A Fork In The Road

From self-help to creative??

I’ve recently had some major clarifications. For the last 2.5 years I’ve been trying to figure out how to bring a fusion between personal growth and spirituality to a wider audience; translating what we do. Generally it seems, people aren’t ready for it. To put it in a different context, if we were a car, we would definitely be the Delorean from Back to the Future 2.

Yeah…the one that FLIES! Because that’s what we actually do in our Entertain Success (Self-Awakening) sessions! Energy is timeless and we’re into the rocket-powered side of transformation.

However despite our internally active community and our hardcore progressiveness, I think we’re coming across more like a great innovative future-forward design that just didn’t hit it off..like this Dymaxion.  I mean…it does make you think twice.


Part of it may be because people have a generally set definition of what spirituality is.  (Or maybe I’ve just been keeping the Delorean ‘inside of’ the Dymaxion).

It wasn’t until recently it became clear why there is so much confusion and resistance with the 2 general sides of higher consciousness (spiritual).  We have been primarily on the active/creative ‘force of life’ side of spirituality and we’re seeing signs of resistance amongst the more passive acceptance that has become popular.  It may take more education for people to accept that both are part of themselves but it would challenge many current beliefs and an identity of what ‘being spiritual’ is.

I think you get it and see us as the Delorean because you’re progressive…and b/c of that you’re still open to the hardcore personal and spiritual growth fusion solutions which you can browse here (my transformational products to supplement what you’re doing).

I think acceptance of a person’s passive and active higher consciousness is the key to ultimate success; spiritual success.  Etienne and I kinda jointly had this clarification recently.  You can read more about it here.

I think it’ll ultimately ‘catch on’…but people might be saying, “You’re just too darn loud.” (From Back to the Future, Huey Louis).  See personal growth isn’t my main thing anyways. So with these new clarifications, I’ve decided to KEEP the personal and spiritual growth stuff (which I love) open but I’ll be focusing elsewhere for now; turning a new leaf and stepping forward in faith in a bold new direction.

My main thing has to do with my dharma which personal growth and awakening then directly supports.  So Awaken Success (as my new products and services site) will still include repositioned dating advice and the personal growth/spiritual success stuff (that we’ve been so progressive with), but I’m going to focus on expanding an area I’ve become a clear world authority in: flow.  And this is even moreso where I’m supposed to serve and it’s directly connected to a long-term vision in the entertainment industry.

I’m really meant to serve professional creatives and performers.  But the crazy transformational stuff we do (that is going against passive resistance) is directly relevant for them and that is a HUGE breakthrough.  If you’re interested in that side of things; greater flow and expression.

Look for more details coming soon…you’re definitely encouraged to stay with the selfA community and really Entertain Success itself is just getting started.  If you want performance thought flow, sexual attraction, pro creative flow or if you’re an aspiring or professional performer (singer, actress, musician), then you’ll DEFINITELY be into what I’ll be teaching most now.

Really, it’s on the pro creative side; the higher creative consciousness side where things are gonna heat up in the kitchen!  And this has everything to do with my dharma AND bringing transformation with media to the world.

With that said, my rates are now $997/hour but there will be new coaching packages coming up.

From 9 pm CST 2/27/13 for 72 hours you’ll be able to get coaching with me for the last time before it rises to that rate.  I’ll announce the link.



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