7 Ways to Improve Your Ability to Transmute Sexual Energy [Alchemy]

Recently we’ve got new clarity on the power of Natural Grounding and what it really is.  Those who get ANY results are  actually doing sexual alchemy.  The key to your success with NG is your level and ability to alchemize (or transmute the  power) itself.

The more you can alchemize (transmute) the sexual power/energy from in the videos, the more transformational results you will get that will rock your world and get you attraction success and of course confidence with attractive women.

What we do is important because it gets you and your consciousness back in alignment with life force attraction and creation itself.  You only have anxieties because of that misalignment.  There is unlimited power in doing Natural  Grounding to do miracles of self-transformation.

The ability to alchemize is why ie. those like Etienne are light years ahead while for others it seems like they’re mostly watching videos, losing interest, doing it anyways, having 2 good experiences they remember and just aren’t getting  anything on EARTH like the levels of transformation that are possible from the exact same videos in a FRACTION of the time.

10 seconds of alchemy with a single freezeframe has the power to turn you from where you are now into a natural alpha.  It  all again comes down to your ability to alchemize that power and alignment with truth in resonance.  Having our legendary  ‘sessions’ during our live events is what does the biggest changes.

So let’s focus on 7 possible ways to improve your ability to transmute the transformational power within media and Natural  Grounding.  (Yep, this is some 2022 next level stuff).

1. Condition yourself to get into emotional releasing states / Remember this isn’t at all a normal entertainment experience

2. Remove the attachments, blocks and limitations you have on the subconscious and emotional levels / Bring in add’l  releasing

3. Sacrifice your past drama for the higher experience / This is CENTRAL for fast advancement through the LOR Law of Resonance

4. Value alignment with life more than social value / This will open you up to more power & retaining the power in public so that your value system over-rides the values of others who are further away from connection to source/truth

5. Stop ejacul*ting for a week / This builds up more of your sexual energy so you’ll feel it all more

6. Consciously Put SNSD or ie. Palmy as your models of sex and female sexuality while letting go of your previous models / Find out who your current model of sexuality is (name her) and kick her off the pedestal to put life in alignment

7. When you feel the urge to m*sturbate, go to a Natural Grounding video instead / you’ll alchemize more power and value in  alignment with life and sexual attraction instead of working against you to attract fantasy

Bonus: Watch the Vault 1 clips to associate with my and Etienne energy (even when we’re NOT in enlightened states ourselves  on camera, you’re still associating with the collective connection and experience we do have which will still impact you  unconsciously to raise your vibration).

Obviously there are more than 7 ways to improve your own transmutational power to GET the results you desire (confidence,  attraction, worthiness), but really the BEST way is to associate with mastery itself which would mean doing a live session  or workshop with me.

The Vault Series has been our 2nd closest option there so far.  Just read the statements on the webpage.  It’s getting near  our energy when we’re doing a real session ourselves (me & Etienne) as master sexual alchemists.

Remember that my ‘magic point’ of service to you is when I get into the advanced states of consciousness (we’ve had people fall on the floor, convulse, come out of their shell, be in bliss for days, etc. afterwards along with their major up-leveled results).

And it’s the core of the magic which is the LEAST work from me that gives you the MOST results that I’m going to  strategically put into both our 8-week ‘get outta sexual hell’ group program AND our Sexual Alchemy Mastermind.

This means that you will get life change results faster than previously possible.

When you’re doing Natural Grounding and our work (fun) with media on your own, remember there are 3 parts of the equation  for our transformational methodology;

1. The level of consciousness of the resource
2. Your level of consciousness
3. Your ability to alchemize

Etienne and I are so ADVANCED because we have great powers to transmute the sexual energy.  We’re able to resonate on the enlightened levels with Goddesses while others still have blocks or value conflicts preventing them from vibrating at far, far higher levels where confidence, life, attraction and advancement exist (all the power to heal all of your sexual attraction issues).

So the same videos I watch are the ones you can watch (well, except for a few secrets).  This is the same process I’ve used  to go from un-natural passive to awakened natural with women and a world authority on sexual attraction, creative flow and  sexual alchemy…doing this exact same stuff.  I’m just able to alchemize it better and now, this is what you want to focus  on improving for yourself.

This is the ULTIMATE self-transformation method and it’s the most fun (transformation with media/Natural Grounding) plus  it’s the one that is DIRECTLY relevant to curing and healing 100% of sexual anxieties and attraction issues, confidence,  charisma even creative flow, etc.

Since we are working mostly with enlightened resources (that represent sexual truth, confidence, attraction, life,  empowerment, soul expression) that you can use for unlimited growth, alignment, healing and empowerment, all you have to do  is learn to resonate at the levels of consciousness that are within the videos.

Alchemy simply bridges the gap to unlimited personal, spiritual, social, emotional and life purpose growth.  The power within the videos is something you allow to TRANSFORM YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS and sexual alchemy is DIRECTLY relevant to sexual attraction.

With that said, I STRONGLY recommend to keep doing Natural Grounding and transformation with media on your own (and do it  separate from your regular personal entertainment sessions or movies).  I LOVE my sessions; it’s the SOURCE of infinite  growth and empowerment for me.

However, if you are still a single male who is frustrated and stuck with women and things AREN’T working for you, it’s  probably time to bring in my mastery to get you out of the zone of sexual hell you’re living in and get you some real  transformation.  There’s a time where you just have to put your pride aside.  You have to know WHEN it’s time to stop  yourself if you’re still in a rut while others reap the benefits of connection and success while you’re not and maybe just  get some mastery assistance.

I’ve hired master coaches in other areas of my life and it’s totally worth it..even just 1 session with them can change your life and handle things you could NEVER see.  The money I spend with them saves me YEARS  of figuring it out on my own and I don’t want to pay the cost in more years of struggle.

DO keep improving your ability to alchemize even with the same NG videos you’re watching and do keep doing Powerliminals or  what have you on your own, but if you know it’s time in 2014 to really step into your power and REALLY get things rocking  you may want to join 1 of our 2 transformational programs where you’ll get access to me along with our most focused transformational training yet so you just get results in record time no matter how long you’ve been ‘stuck’.

Just fill out the questionnaire here and we’ll take it from there!

Both programs are set to start New Year’s 2014


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