Getting Clarity on Your Soul Purpose

Are you still kind of stuck on what your greater purpose might be?

Have you asked questions like ‘What is my soul purpose? What is my life purpose?’

Or do you have an idea but it’s kind of scary thinking about leaving
everything behind that you already have to maybe follow it?

Or how about if you might already be on it but you’re still not ‘breaking through’?

Tell you what; if you really sense something doesn’t feel right in life
right now and that there really IS a deeper truth and power about yourself
that you may be out of touch with (either with purpose or sexuality), why
don’t I personally help you get big clarity?

This way we can zero in on what it is for you and you alone.  And we can
do it fast.  No more years of ‘not knowing’ (or living out of touch with this power).

No more years of being conflicted.

For this week (before I go to the ASCAP Expo on Friday) I’m offering you
a complimentary Soul Purpose Clarity & Sexual Freedom Breakthrough Strategy
Session.  Just you and me on the casual call.

You can simply book a 1/2 hour spot with me here.

Then right away during our chat, we’ll dig deeper into your specific situation
so you can get more clarity.


p.s. There’s no cost for this BUT, if we’re going to work on your soul
purpose clarity, I’d ask that you’ll have gone through the Soul Purpose
Discovery audio work
first before we’re on the call, k?  Thanks

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