own freedom and aligned success is taking to manifest b/c you’re being CONFLICTED.

And it all comes down to a value conflict.

Instead of deciding what’s best for the heroic you and your purpose, you may
instead be making decisions based on security, safety or what friends think…
b/c those would be values.

So it’s important to be consciously AWARE of your values (like if s.ex, security or
purpose is your #1).

So you may consciously WANT and dream to go in a certain direction but then
you STOP yourself.

That’s why it’s so important to place your purpose as your #1 and empowered
VALUE.  Then it’s easier to make the proper decisions to just keep leading
you to more success.

AND….the resources are already around you TO succeed!

So as an example;

There was the opportunity of the ASCAP songwriting (and networking) expo
coming up.  There was me and another guy 2 weeks ago.  I said YES to the
expo and although he’s written some songs in the past he came up with a
reason for not making it.  That’s been his pattern for a decade.

Not only did I say yes but I said yes to the upgrade option to have a
1-on-1 session with someone already successful in the industry.


Because I’m making decisions that are getting me closer and closer to
living more fully the path of my dream.

The decision was simple, easy and OBVIOUS b/c of my CLARITY and values.

It’s also how I simply chose to work with the best in different fields
and rose fast – b/c I made different decisions that were in support of my
path.  I’m actively LIVING it and going to relevant workshops and working
with masters, whereas others are playing endless video games (or what
have you) going nowhere.

So; if you want to start living thriving and aligned success, do those 3
steps.  You can start applying this to your life right now.

With that said in knowing that living your thriving path is a journey that
requires support and ongoing evolution, I’ll let you know that we are
starting our own transformational consciousness ‘club’ for men who are
progressively on their path and desire to live it fully.

Tomorrow night I’m opening up enrollment for you to possibly join us* as a
charter member in Soul Purpose Alchemy.

I’ll have more information available then.

(*This may actually be your very first opportunity to take this power
technique to make an intuitive decision on!)

For the men that are in, together we’re going to make this THE deepest and
most powerful place for maverick, visionary men who are otherwise living
their own independent dharma to associate and greatly evolve their consciousness,
sovereignty and influence – in the world.

As the focal point and evolution of our transformational work for men, it’ll
be THE exclusive place where personal growth, spirituality, freedom and
s.ex converge for true heroic leader evolution and living thriving aligned
success in the world.

As the world becomes more awakened and more people get in touch with their
soul path (and as it becomes more popular), it will take visionary leaders
like us to keep evolving it.

Soul Purpose Alchemy is where we’ll consort!  More details and enrollment
coming soon.


p.s. To truly live your path requires thinking more like an entrepreneur
and applied vagabond.  You’re defying conformity and mainstream values.

YOUR burning desire, passion and purpose becomes what guides your life.

This means that you have take ownership of your decisions and look forward
to making decisions esp. if they will help you ADVANCE in your path and
purpose.  You couldn’t just ‘avoid’ opportunities or decisions like most
people do if you’re on a serious evolution.

It helps to know your core values and then; when you put that power question
to use to consciously make decisions as ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, you will be in charge
of creating YOUR dream lifestyle, aligned success legacy!

Remember the power question to evaluate new opportunities is;

“Will this get me closer to living more fully in my path and purpose?”

I hope that really helps you to get clarity 🙂

Look for Soul Purpose Alchemy details soon as a chance to start making power decisions

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