How to Live a Path of Thriving and Aligned Success

Many people get caught for DECADES in mediocrity or restless conformity having
dreams but never living them BECAUSE they’re not clear on this.

Here is a simple technique that allows you to virtually guarantee expanding
success, awakening freedom and fulfillment in life.

And it’s just in applying 1 question.

The fastest path to success is just continually applying it without conflict.

(It may NOT always be an easy road but living your path and purpose will lead
you to the most internal and possibly external wild success and freedom).

“So How Do I Actually LIVE the Expanding Life of My Dreams & Aligned Success?”

1. Get clarity on your purpose (at least enough to know to move in that
directional path which your heart is calling)

2. Make a powerful commitment to your purpose and 3:

>>>  Make decisions based on the value of your purpose.

That’s it!

That’s the power technique that will totally awaken your world and set you
into greatness.

And you can start applying this to your life now.

It’s also the secret of the most successful people in the world who have massive
aligned power and influence while living a THRIVING life that just keeps getting

How do you do this?

Advancement will always come in the form of an opportunity.  Your RAS (reticular
activating system) will even find these automatically for you…new things will
‘pop up’.

All you have to do is consciously and intuitively evaluate the opportunities
FOR your purpose.

This is the primary question you want to ask;

“Will this opportunity take me closer to (more fully living) my purpose, dream
or goal?”

If the answer is YES, then you simply take action on that opportunity.

Voila!  You’re living it more and more.

If it would NOT get you closer, then the answer is clearly no.

[That’s the 1 question core version of the 4 question process (from a business
mentor of mine – David Neagle) that will KEEP getting you closer and closer
to success].

And you evaluate all new opportunities that come to you and YOUR unique purpose
through this evaluation process.  That alone can end a lot of confusion.

And you just keep making decisions based on the value of your purpose; stepping
forward more and more into success and reaching your aligned goals.

Mostly, you won’t even KNOW the next real steps until you’re ON the active path.

New opportunities will show up because you’re living it and can’t always predict.

But this power evaluation process will guide.

However; if you KNOW it’s a fit for advancing your purpose and yet you say NO however,
then you’re NOT getting closer and you’re not making decisions from your purpose.

And that’s exactly what will keep you STUCK and frustrated.  It’s where MOST
people get stuck for years or decades and end up with a compromised LIFE.

The more you DON’T make decisions according to your purpose, the longer your
own freedom and aligned success is taking to manifest b/c you’re being CONFLICTED.

And it all comes down to a value conflict.

Instead of deciding what’s best for the heroic you and your purpose, you may
instead be making decisions based on security, safety or what friends think…
b/c those would be values.

So it’s important to be consciously AWARE of your values (like if s.ex, security or
purpose is your #1).

So you may consciously WANT and dream to go in a certain direction but then
you STOP yourself.

That’s why it’s so important to place your purpose as your #1 and empowered
VALUE.  Then it’s easier to make the proper decisions to just keep leading
you to more success.

AND….the resources are already around you TO succeed!

So as an example;

There was the opportunity of the ASCAP songwriting (and networking) expo
coming up.  There was me and another guy 2 weeks ago.  I said YES to the
expo and although he’s written some songs in the past he came up with a
reason for not making it.  That’s been his pattern for a decade.

Not only did I say yes but I said yes to the upgrade option to have a
1-on-1 session with someone already successful in the industry.


Because I’m making decisions that are getting me closer and closer to
living more fully the path of my dream.

The decision was simple, easy and OBVIOUS b/c of my CLARITY and values.

It’s also how I simply chose to work with the best in different fields
and rose fast – b/c I made different decisions that were in support of my
path.  I’m actively LIVING it and going to relevant workshops and working
with masters, whereas others are playing endless video games (or what
have you) going nowhere.

So; if you want to start living thriving and aligned success, do those 3
steps.  You can start applying this to your life right now.

With that said in knowing that living your thriving path is a journey that
requires support and ongoing evolution, I’ll let you know that we are
starting our own transformational consciousness ‘club’ for men who are
progressively on their path and desire to live it fully.

Tomorrow night I’m opening up enrollment for you to possibly join us* as a
charter member in Soul Purpose Alchemy.

I’ll have more information available then.

(*This may actually be your very first opportunity to take this power
technique to make an intuitive decision on!)

For the men that are in, together we’re going to make this THE deepest and
most powerful place for maverick, visionary men who are otherwise living
their own independent dharma to associate and greatly evolve their consciousness,
sovereignty and influence – in the world.

As the focal point and evolution of our transformational work for men, it’ll
be THE exclusive place where personal growth, spirituality, freedom and
s.ex converge for true heroic leader evolution and living thriving aligned
success in the world.

As the world becomes more awakened and more people get in touch with their
soul path (and as it becomes more popular), it will take visionary leaders
like us to keep evolving it.

Soul Purpose Alchemy is where we’ll consort!  More details and enrollment
coming soon.


p.s. To truly live your path requires thinking more like an entrepreneur
and applied vagabond.  You’re defying conformity and mainstream values.

YOUR burning desire, passion and purpose becomes what guides your life.

This means that you have take ownership of your decisions and look forward
to making decisions esp. if they will help you ADVANCE in your path and
purpose.  You couldn’t just ‘avoid’ opportunities or decisions like most
people do if you’re on a serious evolution.

It helps to know your core values and then; when you put that power question
to use to consciously make decisions as ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, you will be in charge
of creating YOUR dream lifestyle, aligned success legacy!

Remember the power question to evaluate new opportunities is;

“Will this get me closer to living more fully in my path and purpose?”

I hope that really helps you to get clarity 🙂

Look for Soul Purpose Alchemy details soon as a chance to start making power decisions

Getting Clarity on Your Soul Purpose

Are you still kind of stuck on what your greater purpose might be?

Have you asked questions like ‘What is my soul purpose? What is my life purpose?’

Or do you have an idea but it’s kind of scary thinking about leaving
everything behind that you already have to maybe follow it?

Or how about if you might already be on it but you’re still not ‘breaking through’?

Tell you what; if you really sense something doesn’t feel right in life
right now and that there really IS a deeper truth and power about yourself
that you may be out of touch with (either with purpose or sexuality), why
don’t I personally help you get big clarity?

This way we can zero in on what it is for you and you alone.  And we can
do it fast.  No more years of ‘not knowing’ (or living out of touch with this power).

No more years of being conflicted.

For this week (before I go to the ASCAP Expo on Friday) I’m offering you
a complimentary Soul Purpose Clarity & Sexual Freedom Breakthrough Strategy
Session.  Just you and me on the casual call.

You can simply book a 1/2 hour spot with me here.

