Holiday Transformation Challenge Booster: SNSD Diamonds + Sexual Alchemy Leverage

Email correction: Me & Etienne should read ‘Etienne & I’…you can always find some kind of ‘error’ or misquote in each of my emails somehow from living in the now.

Whether you’ve already been doing our Holiday Transformation Challenge or you’d like to join in for the benefits it will bring you even before New Year’s, this additional insight will further help you to get more transformation out of the experience.

Here’s the original kickstart article.  And we’ve been getting some articles out about sexual alchemy; this is really what we are doing with Natural Grounding and entertainment media.  Once you understand the basics, then you can really progress very fast.

So here’s a very simple update so you can get more results out of doing the Holiday Challenge.  We covered that the key to your greatest results with what we do is your level or ability to alchemize (transmute the energy into transforming your consciousness).

If you’re bad at it, you could watch the videos for years like a consumer and hardly feel anything.  If you’re pretty good at alchemy (and getting transformational value/power/experience out of the videos you can expect to resolve all of your sexual anxieties within a few weeks or months at the most.  If you’re GREAT at it, you’re going to make an impact on the world with your purpose or expression.

Sexual Alchemist Rion @ The Vault Series 2

Rion Vault 2 Natural Grounding

So it’s key to improve your ability to alchemize and the best way may simply be through ASSOCIATION.  Associating with mastery.

Etienne and I are great at sexual alchemy; in fact, we’re probably the best in the world (and we’re always improving) so that’s why we’re light years ahead.  Recently I’ve found the single greatest leverage point for the miracles of transformations that have already happened with my live clients; it’s been when I’ve been in the advanced alchemical states myself and then they were affected by association.  We’ve seen the ridiculous results of clients who have been exposed to it and it fast forwards them MASSIVELY on their journey.

So what if you can’t make it to a live workshop or event for massive transformation results?  We’ve got the second best thing!  The Vault Sessions.  And believe it or not, we have JUST recorded the Vault 2 last night and it’s bigger and more epic than the 1st one.  That’s right, Vault 2 is COMING SOON in 2014 (once I have time to get to post-production!)

So to help you amplify the results of your session, I’m just going to attach 1 freeze-frame from the Vault 2 session all-nighter (with the masters of sexual alchemy).  All you have to do is just be NEAR this energy and our connection whether you consciously ever understand or comprehend it…and you will start transforming.

Now; be aware this isn’t at all my most advanced or empowered and spiritually/sexually connected state, BUT it will start leveling you instantly.  You can just attune to it when you’re past all judgments.  So the instructions here to upgrade your HX4Challenge is to experience the video on loop 3 times (we did this DURING Vault 2!) and you can have the freeze-frame of me doing Grounding to it nearby…it’ll help you to raise to a higher experience and get more value out of it.

Give it a go (and even let us know)!

Sexual Transmutation in action Rion & Etienne Natural Grounding Vault Session 2

Oh yeah baby…with SNSD


The experience isn’t logical; let it be whatever it is but value a higher experience.  Give yourself that freedom.  You don’t always have to get emotional…here I’m working with yin & yang Qi life force energy which I actually FEEL.  By being ‘grounded’ in your masculine (for example) and letting them be unconditional love and light and letting it AFFECT YOU, you can transmute that energy into healing, sexual attraction, life alignment, dissolution of fears, empowerment, soul purpose alignment, etc.

So again, use this Vault 2 capture to help you alchemize and experience the power for yourself!  I expect more results for you!  All of this WORKS b/c of the Law of Resonance.

By the way, stay tuned for more Vault 2 details: The ultimate experience to DATE recorded for sexual alchemy and your transformation via association!





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