Chakras & Transformation

If you HAVEN’T been working with your chakras yet, I can CONFIDENTLY assure that you’ve
been missing out on some MAJOR stuff.  But it can be a bit of a ‘bridge’ to start getting into
integrating chakra work with what you’re already doing.

You may have just ‘heard’ about them so far or they may seem ‘out there’ or even just
plainly irrelevant.

But, if you’ve been trying hard for years yet AREN’T affecting your chakras, you may still be
HOLDING ON to things subconsciously from your past that are continuing to create a predictable
reality…even if it’s not what you want.

Chakras are KEY for faster, deeper, authentic transformation.  Our other Powerliminals
and NG really work but affecting your chakras directly (like I do in my sessions) allows for
more direct results.

Combining it (and the energy work) with what you’re already doing is the big leverage point!
Affirmations largely DON’T work b/c you’re taking the ego and conscious mind and trying
to influence a deeper subconscious level.

But by working in different ways to AFFECT your subconscious and integrating chakras, major
progress can be made in short bursts of time.

I’ve discovered chakras to be MASSIVELY relevant to basically everything we’re doing.
After all; they’re YOUR energy centers.

Before we go further I just want to say that Etienne and I spent time with Destin & Prana
yesterday in Malibu and got back late but we’ll be having another Grounding session tonight.

Here’s a pic of me attempting to blow out a candle with chi/qi/ki during our last

Rion almost blowing out candle with chi

Fun times.

I’ve tried 25 times and have failed so far on this candle but I’m getting close to
blowing it out with energy (projecting chi/life force) for the first time.  Usually
it’s something only a few masters have been known to do but since we’ve been working
so powerfully with chi kung, we’re able to do some amazing stuff already.

I’ll probably post to Facebook when I blow it out for the first time.

Now…Why chakras?  Why are they such a relevant and quantum leap for you growth?
How can working with chakras DIRECTLY help you have more power, confidence, alignment
attraction, influence and success?
It’s that direct effect to work at core levels where your issues actually are!

Our new GYA 4 Powerliminal is an audio program for profound self-healing and transformation
to have more presence and deeper connection and attraction with women as well as living
in your confident masculine power and comfort; to EMBODY it and embodiment requires working
with or at least affecting the chakras consciously (best) or non-consciously (slower).

I don’t know of anyone in the dating industry who works with chakras thus they are
always taking a slower route (in a best case).

With Guided Yang Attunement 4 there are several supplemental components including working
with your lower chakras to open them up and have more of that grounded, sexy, masculine presence
that ATTRACTS women without their conscious awareness.

It’ll actually train you (in audio format, guided) on how and what to do (instead of
just giving you a fish, teaching you how to fish..

(You’ll possibly get 10x the ROI, maybe more)

After launch the price will increase (and probably dramatically) b/c the chakra and
transformational work we do here is at mastery sexual levels and it’s hard to find
anything else like this out there; esp. with the Mother Earth connection that is
RELEVANT and direct to your s.ex life and presence.

It’ll give you a core, foundational paradigm shift that may help release major breakthroughs
with the work you’ve already been doing….with more depth and connection with women.

Although I haven’t talked about it much on the list, I’ve been working with chakras the past
several years and all of our live workshops since then INTEGRATED into what we do for
major up-leveling.

All of my sessions are Chi Natural Grounding and now include advanced crystal energy
work.  I’m working with my chakras all the time (in sessions).

In our new Powerliminals and workshops, I get you more connected to heaven and earth
energy (as well as your personal chakras) so you can actually ‘feel it’ (GYA3 introduced
that chi yang connection).

At first it may turn you off or sound scary b/c it’s outside of your current paradigm or
belief system (unless you’re already familiar with them), but;

What ARE chakras?

Without going into a full on training here, chakras are energy centers in your body.
There are resources you can find to dig more into them on google and Youtube.


Your throat chakra is related to communication for example.  Your 6th is related to intuition.

They exist whether we’re aware of them or not and they’ve been known for 1000’s of years
in parts of the East.

Chakras are BROADCASTING the truth of your presence and who you really are.

The energy doesn’t lie and although most people can’t consciously read energy (it is a skill
that can be learned and I’ve been getting quite good at), you’re still always communicating.
And WOMEN are picking it up non-consciously….(like a ‘gut’ feeling they have about
a man that they just can’t put into words).

By working with your chakras, we can affect direct physiological changes and results
so you actually feel differently with congruity instead of faking it or acting it.

Women can smell out a man who is FAKING IT b/c his chakras are already communicating
the real truth…and he’d be incongruent with his ‘act’.

Naturals don’t have to ‘try’ as hard b/c their chakras are already powerful and
comfortable around women.By working directly, we can get you to alleviate the crap that is hiding your true and NATURE.

So you can be closer to JUST SHOWING UP and experiencing attraction, fun and connection with women.
When you FEEL open and comfort instead of TENSE in your abdomen and lower chakras around
women, it speaks louder than your words and guides you to remain in your power and

‘NATURALS’ with women have powerful, open, healthy chakras that don’t tense up around
women…the flow of energy remains open and even connects with HER chakras non-consciously.

They don’t have to fake anything b/c they’re already COMFORTABLE in her presence.
Their chakras represent this truth.