Then right away during our chat, we’ll dig deeper into your specific situation
so you can get more clarity.


p.s. There’s no cost for this BUT, if we’re going to work on your soul
purpose clarity, I’d ask that you’ll have gone through the Soul Purpose
Discovery audio work
first before we’re on the call, k?  Thanks

The Core Masculine Value of Transformation & Success

This ONE thing is the fundamental difference between those men who continue
to struggle for YEARS fighting an invisible force for growth vs. those
men who ‘effortlessly’ break through and live results that only expand
more and more.

Knowing and living this difference can change your life RADICALLY and
permanently from one of mediocrity and frustration into one of unlimited
and awakening s.ex, creativity, attraction and fulfilling success.

NOT living this difference may also lead to lack of fulfillment no
matter how much you achieve. 

It’s time to get real.

(Yeah this has BIG implications so you may want to give this some space).




So let’s cut to the chase;…

Real masculine transformation comes down to 3 primary keys or values.

They are;

               Greater Purpose

They give you the power to radically change your situation and
experience in life.

(These aren’t just something to be aware of consciously but really
more of where they are for you SUB-consciously).

So…what’s really driving you?

The thing is, the ORDER of these 3 core values also means everything.

Many men get in and put S.EX as their top priority.  This is a common
evolutionary path for men b/c they may suck with women and want to
get better..they have a DESIRE to get better.

This isn’t just PUA’s but well-intentioned hopeful men throughout
society as well.  And they end up STAYING there b/c they never get
enough fulfillment with women.

The thing is that this will predictably lead to a massive STRUGGLE
when you (subconsciously) put women and ‘handling this area’ as #1.

Men will spend years fighting and struggling to have natural confidence
and connection with women no matter WHAT they do b/c they’re relying
on something outside of themselves for validation and success.

The CORE difference that makes the difference for massive transformation
not just with women but in LIFE is ultimately a ‘greater purpose’.


That’s where it’s really at.  It’s not in being good-looking or more
‘macho’ or ‘cocky’, but it’s living in integrity to YOUR truth and

It’s the meta shift and secret to the most successful and congruent men
and ironically opens the world of women up to you WITH INTEGRITY.

Brent, Marcus, Etienne, me, Zan…we live this.

This can also be called your own hero’s journey or soul path.

And signs that you’re living OUT of alignment with it are massive
frustration, struggle, restlessness, confusion (b/c putting women as
#1 subconsciously to approve of you is its own endless rollercoaster)
and discontentment.

The MORE divertive and restless you are, the more out of alignment you’ll
find you are.

And it may be damn near reckonin’ time 😉

Yet very few men are actually living in integrity with their soul’s
path and evolving into that man b/c they’re driven by past programming,
social values, implants, fear or the desire and craving for s.ex and
money that are actually coming from lack.

Instead of facing a deeper truth, many continue to seek even MORE
outside of themselves for fulfillment with women, s.ex, candy, shiny
objects, diversion, technology, etc.

Socia and media supports this by DEFAULT relationally.

Thus all of their busy actions are trying to (needily) fill a void within
themselves.  This REPELS success and it’s something to take most
seriously and look at where you’re at in all of this.

This is why those men struggle with a great invisible force to ‘break
through’.  It’s a sign of simply being out of touch with who they
are MEANT to be and become in this lifetime.

They’ll take hot techniques but it doesn’t work for them and works
for others b/c of this core subconscious value or compass.

They are ALL signs that he has lost touch with who is really is,
where he gets his validation from and who is meant to become.

Living OUT of alignment with your deeper truth (purpose) will continue
to lead to inevitable misery and struggle or restless discontentment.

Even seeking happiness in zen meditation may leave you restless if
you are ultimately meant to evolve and do something more.

The most invaluable thing would be to get in deep alignment with
this greater truth that you have may have lost touch with.

And then from these deeper heart and soul desires, to make decisions
from there forward on being and becoming THAT man; that HERO that
you know you COULD become.

It would influence your major decisions and alter the course of
your destiny and history itself.

After reading a certain book which was all about a boy and his
hero’s journey;

I remember making a crazy wild BIG decision that was only for the
benefit of my ultimate path in 1998 that changed everything.

It wasn’t the decision that made sense or what people thought
I would have done but I was committed to my soul’s path.

Once that internal value shift is made SUBCONSCIOUSLY and THAT is
your new foundational paradigm which you live by; instead of fear
or lack seeking something outside of yourself, you will live from
a place of COURAGE doing things you were MEANT to do and you will
then start breaking through.

Many men make decisions from security, validation seeking and
fear instead of courage b/c of their subconscious compass.

Women will also notice the difference and it will make all of the
difference.  Even though it’s an ACTIVE journey, you’ll start leaping
far FAR ahead from where you were when you DEVOTE to your deeper
desires and living them.

Men who are living for a greater purpose or cause attract women like
honey to the bees.  But it can’t be acted, it has to be REAL because
they will FEEL where you are coming from.

That’s the difference.

That’s why some men are light years ahead; they’re secretly devoted
to following their deeper desire to evolve and live a purpose greater
than their ego and external validation.

(These are the men and heroes that change the world too btw).

So if se.x or money is your #1 value or priority which can also be
a corruptive foundation and influence (ESP. if it’s coming from f.ear
or lack or could be taken away from you) you may only be self-sabotaging
for YEARS more to come no matter how much development, growth and work
you do.

WOW…this stuff is important, isn’t it?

So, what is your internal compass?

How much integrity do you have to your dreams and your true greatness?

How much longer could you go on out of alignment?

Because if you’re not experiencing miraculous breakthroughs right NOW,
chances are you’re not living in alignment with your true potential.

Chances are you’re justifying or compromising.

Or you may be surrounded by others who are not in alignment with your
heroic, secret dreams and who you are allowing to keep you complacent.

When new decisions come up you’re not then making them from your
value system of becoming the Hero but out of security or acceptance
of others.

But this is holding back your true greatness.  The YOU that you know
and hope is possible in this lifetime.

When your path or divine purpose is more important than women, your
world will change and you will start having mass power, attraction and
influence in your presence.

Esp. with support;

You will be EFFORTLESSLY breaking through and experience DEEP profound
shifts and you’ll be attracting entirely new experience, connections
and resources.

When your purpose is more important than money, even more important than
YOU…your world will miraculously change and continue EXPANDING…life
will become RICH in priceless experience..and only get better.

Instead of needing and ‘taking’ you become a true asset and attribute
to society and the evolution of others with and through you.

Your dharma/soulpath/greater life purpose is the power to break through
and experience NEW RESULTS no matter how held back you’ve been in the past –
all starting now.

But it IS a big shift; to put your purpose as #1 in your life.

