A New Favorite [Go Girl]..Morning Musume

This resource is hardcore for awakening and very advanced…it’s on in my
sessions a lot.  If you’re not putting top level resources on loop, either
you didn’t know too or you’ve been missing the boat!

It was introduced by Nick @ our Immersion Party BKK.

Here it is:

It’s a rocketship of transformational power after even I got over some of
my initial reservations about it.

This will probably require some good indoctrination first…get past your
judgments and get into egoless states and it will do some crazy things.
Looping will empower it and keep raising your vibration (awakening you).

I’ll be training on this later but here are some power questions to go with it:

“Can I allow the higher power and truth in this video to raise my vibration?”

“Could I allow my heart, sexiness and soul to resonate at a higher frequency
even while my ego is still hating and judging it?”

“Even though the rest of the world and my friends would critically judge this
and I can’t believe I’m watching it, could I allow myself to extract more
awakening power out of it?”

Remember…everything we do with media (now called generally ‘entertain success’)
really works around 1 simple concept called the ‘law of resonancy’.  The
more your ego is out of the way, the more you’ll actually FEEL yourself
vibrating.  Remember you want to engage your conscious energies; this isn’t
like zen meditation style.


btw I’ve been busy preparing the front-end of our Entertain Success evolution

You can also discover live version of this and other MM videos of course..recommend!

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