If you just had THAT it would make such a difference but everyone focuses on all these
other things like his level of looks instead of what women are actually responding to
in the dance of sexual attraction.

With so much of the dating industry (sadly);

The illusion is that it’s personality or ‘game’, but it’s really your sexual presence and
your chakras are speaking your truth subconsciously to women who then make decisions
about you.

By NOT working on your chakras you’re probably taking a more or even painfully slow and
indirect way to real change esp. if you’ve been living in frustration for years and not
seen major breakthroughs (the value conflicts could still be there subconsciously and
embedded in your chakras).

Now that I think of it, I could have introduced them earlier to the main list here outside
of our FB group and live workshops where we openly do advanced stuff, but now is time.

[[GYA4 Power tip: Take the chakra training technique and put it to use outside of the
training audio.  Do it (affect your chakras) during the AIR tracks, Natural Grounding
as well as the primary meditation itself.  It’ll give you more power and transformation
than just listening to a track on its own.]]

Now, with affecting your chakras;

We’re talking faster transformation and releasing of stored subconscious blocks; levels
of work that actually affect DEEP change instead of superficial fixes which you may have
found just don’t work.

This is when I see PROFOUND changes at my workshops, I like to work directly on their
chakras where a LOT of junk and programming is stored that’s influencing their presence
and state of consciousness.

Once you get into feeling these real changes (now like all of the attendees at my live
workshops), it opens you to new worlds of power ESP. with women b/c yin chi energy
IS the divine feminine @ life force levels.

By building your relationship with Mother Earth (Divine Feminine/yin chi), you’re able
to supersede the fickle conscious mind of many women and connect with them on a DEEPER
more powerful level b/c your ultimate relationship is with heaven and earth.

This may be the ONLY thing that may save or heal you from a lifetime of apathy or
disconnection and it can take you to the highest levels of beauty and attraction;
b/c it’s the same life force within all.  Anyways;

There are 7 primary chakras and the lower 3 are what we work on in a certain way in GYA4
(so that you can do it on your own).

If your energy centers are imbalanced, blocked, scattered and such, it then affects how
you experience reality.

The 2nd chakra is specifically related to how you experience life sexually and creatively.
Rockstar energy and attraction is very evident in the presence of the chakras.

And yes there are CREEPY chakras that men can have out there in the world!…you don’t
want to have that but you might based on how women respond to you…or just disconnection
b/c you tense up around women in your sexual centers.

Again; women are sensing all of this non-consciously and it’s influencing their decision
around you.

Sexual related issues, blocks and dysfunctional values of sex can be stored in your 2nd chakra
for example and without releasing them here, it doesn’t matter how many positive affirmations
you do if you’re still carrying them in your presence.

So by having clean, clear, balanced personal chakras you’ll actually FEEL more and
confident b/c the energy and truth of that presence is speaking louder than words.

This is where you get into that sexual sub-communication and mastery body language.

But we really get into advanced connection and healing with the Divine Feminine:

Mother Earth…and integrating chakra work for changes you will KNOW and FEEL and results
will speak for themselves.

Will GYA4 help you to get laid?

Yes, but it’s not the common ‘layman’ that would be looking for something to effect change
at such a core level to value his presence and consensual connection with women, but I
think you are someone who values his non-gimmicky growth and path as well as the relevance
of s.ex.

GYA4 is an advanced work for more CORE foundational shifts; to live in a paradigm of
power and comfort with women.  Ready to try it out?  Why ‘wait’ until chakras become
more popular?  You may be waiting a long time.

I predict in 5-10 years it will be commonplace for the dating and seduction industry
to be referencing or teaching chakra work.  GYA4 and 5 put you light years ahead of
the industry to work on the deepest levels as a man who values sexual alignment,
connection and presence that is AUTHENTIC without games.

You can just starting getting more depth and contextual results now.  GYA4/5 deepen
to provide the power of an entirely new foundation and paradigm of living in sexual

You don’t have to buy them, of course you wouldn’t EVER have to.

But if you do; you can get the full experience here.

Feel it out if it’s right for you.  By reading this; by now you may already know.

And you can take the full 90 days to dive in and keep all the results for yourself.

Whether you invest in yourself with GYA4/5 or not, I recommend to start working with your chakras in your own sessions!

(Learn how to sense, feel, heal and channel with them which I may teach outside of GYA3/4, Chi NG and live workshops sometime).

Even basic ‘releasing’ work can be FAR more powerful with direct chakra influence.

If it’s still kind of ‘new’…give chakra work a shot and be open to see how it may ‘work’
where inner game hasn’t!



p.s.  I could give you a fish or teach you how to fish.  In GYA4 you get both (metaphorically that is).
You’ll learn several powerful (energy) techniques that you can keep using as far as
self-healing and transformational work on your own presence for REAL body language,
confidence and attraction results including deeper connection with women.

I predict it’ll pull a lot of the work you’ve already done together to see more
leveraged results too.

Crystals HELP to assist your chakras & subconscious in energy releasing and removing unwanted
dysfunctional social programs, conditions and unattractive values of s.e.x.

In GYA4 & 5 you get some BONUS Crystal AIR tracks to use and experiment with for your
own transformation.  GYA4 is instant access & I’d add you manually if you get GYA5.



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