Yet, that’s when you’ll open up to spiritual and sexual power and forces
that are FAR beyond the neediness of the selfish ego.

Most aren’t willing to let that go thus they don’t end up with movie star
presence and charisma or the ability to turn women on just from their

Even if you aren’t clear on what your purpose is (that’s ok – most don’t
have that clarity), it’s still in following that true inner guidance that
will lead you forward into it and OPEN LIFE UP TO YOU as you submit your
ego and limitations to a greater power and cause.

In a way; your soul and life punishes you for NOT living into your true
potential and happiness.

But the hero’s journey is NOT for every man.

‘Everyman’ will justify and compromise his deeper desires.  He’ll play
life small being controlled and influenced by the whims of others in
order to win their approval and not rock the boat.

He’ll sit on the sidelines while the warriors are getting scratched up.

That’s why MIRACULOUS transformation is a struggle for the every man
b/c of these deeper value conflicts; he’ll always somehow self-sabotage
and is deep-seeded in his own selfishness.

He’ll be tentative around women b/c he wants to win their favor and then
extra needy when he starts experiencing a connection and it repels women
(even when he’s not aware of what he’s doing).


Align with your true power and potential and it will change everything.

You’ll start transcending yourself like true heroes do.

It will affect ALL areas of your life into awakening success and higher

Greater power and healing will open up to you as you live for something
greater.  And you may or may not be living it (our most successful men
generally are however).

So; the outlook of this email list is the general purpose valuation of
this greater path and evolution.  But that’s not where it’s really ‘at’.

But just being ‘on’ the list isn’t good enough for some b/c their purpose
and path IS everything. 

To continually manifest great dreams, they have to become great and that
requires association, immersion and specialized advancement to support
their largely independent vision.

What type of man would it take to fulfill your greatest dreams?

Have you deeply thought about that?

That’s the path I’ve been devoted to.

Just being on the list without really engaging is kind of like being
a passive observer in the nosebleed section.

I’m not saying you’re not in the ring in life itself, but this email
is to take an assessment to see whether you ARE in the ring for YOUR
greater purpose and potential or not – because that IS the greatest
catalyst for miraculous breakthrough and awakening success with women
and in life.

If you want breakthrough, just brushing this side aside after all these
years of struggle (if that’s been your experience) may not be enough anymore.

For me, I’m in the ring for my purpose for the past 18 years (+).
And it’s ALWAYS been about the deeper soul path and the journey for

So with that said (and after hosting the last 2 legendary transformational
workshops); the evolution of my men’s work and service is CLEAR.

And it’s time for something new, BIG and kind of crazy (that will still
give me the time to immerse as a music producer and work with professional
performers and colleagues in the entertainment industry).

This is something that requires me to continue living full out for men
who are sold out to THEIR greater purpose b/c it’s at the CORE of what
I’ve always been doing the past 12 years.

Now it’s time to share, mentor and UNLEASH the powers within a group
of men who are or will become WARRIORS for their dreams and their deeper
vision.  For men who are uncompromising on their potential.

Now, we’re even going to be taking things out of the underground to be
known in personal growth and spirituality as the premier place for MEN
who are devoted to their soul path and living their greatness to commune
with other light years ahead warriors.

We’ll have the most advanced, powerful and relevant consciousness work
in the world for masculine life purpose transformation and success.

This is ONLY for men who are devoted to living from their deeper power,
potential and greatness.  This is to sustain the integrity of the group.

If you are a man who is a warrior for your path (or would seriously like
to get in alignment at this point in your life), I invite you to get on
this early announcement list right here:

Just click this link and then ‘send’ the email to be subscribed to
the list.

(You may have to confirm you registration in a follow-up
email quick).

There’s no obligation for being on it but you’ll get advance notices.

And remember to take a serious look at where you are at in alignment
with your core values; what’s driving you?

(Later I may tell you how specifically to get in touch with your deeper
truth and purpose but this email is long enough already),

Talk soon!


p.s. Committing to and living from your greater soul path and purpose is the
PENULTIMATE catalyst for your growth, s.ex, success and fulfillment if you’ve
not yet broken through or are experiencing restlessness and limited success.

Heck, it’s the greatest thing anyways to your greatness and it’s always ‘ON’.

If you’re compelled; sign up for our early notification list.  Either
way I’ll keep you updated but men on that list will get to hear things


Chakras & Transformation

If you HAVEN’T been working with your chakras yet, I can CONFIDENTLY assure that you’ve
been missing out on some MAJOR stuff.  But it can be a bit of a ‘bridge’ to start getting into
integrating chakra work with what you’re already doing.

You may have just ‘heard’ about them so far or they may seem ‘out there’ or even just
plainly irrelevant.

But, if you’ve been trying hard for years yet AREN’T affecting your chakras, you may still be
HOLDING ON to things subconsciously from your past that are continuing to create a predictable
reality…even if it’s not what you want.

Chakras are KEY for faster, deeper, authentic transformation.  Our other Powerliminals
and NG really work but affecting your chakras directly (like I do in my sessions) allows for
more direct results.

Combining it (and the energy work) with what you’re already doing is the big leverage point!
Affirmations largely DON’T work b/c you’re taking the ego and conscious mind and trying
to influence a deeper subconscious level.

But by working in different ways to AFFECT your subconscious and integrating chakras, major
progress can be made in short bursts of time.

I’ve discovered chakras to be MASSIVELY relevant to basically everything we’re doing.
After all; they’re YOUR energy centers.

Before we go further I just want to say that Etienne and I spent time with Destin & Prana
yesterday in Malibu and got back late but we’ll be having another Grounding session tonight.

Here’s a pic of me attempting to blow out a candle with chi/qi/ki during our last

Rion almost blowing out candle with chi

Fun times.

I’ve tried 25 times and have failed so far on this candle but I’m getting close to
blowing it out with energy (projecting chi/life force) for the first time.  Usually
it’s something only a few masters have been known to do but since we’ve been working
so powerfully with chi kung, we’re able to do some amazing stuff already.

I’ll probably post to Facebook when I blow it out for the first time.

Now…Why chakras?  Why are they such a relevant and quantum leap for you growth?
How can working with chakras DIRECTLY help you have more power, confidence, alignment
attraction, influence and success?
It’s that direct effect to work at core levels where your issues actually are!

Our new GYA 4 Powerliminal is an audio program for profound self-healing and transformation
to have more presence and deeper connection and attraction with women as well as living
in your confident masculine power and comfort; to EMBODY it and embodiment requires working
with or at least affecting the chakras consciously (best) or non-consciously (slower).

I don’t know of anyone in the dating industry who works with chakras thus they are
always taking a slower route (in a best case).

