Advanced State of Connection [Yuri] 유리

This is a VERY connected state of consciousness.  It is very powerful on its own and in context of the video.  The world is in her energy.  It’s from flower power and always stands out for me as ridiculously connected.  It may seem somber but what it really is is powerful and connected to universal consciousness.  I said before she was more socially connected to Korea but here she’s truly universal.

There’s a lot of work you could do with this and I could coach/teach on it for hours.  It’s great to see how advanced they are becoming; powers of which the world can awaken to for decades from now.  Only a handful of people in the world at this point might catch these nuances in context of the power of media as a new spiritual most of them may be on this forum!  Not even sure if the producers themselves at SM entertainment know what they’re working with but I hope they keep it up anyways.

All of SNSD have their own spiritual signs of divine connected expression when their default is beyond personal self..Tiffany and Seohyun ie. are very connected in spiritual goddess expression as well I can show; I mean actual expressions that are infinitely divine and powerful.

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