With Guided Yang Attunement 4 there are several supplemental components including working
with your lower chakras to open them up and have more of that grounded, sexy, masculine presence
that ATTRACTS women without their conscious awareness.

It’ll actually train you (in audio format, guided) on how and what to do (instead of
just giving you a fish, teaching you how to fish..

(You’ll possibly get 10x the ROI, maybe more)

After launch the price will increase (and probably dramatically) b/c the chakra and
transformational work we do here is at mastery sexual levels and it’s hard to find
anything else like this out there; esp. with the Mother Earth connection that is
RELEVANT and direct to your s.ex life and presence.

It’ll give you a core, foundational paradigm shift that may help release major breakthroughs
with the work you’ve already been doing….with more depth and connection with women.

Although I haven’t talked about it much on the list, I’ve been working with chakras the past
several years and all of our live workshops since then INTEGRATED into what we do for
major up-leveling.

All of my sessions are Chi Natural Grounding and now include advanced crystal energy
work.  I’m working with my chakras all the time (in sessions).

In our new Powerliminals and workshops, I get you more connected to heaven and earth
energy (as well as your personal chakras) so you can actually ‘feel it’ (GYA3 introduced
that chi yang connection).

At first it may turn you off or sound scary b/c it’s outside of your current paradigm or
belief system (unless you’re already familiar with them), but;

What ARE chakras?

Without going into a full on training here, chakras are energy centers in your body.
There are resources you can find to dig more into them on google and Youtube.


Your throat chakra is related to communication for example.  Your 6th is related to intuition.

They exist whether we’re aware of them or not and they’ve been known for 1000’s of years
in parts of the East.

Chakras are BROADCASTING the truth of your presence and who you really are.

The energy doesn’t lie and although most people can’t consciously read energy (it is a skill
that can be learned and I’ve been getting quite good at), you’re still always communicating.
And WOMEN are picking it up non-consciously….(like a ‘gut’ feeling they have about
a man that they just can’t put into words).

By working with your chakras, we can affect direct physiological changes and results
so you actually feel differently with congruity instead of faking it or acting it.

Women can smell out a man who is FAKING IT b/c his chakras are already communicating
the real truth…and he’d be incongruent with his ‘act’.

Naturals don’t have to ‘try’ as hard b/c their chakras are already powerful and
comfortable around women.By working directly, we can get you to alleviate the crap that is hiding your true and NATURE.

So you can be closer to JUST SHOWING UP and experiencing attraction, fun and connection with women.
When you FEEL open and comfort instead of TENSE in your abdomen and lower chakras around
women, it speaks louder than your words and guides you to remain in your power and

‘NATURALS’ with women have powerful, open, healthy chakras that don’t tense up around
women…the flow of energy remains open and even connects with HER chakras non-consciously.

They don’t have to fake anything b/c they’re already COMFORTABLE in her presence.
Their chakras represent this truth.

If you just had THAT it would make such a difference but everyone focuses on all these
other things like his level of looks instead of what women are actually responding to
in the dance of sexual attraction.

With so much of the dating industry (sadly);

The illusion is that it’s personality or ‘game’, but it’s really your sexual presence and
your chakras are speaking your truth subconsciously to women who then make decisions
about you.

By NOT working on your chakras you’re probably taking a more or even painfully slow and
indirect way to real change esp. if you’ve been living in frustration for years and not
seen major breakthroughs (the value conflicts could still be there subconsciously and
embedded in your chakras).

Now that I think of it, I could have introduced them earlier to the main list here outside
of our FB group and live workshops where we openly do advanced stuff, but now is time.

[[GYA4 Power tip: Take the chakra training technique and put it to use outside of the
training audio.  Do it (affect your chakras) during the AIR tracks, Natural Grounding
as well as the primary meditation itself.  It’ll give you more power and transformation
than just listening to a track on its own.]]

Now, with affecting your chakras;

We’re talking faster transformation and releasing of stored subconscious blocks; levels
of work that actually affect DEEP change instead of superficial fixes which you may have
found just don’t work.

This is when I see PROFOUND changes at my workshops, I like to work directly on their
chakras where a LOT of junk and programming is stored that’s influencing their presence
and state of consciousness.

Once you get into feeling these real changes (now like all of the attendees at my live
workshops), it opens you to new worlds of power ESP. with women b/c yin chi energy
IS the divine feminine @ life force levels.

By building your relationship with Mother Earth (Divine Feminine/yin chi), you’re able
to supersede the fickle conscious mind of many women and connect with them on a DEEPER
more powerful level b/c your ultimate relationship is with heaven and earth.

This may be the ONLY thing that may save or heal you from a lifetime of apathy or
disconnection and it can take you to the highest levels of beauty and attraction;
b/c it’s the same life force within all.  Anyways;

There are 7 primary chakras and the lower 3 are what we work on in a certain way in GYA4
(so that you can do it on your own).

If your energy centers are imbalanced, blocked, scattered and such, it then affects how
you experience reality.

The 2nd chakra is specifically related to how you experience life sexually and creatively.
Rockstar energy and attraction is very evident in the presence of the chakras.

And yes there are CREEPY chakras that men can have out there in the world!…you don’t
want to have that but you might based on how women respond to you…or just disconnection
b/c you tense up around women in your sexual centers.

Again; women are sensing all of this non-consciously and it’s influencing their decision
around you.

Sexual related issues, blocks and dysfunctional values of sex can be stored in your 2nd chakra
for example and without releasing them here, it doesn’t matter how many positive affirmations
you do if you’re still carrying them in your presence.

So by having clean, clear, balanced personal chakras you’ll actually FEEL more and
confident b/c the energy and truth of that presence is speaking louder than words.

This is where you get into that sexual sub-communication and mastery body language.

But we really get into advanced connection and healing with the Divine Feminine:

Mother Earth…and integrating chakra work for changes you will KNOW and FEEL and results
will speak for themselves.

Will GYA4 help you to get laid?

Yes, but it’s not the common ‘layman’ that would be looking for something to effect change
at such a core level to value his presence and consensual connection with women, but I
think you are someone who values his non-gimmicky growth and path as well as the relevance
of s.ex.

GYA4 is an advanced work for more CORE foundational shifts; to live in a paradigm of
power and comfort with women.  Ready to try it out?  Why ‘wait’ until chakras become
more popular?  You may be waiting a long time.

I predict in 5-10 years it will be commonplace for the dating and seduction industry
to be referencing or teaching chakra work.  GYA4 and 5 put you light years ahead of
the industry to work on the deepest levels as a man who values sexual alignment,
connection and presence that is AUTHENTIC without games.

You can just starting getting more depth and contextual results now.  GYA4/5 deepen
to provide the power of an entirely new foundation and paradigm of living in sexual

You don’t have to buy them, of course you wouldn’t EVER have to.

But if you do; you can get the full experience here.

Feel it out if it’s right for you.  By reading this; by now you may already know.

And you can take the full 90 days to dive in and keep all the results for yourself.

Whether you invest in yourself with GYA4/5 or not, I recommend to start working with your chakras in your own sessions!

(Learn how to sense, feel, heal and channel with them which I may teach outside of GYA3/4, Chi NG and live workshops sometime).

Even basic ‘releasing’ work can be FAR more powerful with direct chakra influence.

If it’s still kind of ‘new’…give chakra work a shot and be open to see how it may ‘work’
where inner game hasn’t!



p.s.  I could give you a fish or teach you how to fish.  In GYA4 you get both (metaphorically that is).
You’ll learn several powerful (energy) techniques that you can keep using as far as
self-healing and transformational work on your own presence for REAL body language,
confidence and attraction results including deeper connection with women.

I predict it’ll pull a lot of the work you’ve already done together to see more
leveraged results too.

Crystals HELP to assist your chakras & subconscious in energy releasing and removing unwanted
dysfunctional social programs, conditions and unattractive values of s.e.x.

In GYA4 & 5 you get some BONUS Crystal AIR tracks to use and experiment with for your
own transformation.  GYA4 is instant access & I’d add you manually if you get GYA5.



Sex Energy Success – Evolution of Self-Awakening

Hey…it’s been a while since I really posted or updated things here but after a couple years of seeking clarity on the direction to go in I have it.

Yes, I will be moving to L.A. and working as a transformational media producer as well as with performers, actors and actresses off-camera and behind-the scenes to bring out greater charisma and performance (long-term).

This will include hosting live transformational workshops (even then they’ll be focused around sex energy).

The core of it is that I am really a sexual alchemist and transformational media producer in the context of being a visionary entrepreneur.

So online, I’ve moved away from talent development and performance growth because I’ll be doing that more with those types of people OFFLINE where I’ll be of greater service.  Online, I’m refocusing around sex energy and introducing sex transmutation to more people in the West as a powerful transformational area of success.  Thus, you can know me as a sex energy expert or sexual alchemist and one of the most experienced in the world with sexual polarity.

I’ve evolved my dating business and stopped doing it officially as Rion Williams.  All that’s left of it leads to an 8 week transformational group coaching program.  All of the new free sexual attraction videos, etc. you see on sexual attraction with women still strategically lead to working with sex energy and presence at the core (thus, it’s related as a ‘wing’ of sex energy success’ focusing on sexual attraction).  I’m not planning on EVER making anymore dating products.

Everything centers around sex energy now.  Sex energy is the fuel for my dharma as a transformational media producer (the P/PC formula in ‘7 Habits’).

So I’ve really trimmed the fat after hiring some expensive and worth it coaches to get more clarity to focus primarily on my area of massive success; sex energy.  We will still however leave this forum and site online.  You can join our sex energy facebook fan page here.

I’ve already moved everyone over to the new mailing list.  If you’re NOT on it, you can sign up @ by grabbing that download PDF on the side of the blog.

Live Update from Eastern Secrets of Love Workshop – Tao Garden, Thailand

I’m at a live workshop near Chiang Mai, Thailand with Grandmaster Mantak Chia and Tantra Master  Charles Muir.  These guys are advanced sexual masters and the event is called Eastern Secrets of  Love (although I swore the title was Eastern Secrets of Sex).

I really felt I had to be at this event experience and it was already worth it on day 2.5 of the  8.

I haven’t ridden a bike in like 15 years and forgot about the concept of bikes so as I was  complaining about how far my offsite location was (they overbooked the Tao Garden), I was given  a bike in the morning after arrival.

master chia

Wow, there’s so much to say about it.  See, I’m a master of what WE do (with sexual alchemy) but I’m virtually new to  the Taoist and tantric approach to sex energy.

The reason I’m here is to really improve my sexual transmutation and alchemical abilities, so it’s in attracting masters like these where I’m going straight to the source (to learn from new areas and ways that  supplement my strategy).

So it’s kinda weird when you’re in the new stuff…you don’t know how to process it and you  don’t feel everything they’re doing right away like when they are leading entirely new inner  sexual alchemy practices which I’d never done before.

But the beauty and magic is in the INTEGRATION.  So although I was soaking things in, I wasn’t  feeling free or happy during the workshop until I was able to have a session on my own at night  at the end of the day 2 (their count day 3).

tao garden chiang mai

What’s really amazing when you’re around masters ‘live’ is you soak it in when you’re in the  moment as best you can, but it’s when you INTEGRATE it and it starts synergizing with your  reality (if you’re a master in another area) and/or up-levels you which it WILL do b/c they’re  far more advanced in what they’re doing…THAT is where things go crazy and you start realizing the ridiculous transformational value.

So it was important for me to take that time to reconnect and assimilate things because I’m not here to go strictly the Tao path (although I agree with their take on sexuality and will be immersing more in it), I’m here to really  learn things from them to integrate into what we do.

But you have to be smart enough to keep evolving and attract the masters. Entirely NEW  dimensions opened up with sexual alchemy now that are preparing me I feel for grand service to  virtually untouched industries (including entertainment).

Master Mantak Chia led an unforgettable entirely new experience for me/us earlier today which I  knew was very advanced and special that I’d have to really come back to (and do it often) b/c it  was so new.  (And there’s so much more I hope we get to).

I asked myself ‘WOW!…can he do THAT in a guided meditation or something (so I can buy it and  keep using it)?’ And then remembered that they’re offering the sessions on video to students  #taogarden Awesome..I’ll be getting that.

How awesome is the new stuff to integrate?  Remember he’s a grandmaster of what they’re doing  with inner sexual alchemy (he looks like 40 years younger than his age).  It’s INSANE and  already up-leveled me and it will KEEP on giving.  The benefit of live events are priceless with  this kinda stuff.

Now I’m starting to mix Tao inner sexual alchemy with the hot stuff we do and just a preview of  it was overwhelming.  I’m favoring Master Chia’s side of teaching which is mostly what I came  for and definitely planning to come back as well as keep learning from him.

It’s the tantra stuff during the workshop that I still respect but that which is a little more  ‘out there’ for me actually and I’ll explain why.

In tantra there is a valuation of greater connection and intimacy (in a relationship).  I came  here as a single and I don’t really value opening my heart up to just any woman or doing more  intimate awakening things without a connection.  I love the tantra stuff and their open-ness  about sexuality but the timing isn’t right for me.

It may sound cold but I don’t want to share my innermost heart, love and soul power with each  woman I date (it’s reserved for my greater purpose) but I really think I’ll get into it in the  future when I am with more awakened women or in a long-term relationship.

So I’ve been skipping a few of the sessions (some of which include live tantra demonstrations  which I didn’t know they’d be doing but which I’m cool with).  There’s one tomorrow on couples  intimacy and emotional healing in which I’ll be in the sauna at!

Like any event, it’s a smorgasbord of value so there can be just a few gems or experiences that  make it totally worth it that will keep paying off.  Since we’re dealing with quantum sexual  alchemy transformational value, this is a great investment.

Do what you feel is necessary to advance your life…take action on what you feel called to!

Again, I will continue learning from Master Chia and later this year Master Zhou.  These are  strategic moves and attractions in addition to my 2 multi-millionaire business coaches.
Want to  be powerful?  Associate and attune with power!

Holiday Transformation Challenge Booster: SNSD Diamonds + Sexual Alchemy Leverage

Email correction: Me & Etienne should read ‘Etienne & I’…you can always find some kind of ‘error’ or misquote in each of my emails somehow from living in the now.

Whether you’ve already been doing our Holiday Transformation Challenge or you’d like to join in for the benefits it will bring you even before New Year’s, this additional insight will further help you to get more transformation out of the experience.

Here’s the original kickstart article.  And we’ve been getting some articles out about sexual alchemy; this is really what we are doing with Natural Grounding and entertainment media.  Once you understand the basics, then you can really progress very fast.

So here’s a very simple update so you can get more results out of doing the Holiday Challenge.  We covered that the key to your greatest results with what we do is your level or ability to alchemize (transmute the energy into transforming your consciousness).

If you’re bad at it, you could watch the videos for years like a consumer and hardly feel anything.  If you’re pretty good at alchemy (and getting transformational value/power/experience out of the videos you can expect to resolve all of your sexual anxieties within a few weeks or months at the most.  If you’re GREAT at it, you’re going to make an impact on the world with your purpose or expression.

Sexual Alchemist Rion @ The Vault Series 2

Rion Vault 2 Natural Grounding

So it’s key to improve your ability to alchemize and the best way may simply be through ASSOCIATION.  Associating with mastery.

Etienne and I are great at sexual alchemy; in fact, we’re probably the best in the world (and we’re always improving) so that’s why we’re light years ahead.  Recently I’ve found the single greatest leverage point for the miracles of transformations that have already happened with my live clients; it’s been when I’ve been in the advanced alchemical states myself and then they were affected by association.  We’ve seen the ridiculous results of clients who have been exposed to it and it fast forwards them MASSIVELY on their journey.

So what if you can’t make it to a live workshop or event for massive transformation results?  We’ve got the second best thing!  The Vault Sessions.  And believe it or not, we have JUST recorded the Vault 2 last night and it’s bigger and more epic than the 1st one.  That’s right, Vault 2 is COMING SOON in 2014 (once I have time to get to post-production!)

So to help you amplify the results of your session, I’m just going to attach 1 freeze-frame from the Vault 2 session all-nighter (with the masters of sexual alchemy).  All you have to do is just be NEAR this energy and our connection whether you consciously ever understand or comprehend it…and you will start transforming.

Now; be aware this isn’t at all my most advanced or empowered and spiritually/sexually connected state, BUT it will start leveling you instantly.  You can just attune to it when you’re past all judgments.  So the instructions here to upgrade your HX4Challenge is to experience the video on loop 3 times (we did this DURING Vault 2!) and you can have the freeze-frame of me doing Grounding to it nearby…it’ll help you to raise to a higher experience and get more value out of it.

Give it a go (and even let us know)!

Sexual Transmutation in action Rion & Etienne Natural Grounding Vault Session 2

Oh yeah baby…with SNSD


The experience isn’t logical; let it be whatever it is but value a higher experience.  Give yourself that freedom.  You don’t always have to get emotional…here I’m working with yin & yang Qi life force energy which I actually FEEL.  By being ‘grounded’ in your masculine (for example) and letting them be unconditional love and light and letting it AFFECT YOU, you can transmute that energy into healing, sexual attraction, life alignment, dissolution of fears, empowerment, soul purpose alignment, etc.

So again, use this Vault 2 capture to help you alchemize and experience the power for yourself!  I expect more results for you!  All of this WORKS b/c of the Law of Resonance.

By the way, stay tuned for more Vault 2 details: The ultimate experience to DATE recorded for sexual alchemy and your transformation via association!





7 Ways to Improve Your Ability to Transmute Sexual Energy [Alchemy]

Recently we’ve got new clarity on the power of Natural Grounding and what it really is.  Those who get ANY results are  actually doing sexual alchemy.  The key to your success with NG is your level and ability to alchemize (or transmute the  power) itself.

The more you can alchemize (transmute) the sexual power/energy from in the videos, the more transformational results you will get that will rock your world and get you attraction success and of course confidence with attractive women.

What we do is important because it gets you and your consciousness back in alignment with life force attraction and creation itself.  You only have anxieties because of that misalignment.  There is unlimited power in doing Natural  Grounding to do miracles of self-transformation.

The ability to alchemize is why ie. those like Etienne are light years ahead while for others it seems like they’re mostly watching videos, losing interest, doing it anyways, having 2 good experiences they remember and just aren’t getting  anything on EARTH like the levels of transformation that are possible from the exact same videos in a FRACTION of the time.

10 seconds of alchemy with a single freezeframe has the power to turn you from where you are now into a natural alpha.  It  all again comes down to your ability to alchemize that power and alignment with truth in resonance.  Having our legendary  ‘sessions’ during our live events is what does the biggest changes.

So let’s focus on 7 possible ways to improve your ability to transmute the transformational power within media and Natural  Grounding.  (Yep, this is some 2022 next level stuff).

1. Condition yourself to get into emotional releasing states / Remember this isn’t at all a normal entertainment experience

2. Remove the attachments, blocks and limitations you have on the subconscious and emotional levels / Bring in add’l  releasing

3. Sacrifice your past drama for the higher experience / This is CENTRAL for fast advancement through the LOR Law of Resonance

4. Value alignment with life more than social value / This will open you up to more power & retaining the power in public so that your value system over-rides the values of others who are further away from connection to source/truth

5. Stop ejacul*ting for a week / This builds up more of your sexual energy so you’ll feel it all more

6. Consciously Put SNSD or ie. Palmy as your models of sex and female sexuality while letting go of your previous models / Find out who your current model of sexuality is (name her) and kick her off the pedestal to put life in alignment

7. When you feel the urge to m*sturbate, go to a Natural Grounding video instead / you’ll alchemize more power and value in  alignment with life and sexual attraction instead of working against you to attract fantasy

Bonus: Watch the Vault 1 clips to associate with my and Etienne energy (even when we’re NOT in enlightened states ourselves  on camera, you’re still associating with the collective connection and experience we do have which will still impact you  unconsciously to raise your vibration).

Obviously there are more than 7 ways to improve your own transmutational power to GET the results you desire (confidence,  attraction, worthiness), but really the BEST way is to associate with mastery itself which would mean doing a live session  or workshop with me.

The Vault Series has been our 2nd closest option there so far.  Just read the statements on the webpage.  It’s getting near  our energy when we’re doing a real session ourselves (me & Etienne) as master sexual alchemists.

Remember that my ‘magic point’ of service to you is when I get into the advanced states of consciousness (we’ve had people fall on the floor, convulse, come out of their shell, be in bliss for days, etc. afterwards along with their major up-leveled results).

And it’s the core of the magic which is the LEAST work from me that gives you the MOST results that I’m going to  strategically put into both our 8-week ‘get outta sexual hell’ group program AND our Sexual Alchemy Mastermind.

This means that you will get life change results faster than previously possible.

When you’re doing Natural Grounding and our work (fun) with media on your own, remember there are 3 parts of the equation  for our transformational methodology;

1. The level of consciousness of the resource
2. Your level of consciousness
3. Your ability to alchemize

Etienne and I are so ADVANCED because we have great powers to transmute the sexual energy.  We’re able to resonate on the enlightened levels with Goddesses while others still have blocks or value conflicts preventing them from vibrating at far, far higher levels where confidence, life, attraction and advancement exist (all the power to heal all of your sexual attraction issues).

So the same videos I watch are the ones you can watch (well, except for a few secrets).  This is the same process I’ve used  to go from un-natural passive to awakened natural with women and a world authority on sexual attraction, creative flow and  sexual alchemy…doing this exact same stuff.  I’m just able to alchemize it better and now, this is what you want to focus  on improving for yourself.

This is the ULTIMATE self-transformation method and it’s the most fun (transformation with media/Natural Grounding) plus  it’s the one that is DIRECTLY relevant to curing and healing 100% of sexual anxieties and attraction issues, confidence,  charisma even creative flow, etc.

Since we are working mostly with enlightened resources (that represent sexual truth, confidence, attraction, life,  empowerment, soul expression) that you can use for unlimited growth, alignment, healing and empowerment, all you have to do  is learn to resonate at the levels of consciousness that are within the videos.

Alchemy simply bridges the gap to unlimited personal, spiritual, social, emotional and life purpose growth.  The power within the videos is something you allow to TRANSFORM YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS and sexual alchemy is DIRECTLY relevant to sexual attraction.

With that said, I STRONGLY recommend to keep doing Natural Grounding and transformation with media on your own (and do it  separate from your regular personal entertainment sessions or movies).  I LOVE my sessions; it’s the SOURCE of infinite  growth and empowerment for me.

However, if you are still a single male who is frustrated and stuck with women and things AREN’T working for you, it’s  probably time to bring in my mastery to get you out of the zone of sexual hell you’re living in and get you some real  transformation.  There’s a time where you just have to put your pride aside.  You have to know WHEN it’s time to stop  yourself if you’re still in a rut while others reap the benefits of connection and success while you’re not and maybe just  get some mastery assistance.

I’ve hired master coaches in other areas of my life and it’s totally worth it..even just 1 session with them can change your life and handle things you could NEVER see.  The money I spend with them saves me YEARS  of figuring it out on my own and I don’t want to pay the cost in more years of struggle.

DO keep improving your ability to alchemize even with the same NG videos you’re watching and do keep doing Powerliminals or  what have you on your own, but if you know it’s time in 2014 to really step into your power and REALLY get things rocking  you may want to join 1 of our 2 transformational programs where you’ll get access to me along with our most focused transformational training yet so you just get results in record time no matter how long you’ve been ‘stuck’.

Just fill out the questionnaire here and we’ll take it from there!

Both programs are set to start New Year’s 2014


The Least Work That Does The MOST Transformation

This is about the fractional % that brings life transformation the fastest based on our past experience so that from here (ie. in the 2 new 2014 programs, we can focus on faster results more than ever).

Recently I saw an episode online of The Tim Ferriss Experiment where he learns drums ‘from scratch’ and has to play live in 5 days with Foreigner.

He takes an approach to find the 20% that yields 80% of the results and focuses in on learning that.  So with recent clarity I’ve had on sexual alchemy being the CORE of our transformational power.

We want to really get you the MOST power and transformation FAST.  So how can we STRATEGICALLY do it in the least amount of time possible?

Let’s actually ask; from our past experience and events, what is it with sexual alchemy that gets our people the MOST transformation in the least amount of time?

And this is where it starts getting crazy and where we detach entirely from the ‘time for money’ paradigm.  From live workshops/events and coaching we have found the most pivotal transformation power; the sweet spot that does the miracles.

But in our case the formula would be closer to; what is the 2% that yields 95% of the biggest results?

And it’s when I get in the very very empowered and advanced states of consciousness and resonance during the sessions.  Those who have been there ‘live’ know what it’s like.

We have already seen this change lives and it’s where my most value is (other than producing transformational entertainment).

So what if we could ‘cut out’ the filler time and focus in on what changes lives DIRECTLY and amplify that?!  That’s what we’re going to be doing more of in the new 2014 group programs.

The thing is, even in my own sessions, I’m not in THOSE life-changing states of consciousness all of the time; it’s only a % of THAT time.

But that’s where my real magic is.  When I say you can change your life in 30 seconds if you were at my level, now you don’t have to get to my level, you just have to be around it and associate with it.

In fact, you don’t have to be NEAR my level and if you just want results with confidence and dating you may not want to become a master alchemist.

So it’s when I get in these states that we have seen real lives transformed at our live events; from hooking up with girls, to cavorting with models to becoming coaches on their own to life  change to a spiritual awakening and alignment as a man to breaking away from years of stronghold oppression, to rockstar energy, to blossoming as an artist/creator…

…what brings the MOST power and value (where my rate could be $10,000/hour is when I’m in those states of consciousness to the net affect of entirely up-leveling your reality.  Nothing does it like this and it’s the FASTEST way to transform.  Now we have this extra clarity of that ‘magic point’.

Because all energy is non-physical, you don’t have to be at a live event to get the same effect.  It all works because of association and the Law of Resonance…associating with enlightened levels of reality will FORCE your old crap to smithereens.

Because I’ve resolved my issues and been through it, the result is both direct and indirect in the sense is raising your subconscious to entirely new heights.

All non-physical healing is through higher consciousness and this is the direct effect.

Heck, because we were warming up, even the ‘best’ of the Vault Session 1 is actually towards the end of it when I finally open up into the really advanced and empowered state of consciousness.

Again; what does the most change is fractional, but now we can focus in on that smaller percent.  THAT is what changes lives.

So yes; in the upcoming group coachings, I’m going to leverage my time to get you miraculous transformation and in a fraction of time by including the CORE of the CORE that leads to the MOST change.

This is why I can do group coaching so it doesn’t take up all of my time and will get you more results than just about anything else before.

With our 2014 programs, you’re not paying me for the time I put in, but the RESULTS you get out of it.  That’s why I’m now independent of traditional time scales; b/c I’m the go-to world authority, top sexual alchemist and now we know what gets you the MOST for the least amount of time.  Going to any master you’re going to have to pay more but the group coaching format allows you to save money on your transformation while leveraging the breakthroughs of your peers!

When it comes to relieving the frustration of years of sexual disconnection and anxiety, would you rather it take a long time or a short time?

There’s some kind of price you’re going to have to pay for changing your situation no matter what you do.  With the 8 week transformational group coaching you’re paying for the result.

Leverage my mastery of sexual and emotional alchemy (transmutation for transformation) to get the fast results you’re looking for in these upcoming programs; both the ‘get outta sexual hell’ and the ‘sexual alchemy mastermind’.  We can do YEARS of work within minutes now.

Interested in stepping into your power or getting out of the sexual hell that you’re in?

Then just take our survey here!  I’d love to have you be a part of it but we are pre-qualifying all members.


Our 2014 Transformation Programs: “Which Is For Me”?

..and why you should plan NOW.

I tell you, you CAN’T put a price on just BEING confident & connected with attractive women.

It really says something about yourself and it’s a peace of mind that is amazing!

And you previously heard before about the sexual hell I went through & the torment.

I’ve had this freedom for YEARS with women and isn’t it time you just have it if you don’t?  Part of the reason you may not have it is there are still unreleased issues and deeper dysfunctional relationships or conditioned programs that are like an emergency brake on.

That plus a lack of experience and years of frustration can keep you stuck.  Many of my info products are for men who are already more confident with women and in their ongoing evolution, so (although I am now more clear and can recommend and differentiate better than before), they would work better for you after you have an intensive ‘get me outta hell’ phase first.

Are you UN-compromising on your plans for the future or are things kinda ‘ok’ where you’re at now?  If things are ok, I encourage you to stay on the list and keep getting things here and there, but;

If you want 2014 to be the year you REALLY step into your power and confidence, let’s make it happen!

You DESERVE to have natural power, attraction and confidence with yourself & women.

I wanna work with you in a RESULTS-oriented way like never before.  Now, Because of the shift I’m going to have with moving to L.A. and living from the dream of transformational entertainment production (and dating L.A. women;), there’s a restructuring going on but in a way that I can serve better.

I’m not going to do ‘full-time’ internet stuff anymore from around March onwards.

I’ll still keep this list, but I really want to focus on powerfully helping a core group of men evolve in 2014 so that they can more results than anything before while also leveraging my time.

I’m stepping things up to live and play life on a large level.  This means that those who are ready to evolve will be able to get closer to me and getting results sooner.  So I want to give you that opportunity.

Our 2 new programs that will start @ New Year’s are:

1. An 8-week transformational group mastermind/coaching program

It is designed to take those who are in a sexual hell out of their pain fast and permanently.  It is for those who have made a personal commitment to themselves to make this change happen in their lives no matter what.

It’s like that point where I reached rock bottom and with conviction KNEW I had to figure this stuff out; that type of experience that you’ve had for yourself.

This is partly also why a lot of our stuff doesn’t work which is more about self-improving your situation for those in Pre-Natural or beyond.  You have to have a different beast altogether before you can get to the beauty.

If you haven’t had a defining type experience where you said you MUST handle this; this may not be for you b/c you don’t want it bad enough and wouldn’t take action on it or you may already be more evolved so it may not be necessary.

It’s really for taking those in Apathy, Un-natural active or passive and Purgatory at best into Purgatory and Pre-Natural level of sexual reality.

After getting more clarity last night, it is NOT a ‘natural’ generating machine; I have adjusted who it is for (and I was aiming too high previously).  There are more men that want out of their sexual hell and will do something about it than those that would ‘like’ to be natural b/c then it’s more about convenience.  I will go and focus my time more towards those who are ready to make big transformation and get out of their sexual hell and do it within 8 weeks.

Will we have naturals that come out of it?  Yes, I think so but they will be the top of their class.

The 8-week (yet to be named program) is really to end the pain and frustration of banging your head against the wall all these years living in a sexual hell of frustration, unworthiness and disconnection with women to get you to a point where you can finally stand on your own 2 feet and have some decent confidence.

If you are NOT entirely fed up with your situation; again, this program may not be for you.  It’s our ‘moving away from’ transformation experience.

It will get you freedom from the years of unbearable misery you’ve gone through.

2. An annual, high-level mastermind on sexual alchemy

This is for those who are already at least Pre-Natural with women and have good confidence who further want to step into their power and alignment as an  advancing man to really contribute to his world.  BIG-TIME TRANSFORMATION

This will include live events, immersion parties, advanced training, etc. to live in a sexual heaven on earth including freedom with women and dating, really stepping into your greater power as a man and living a high level lifestyle & evolutionary path.

So, now you can more clearly see which program may or may not be for you and it’s something we can also talk about.

The time to sign up is before New Year’s.  You’ll want to sign up as soon as possible so that you can start up-leveling right away.  I will be giving either a power bonus or some really good bonuses to those that sign up within the next week.

Again, you have to pre-qualify for either of these transformational programs so that we have men who are dedicated to growth instead of whiners who would drag others down.

If you’re interested in EITHER PROGRAM: please fill out the survey here.  It’s your painless next step.

Then we’ll see what’s a fit (if anything at all).

Lives absolutely will be changed and I’m more dedicated DIRECTLY to the success of these men than anything else before.  This special, 2 month format  allows you to work with me and my mastery experience to make sure you’re on track through your soon-coming metamorphosis and makeover.

If you wanna break outta sexual hell, take the survey.  If you might wanna join the advanced alchemy mastermind, take the survey!

Let me know if you have any questions, (more info en route)

You can have that freedom & confidence with women that you desire & deserve!


p.s. remember I talked about possibly starting to teach you how to make real money on the internet b/c I’ve been doing it all these years?  I’m not throwing that option out and there was definitely enough interest but for now we’re going to stick with what I’m far more experienced @ teaching